The target for last weekend was to chill out and recover from the previous one, but it was impossible. I’m not sure the reason for that, but seems that when you start doing lots of stuff or socializing much, thousands of plans knock on your door even though you’re not looking for them.

I really wanted a quiet and pleasant weekend but I ended up attending a show on Friday night and dj’n on Saturday, and I cross my heart none of these two activities were planned.

The show wasn’t a MUST go, but after a music festival you have this feeling of withdrawal and a humble and easy show works fine as a placebo to ease the longing. And of course, it was a great opportunity to meet the gig gang we usually gather for such occasions.

On Thursday I was asked to DJ at Psycho R&R Club on Saturday night, an offer I couldn’t refuse. I hadn’t had a weekend session for quite a long time and last Saturday I had more than 3 hours all by myself, which had lots of possibilities, plus one of my most beloved friends from my hometown, Juanjo, had confirmed he’d drop by, which  was an extra motivation.


It turned out to be a great night, the place was quite packed, I had lots of gintonics, danced a lot with my friend and played great stuff, or at least that’s what some people told me.

So here’s the playlist, as usual damn Spotify doesn’t feature all artists nor full discographies, but you can get a picture of the other night.


* Michael Monroe’s was actually Demolition 23’s Same Shit Different Day.

* D-Generation’s song was Sins of America, from their self titled debut album.

* After Buckcherry it was time for Drama, by L7.

* The version of Mongoose by Fu Manchu was California Crossing’s.

* Toilet Boys were played right after Danko Jones. The song chosen was Another Day in the Life, which appeared in American Pie 2 I think.

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