Shocking news about two bombs exploding close to the finish line of the Boston marathon overflew my TL on Twitter while some friend was also informing about it via Whatsapp to a group of friends. WTF? Again? Who did it?

Confusion led to this uneasy feeling when confirmations of 3 dead people and near 200 hundred people injured followed.

Boston Marathon Explosions

The fact that this (terrorist?) act was planned to hurt so many civilians while enjoying a sports celebration affected me more than expected. I got many friends who are runners and some who are getting hooked. I’m even myself seriously considering to give it a second chance once I recover my routines and lose some weight (I put some due to anxiety). Thus, thinking of the possibility something as horrible could happen here affecting my loved ones really frightened me.

Whatever tragedy occurring after 9/11 is always submitted to deep analysis, and security measures, especially those applied for those coming from abroad, have hardened too much. However last attempts have been caused by American citizens. Remember I talked about the Connecticut shooting last December. 

Today it’s Wednesday, and still there’s no clue about who was responsible for such terrible act. Most people agree that if it had been carried out by a terrorist organization by now they’d have claimed the authorship. However there’s nothing but silence, and investigations are not clear at this point. We’ll see.

As you should know by now I’m Spanish currently living in Barcelona. For many decades Spain has lived under the fear of terrorism coming for ETA organization which’s been claiming the independence of the Basque Country. Several acts took place in my hometown and some of the victims were friends’ relatives. In my opinion nothing justifies the act of killing people in order to claim for something. The end does not justify the means.

I experienced myself a tragedy in London, in April 1999, when a bomb exploded at Admiral Duncan’s, a gay pub in Soho, 75m far from The Intrepid Fox, where I was having some beers. 3 people were killed and 70 injured. It was the third bomb planted by a crazy neo nazi guy who wanted to carry out his own personal ethnic and homophobic cleansing.

admiral duncan

This been said, yes, I feel concerned every time some tragedy related to guns and bombings happens in the US and Western countries.

I was surprised by this immediate Anti-American reaction of some pointing their fingers to those feeling sympathetic to US society in these moments, reminding that there’s been another attempt in Somalia killing 30 people, which hasn’t been properly covered by media, pushed into the background. To be honest, it was first news when I read about it.

Any terrorist act of any kind MUST be punished and condemned. I don’t like war and I hate people killing each other, but I have to admit I’m more aware of what’s going on in the States. Why? Cultural proximity perhaps, and  the fact that I have friends over there (I don’t have any acquaintance living in Somalia or Siria though) might be two reasons. With this statement I don’t want anyone to twist my words and think I don’t give a shit about what’s happening in other countries, by all means. But if you think of it, we’ve become immune to those regular news of tragedies happening in the third-world countries just because the way such news are handled and covered by media. Horror happening very often is regarded as something usual and redundant, lacking of importance on news.

somalia bombing

On the other hand when considering high rates of criminality in the States, South Africa or Brazil, they are regarded as normal compared to the incidents recorded and reflected on the news here in Spain. Think of it for a second, when something is regarded as “normal”, it lacks of interest and its relevance is not so outstanding.

I don’t have to justify myself in front of others, but can’t help wondering whether  I’m a bad person for not caring about Somalia attempt as much as I’m concerned about the Boston bombings. At the end of the day I reach the same conclusion: No, I am not.


  1. Recordemos también los 202 muertos (164 turistas y 38 indonesios) más los 209 heridos por las tres bombas fabricadas con clorato potásico, azufre y aluminio y reforzadas con trinitrolueno (TNT), que los terroristas suicidas de la Jemaah Islamiya del clérigo radical Abu Bakar Bashir, estallaron a las 23:05 h del 12 de octubre del 2002 en el Paddy’s pub y el Club Sari, ambos garitos en la misma calle en pleno corazón de la marcha de Kuta, en la pacífica y paradisíaca isla de Bali, en Indonesia.
    Fue tan grande la cantidad de explosivo que utilizaron, que los efectos fueron similares a una bomba termobárica (calor+presión)

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