This is a post to ease the shit this day has been to me, so if you have anything better to read or do, I suggest you move on, you’re totally dismissed. Really.

As you can see, for the last 3 weeks I’ve been updating very seldom and mostly on weekends. This is not because I don’t care about this anymore, no way! You cannot imagine how much disappointed I am these days. The reason for not updating much is just that I come back home from work really late and exhausted, so much I am totally unable to get focused and start writing whatever which requires to be developed.

angry toi

You might think I’m a hell of a moaner, because few months ago I was confessing being at a stage of somatization due to stress, anguish and anxiety at work.

Everything seemed to vanish when I quit that job to recover my former position in the company I was fired from about a year ago. Great atmosphere at the office, excellent partners and organized and well settled procedures were the key to recover my old job even though my wages have decreased 20% comparing to my previous time in the company.

Sometimes I wonder whether God exists. I don’t know but if He does, he’s a bastard and loves putting me into a test, otherwise I don’t understand my bad luck.

I was meant to enjoy a 5 week period of adapting and learning about procedures set for a new and very important client. Unfortunately my friend Sergio’s baby girl, Abril, was born exactly 5 weeks earlier than expected and he consequently was on paternity leave. And he still is.

This meant I had to assume all his workload, learn from zero about this new client procedures, refresh my own stuff, and, together with another colleague, cover my boss during his absence due to a business trip to China which lasted a week.

ww chained

Up to date I’m not Wonder Woman, work load has increased, and this new client is pushing to have their stuff duly updated and carried out. At the end of the day we’re getting paid for that. however, this week, no matter that I spent the local holiday at the office working, the bottleneck effect is finally a reality, and I simply cannot handle anymore by myself.

Today I’ve cried out of frustration, powerless, my pal Miguel has been about to quit the day and go back home because he was stuck, unable to cope with all the shit coming, and worst thing, nobody could assist us because they don’t know how to proceed.

This is real crisis: bad planning, work overflow, lack of backup and constant incidences.  And the thought of this as the beginning of a rough season. Hello! Desperation has come to town.

Thus if you see that I don’t update the blog in 5-10 days, don’t think I’ve forgotten about this, most likely I’d had a nervous breakdown and I’m sedated at any given Arkham asylum.

Hope you are fine though, and things get back to normal soon. I miss you. I miss Since My Baby Left  Me. I miss a standard life.

2 responses to “TODAY IT’S BEEN A SHITTY DAY

  1. I’ve been wondering what was going on, since I expected you to be more like enjoying your job back. Yeah, overwhelmed, it’s not a nice feeling. What can I say, hang in there, it will get easier, eventually, you’ll be kicking their asses soon enough… I’m not having a very good time at work lately either, everything changed suddenly and in unexpected ways… Long story short, I also spent like two hours crying last week, and when I spoke up, I realised people around me are dealing with far worse trouble than I am, and I felt totally stupid and loved and cared for at the same time. It was pretty weird. I’m trying to take each day as it comes and I take this as my “eating humble pie” season. I’m learning a little about humility and thinking the future will get bright again and I will have learned something in the process. That’s my frame today.

  2. VibraC. from Riff

    Hang on, Jotera.

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