I’ve just realized I’m too late updating the album of the week. This time you can blame Easter and my 11-day holidays for it. Yesterday at the office I took a look at the wall calendar and discovered this is week 17!

I’ve been listening to much random stuff which makes a bit difficult to decide which album to talk about, especially because I’ve also been recovering some old ones such as Blues Funeral, Hearts & Arrows, Death & Joy and I’m still hooked to Earth Rocker and Clutch in general.

Finally I’ve chosen Easy Tiger as the album of the week.

easy tiger

For many it’s not one of his finest works, however this was the definite album which finally defined me as a diehard fan of the artist, together with the following EP released, Follow The Lights / Everybody Knows. Moreover, I buried the hatchet at the end of the same year both were released, 2007, when I attended a beautiful performance of Adams with The Cardinals at Hammersmith Apollo in London. The show lasted more than 2 hours and including the encore, they played 29 songs. Believe me, it was a great evening!

Another funny fact I’ve just remembered is that I didn’t buy this album, he #whocannotbenamed gave me this album, together with Neil Young’s After The Goldrush (one of my favorite of Young’s)as sort of, allow me to be cruel, a consolation prize when we (he) broke up, probably because he was feeling guilty, and on the other hand as a symbol of something we loved so much. It also made me realize I had to start my new collection of records because I was losing access to hundreds of CDs at that instant. Luckily I’m not the kind of person who hates and tries to avoid any kind of music which I might relate to my ex, otherwise I’d be fucked by now, which is not the case.

Sooooooo, yeah, let’s get back on track. Easy Tiger is actually a very easy listening work. I find it a good one to start with Ryan Adams if you haven’t done it yet. Short and simple songs, yet beautiful pieces, define this album. Acoustic guitars to fall in love with in These Girls. Neal Casal’s  adorable backing vocals in Oh My God, Whatever, Etc., again proving that Casal-Adams is one of my favorite musical tandems (can’t get enough!). The fantastic development f very evocative atmospheres thanks to the arrangements made with pedal steel parts and banjos in Tears of Gold or Pearls on a Strings.

And then, in capital letters I must remark Two, Everybody Knows  and a quite often forgotten pearl, Rip Off. I find its final part subtle magic with that killer piano in crescendo.

Easy Tiger is an album you can listen to any time, but for a more pleasant experience I suggest you listen to it in a nostalgic or a bit low mood. I don’t know, its songs bring relief o something like that. It has that dreamy thing that makes you sighto feel completely relaxed right after. And from time to time that mini emotional release cannot be bad for your health, don’t you think?

4 responses to “ALBUM OF WEEK 14: EASY TIGER

  1. Ojalá hubiera visto al Adams de 2007 con los Cardinals! Luck you!

  2. Casualmente comentas este disco en medio de un arrebato consumista-completista del señor Adams en el que me encuentro, en el que he llegado a pagar cantidades vergonzosas de dinero por un par de albumes. Imperdonable que no menciones Halloweenhead ni Goodnight Rose, dos de mis favoritas en toda su discografía 🙂 Supongo que serás como yo y te gustarán todos, pero… cuáles consideras sus peores trabajos?

    • Los dos temas que mencionas me encantan, de hecho creo que a este disco no le sobra ni un solo tema.

      Respecto a los peores trabajos, mmm, supongo que la freakada de Orion y el III/IV. No acostumbro a escucharlos demasiado, y eso que me los pillé en vinilo.

      Con el tiempo me han terminado encantando Rock N Roll y Love Is Hell. Ashes and Fire quizás no llega al nivel de Gold o Cold Roses, pero está muy bien.

      Te toca. Y por cierto, por qué discos te gastaste un pastuzal?

  3. III/IV, Jacksonville y Ashes&Fire. Orion no lo considero siquiera un disco suyo como tal.

    El problema que tengo con Jacksonville es que todo lo que deriva demasiado hacia el country me suele echar atrás, y en ese disco está bastante presente. Eso me lleva a poner cualquier disco suyo antes, y creo no haberlo escuchado suficiente. Quizás en un futuro cambie de opinión.

    El último no me parece mal disco, aunque me resulta algo repetitivo.

    Rock and Roll tampoco me gustó de primeras, aunque hoy en día veo que hay muchas canciones tarareables y muy disfrutables. Lo veo al nivel de Demolition o Easy Tiger, obras menores dentro de su discografía, simplemente por ser colecciones de canciones gloriosas -incluso pop- en lugar de DISCOS (Heartbreaker, Gold, Cold Roses, Cardinology)

    El pastuzal fue en Love Is Hell 1&2 y R´n´R. Se ve que fueron tiradas cortas en su día y no bajan de 70-100€ en cualquier página de subastas/compra-venta.

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