quireboys 2

Can’t believe it’s Friday at last! It’s been such a busy week and I’ve been doing so much extra time at the office I haven’t been able to write any single word. Don’t think I’m very happy about it, just the opposite. It’s quite frustrating when work overload absorbs you that much, free time is minimum and you’re so wasted your energy is reduced to none, so it’s impossible you get focused enough as to write a damn worth sentence.

Friday evening, in jammies already, I’ve said to myself I had to write something, not just for those following this blog (eternal thanks), but also because this is my therapy, my escape valve, and yes, my pride and joy.

On Wednesday I was so burnt out with my job I made it to The Quireboys show at the very last minute.

I wasn’t supposed to attend, considering the busy gig calendar scheduled for the next two months, and the fact that the show was on Wednesday really frightened me.

As the day of the show was getting closer I had this weird feeling of betrayal. I’m not a huge fan, in fact I only have an album I purchased quite recently, their outstanding debut A Little Bit of Fancy. I can’t remember the first time I saw them, but the truth is that every time they’ve played in town, I’ve never failed them, and they never disappointed me, their shows turning into a community party.

I joined a packed group of friends at this bar where Budweiser is sold cheaper than at any supermarket, so cheap everybody was feeling generous and buying beers to everyone. We all were in party mood. For real. And that’s what I needed.


I don’t feel the need of reviewing the show right now. If you are acquainted with this band, it’s not difficult to figure out The Quireboys didn’t miss any of their hits: Mona Lisa Smile, Sex Party, 7 O’Clock, Hey You…Their set list never fails.

I’d like to talk about a couple of things worth mentioning.

When I arrived at the bar, I was told that the drummer had quit the day before. WTF? How are they gonna play? I was frightened the gig was altered or the substitute drummer they had just hired wasn’t able to learn the songs properly. That fact almost made step backward, however the guy was a pro, the band members were marking parts and changing, and we didn’t notice anything weird. Spike, the singer, requested a big applause to the drummer after explaining this incident.

Funniest thing is that this wasn’t the only awkward situation the band was passing through. Spike told us he broke his leg recently. Again, WTF??? He was wearing these flared jeans so  we hadn’t noticed anything and, to tell you the truth, probably after some beers and some bourbon, the singer wasn’t in pain, as he was moving as if nothing happened. Awesome!

Thinking of these two incidents in depth I reached several conclusions:

  • Spike can be a drunk but he’s a pro. He’s good at singing, is a great performer, a funny frontman, and I reckon he loves his job, and manages to transmit this party mood to everyone.
  • PROFESSIONALISM. Those who attend shows quite often can recall some terrible performances caused by erratic behavior, tension among band mates, lack of focus, terrible sets, and awful playing due to drunkness or highness or just because.
  • A drummer leaving the band 24 hours before a tour implies a complete disaster. Many bands have cancelled dates due to illnesses or personal problems, and if cancellation was announced nobody would be surprised. However they went ahead, covering the vacancy with a drummer, likely to be close to the band, or so it was the general impression.
  •  Nothing can stop you if you want to rock. I’ve seen amazing efforts coming from people in the name of rock, and I’ve travelled and done crazy things to fulfill my passion. You can be injured, with flu, or just sick. If you want, you can.

It’s amazing something as simple as the performance of a band can be so inspiring and enlightening. This time it wasn’t just the party, the friends, the music and the hangover.

Just for this, I won’t question whether to attend or not a Quireboys show in the future, because they’ve earned the title of one of the most effective and reliable bands in the world. 100% guarantee seal!

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