A couple of weeks ago I told you about Finland, Michael Monroe and Demolition 23.

There’s another attractive related to Finland to add to the list. This time is a tattoo artist, Jarno Kandahar, who works at Tatuata tattoo parlour, in the heart of Helsinki.

I was trying to remember when or how I discovered Jarno, but I really can’t recall. As you will notice, his style is far away from the new old school I’m so fond of, closer to the Japanese. What I reckon  is that this was the first piece of his work I saw back then.

Jarno Crow

 I’m not really into birds nor crows, but this one really caught my attention. The tail feathers, the eye and the beak are very clean and realistic, and the chrysanthemum background to contrast so much black, is excellent.

The development and amazing talent of Jarno is better observed in big pieces. His designs include many details and elements which wouldn’t achieve the same harmony if reduced in scale. Jarno’s strength is on big scale.

mucha jarno

As already mentioned, Kandahar is brilliant in Japanese style: dragons, masks, Koi fishes, flowers, geishas and warriors…

japanese jarno

Every artist has some theme he or she is good at. Miss Arianna is the best with lighthouses, Pietro Sedda is unique working on those conceptual human faces, Bigfatjoe Ankarfyr loves the personification of animals, and Emily Rose’s ladies are the most beautiful on Earth.

Jarno’s best are birds. Crows, swans, mockingbirds, or herons are terrific. Again, the realism of feathers, the glance of the creatures’ eyes, their beacks, the claws…they are super artistic, as if painted on canvas.

birds kandahar

The treatment of colour is completely different to the old school style. In general tones are darker and more subdued. The use of black and grey palette is constant in birds, for instance, adding flowers or a highlighted colored element to enhance the contrast. Check this deer.

Deer chest Jarno

Brown tones with dark yellow and black shading define the animal. The green leaves as the background to create the contrast. Green tone is not highlighting.

Animals are more, let’s say monochrome, and all the intensity of color comes with the decoration elements.

Color treatment is different when dealing with Japanese works. Color is more intense and livid, and this time, the background is set on grey and black tones.

The style of Jarno is very artistic. His pieces make me think of classic paintings related to natural scenes. The great designs covering large parts of the bodies are excellent, and the composition of his pieces is rich and wonderful.

It’s important to me the fact that many tattoo artists I admire and follow, also praise Kandahar’s work. I find that a good quality stamp so to speak, and to be honest, even though his style does not match what I like for myself, I really think he’s a very talented artist.

If you want to contact him or appreciate his work properly, you can visit Tatuata’s website or FB page.


  1. Me he quedado sin palabras. Es fantástico.

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