My Darth Vader Lego alarm clock woke me up some  hours ago. I turn around and saw Han Solo on my Star Wars pillowcase. Went straight to the kitchen and had some nice chai tea using my Star Wars cup.

After breakfast, I washed my hands pouring some strawberry soap from my Japanese R2-D2 dispenser, had a nice shower, and put this Star Wars characters t-shirt.

I’ve opened my computer with this Star Wars behind the scene shot with Han, Leia, Luke and Chewie laughing at the Millenium Falcon cockpit, and now that I’m writing these stupid lines I sit in front of my Bobba Fett and Han Solo Potato toys, escorted by the original Star Wars frame poster on the wall.

I see this picture everyday

I see this picture every day

I am not a collector, I’m not so constant and don’t feel like investing tons of money in just one thing, or theme. Perhaps I like too many things as to collect, I don’t know. The truth is that I’m surrounded by lots of references and items related to The Holy Trilogy (of course I’m only referring to the classic one), which are present on a regular basis.

If you’ve ever thought of me as a freak but never dared to tell me, now it’s the time. I allow you to call me freak in my face, just for today. Cause I am, and these films coming from a Galaxy, far far away, made a permanent impact on me. Can’t help the constant references.

Today, yes, May the 4th, it’s the Star Wars day. From all the stupid and ridiculous days celebrated, this happens to be the most appealing to me, thus The Imperial March I will listen, and speak as Master Yoda I’ll try.

Hope you have a fab day, friends, and again


3 responses to “YOU CAN CALL ME FREAK FOR…12 HOURS.

  1. drivinginyellowandblack

    Creo que por mas de 12 horas 🙂

  2. Una buena amiga mía, hasta tenía una mochila, preciosa de charol negro, en forma de la cabeza de Darth Vader…

    Que la fuerza te acompañe, siempre, querida Toi.

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