come find yourself

When Spring breaks I’m always in the mood for Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Temperature’s rising, sun is shining (not today nscht!) and you feel like spending time outdoors having a cold beer or a Martini. And then you need some groovie soundtrack.

Fun Lovin’ Criminals fit my requirements perfectly. They got the groove, they’re classy and sexy  and like I said before, they always make me feel like moving my ass and dance. Trying to define their style so you have a clear idea is a bit difficult: rock, rap, soul, funk…I insist the combination is explosive.

Few weeks ago (delay commenting albums at this point is unacceptable, I know) while adapting to my new working situation, I decided to add an extra push, a motivation to have an outstanding week, thus I planned it was going to be the Fun Lovin’ Criminals week.

Yep, I spent the whole week listening to their stuff, and it was fantastic. The more I listen the more I love them. I reckon they are one of my top 5 favorite bands ever.

This time I’ve chosen their debut album as the album of the week.

100% Colombian blew my head off, and with Welcome to Poppy’s they stole my heart, but being realistic, the series of hits they faced the world with Come Find Yourself quickly caught my attention, showing they weren’t just another alternative 90’s band. They were Huey, Fast and Steve (former drummer), and they were ready to kick ass.

Probably those who are not acquainted with this band’s discography, sure remember the single Scooby Snacks including Pulp Fiction’s opening samples, which cost them a lawsuit. It’s a pity because the connection FLC-Tarantino could have been one of the most successful ones, as they share many features in common.

Elegance and class are perfect synonyms to Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Huey provides the attitude, the sensuality thanks to his rapping singing style and his deep voice. Neat and very defined drums mark the tempo masterly. Steve, Mackie or currently Frank, FCL features excellent drummers.  And finally the orchestra man, the genius, Fast. Bass, keyboards, trumpet and all kind of arrangements. Awesome!  If you ever get the chance to see FLC or any of their side projects I strongly encourage to attend their shows. This trio is spectacular on stage, really.

Well, so regarding Come Find Yourself, apart from Scooby Snacks there are some FCL classic anthems such as The Fun Lovin’ Criminal, King of New York (La-di da-di, free John Gotti), The Grave and the Constant, and Come Find Yourself among others. The style varies from one to another. Some are more rockin’, others are groovier, and some are slower, but there’s one thing in common: all of them cause you the urge of dancing, and give you the good vibes.

I love many many bands, but there are quite few which can get me in such great mood as Fun Lovin’ Criminals. And the best thing is that every time I play their songs in parties among friends, most of times everybody ends up dancing. #Jeah!


  1. I still don’t know how it is that I love this band so much and that’s the best compliment I could ever give them, if you know what I mean.

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