On Thursday, I dusted off the time machine and set its destination back to the 1990s, to recover some tunes and play them @ Psycho R&R Club, on my second Smells like 90’s session.

shirley manson

Many people despise this decade, the purists say it was a barren period, but I couldn’t disagree more. This decade marked my growth from a kid to a semi adult, and all my personality was developed and defined. Musically speaking those were the years I started this long journey of musical enlightenment, thus all the styles which impacted and conquered me, did it to settle forever.

I’m definitely a 90s girl, regardless of the discoveries done in the last 15 years. Grunge, stoner, Scandinavian rock, punk rock are my styles, and they’re still being appealing to me. Impossible to quit listening. Nowadays my album purchases can be classified in 90s, new album releases or completion

Thursday nights at Psycho are a good chance to recover albums I hadn’t touched in years, I try myself and follow what my mood says, and I become nostalgic.

 Last night even though the pub wasn’t packed I was quite up to dj’n, and Charly, one of the owners who love 90s, was very enthusiastic about my selection.

So here’s the playlist with almost all the songs I played. Enjoy!


– Actually song #2 was Sins of America, by D-Generation.

I Need by L7 was played right after Rid of Me.

Stoned by Redd Kross came after Traveller’s Tune.

One response to “SMELLS LIKE 90’S – MAY

  1. A barren period? Who said so? Hard rock and punk rock came back to the charts, It started with huge classical style bands as Guns N’ Roses and finished with an tiny Europan area as Scandinavia showing that rock n’ roll is universal, there were great brittish pop bands and… The grunge! I wouldn’t consider It as barren at all!

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