Today I’ve been through one of the most shocking and overwhelming experiences in my life, and reckon I feel exhausted and weird about it.

My office is located at a huge building full of companies, but since the space is one of the cheapest, we share bathrooms with other offices on the same floor. They’re quite kinky actually.

I don’t really know our neighbors, just few guys by, and girls you meet at the toilet. I try not to, lack of intimacy while peeing is not my thing. I’m shy 😉

After lunch, three of us decided to stay at the office while the rest were having a walk to a nearby café for coffee, but just before they were leaving, my friend Priscilla came back from the toilet quite concerned about a girl sat on the floor swaging as in shock. Apparently when she had switched on the lights she found her in such status, and had tried to talk to her, but the woman was staring at her in a very insane way, so Priscilla had gone to her office to ask for some help. First time I saw her she was in the same situation, moving to and fro with a very scary glance, very insane.  I asked if there was something I could do, but since there was a girl with her trying to calm her down I left them alone.

When my colleagues had gone, all of a sudden we’ve listened to several  super noisy blows, BANG, BOOM, BOOOOM, as if somebody was hitting something against the wall, and Miguel and I have run to the toilet. This time there were two girls trying to lift the girl who was rigid without success, so Miguel has assisted them trying to lay the girl on the floor to try to relax her. But the girl was rigid in a weird position with the leg lifted, the hands twisted and she was hyperventilating.

I didn’t know what to do, I could only react to Miguel’s commands “bring me something to work as a pillow”, “grab the keys of the office”, “bring me a pen just in case”. Everybody thought it was an epileptic stroke, but I’ve seen them before, and I could see this was something definitely more serious. When my eyes caught Miguel’s I could see that.

All of a sudden the girl started to force against the two girls and my friend and started grabbing the washbasin so hard, we thought she was going to break it. It was very difficult  to have her immobilized.


We were amazed by the reaction of one of her partners, as if nothing was happening. We decided it was time to call an ambulance because everything was getting too rough, but the guy was saying she was recovering in a while and it was necessary. Nadia called ER service, but she was so nervous she couldn’t explain what was going on, and the guy was just half smiling looking at her. When I saw them I said “tell them this is a psychotic episode”.

The woman’s father, who was the boss, turned up and we clearly saw he didn’t know how to deal with it. He was just touching her arm asking whether she had taken the pill in the morning, and saying he was going backwards. This was the proof that confirmed she’d had some issues earlier. When her father was commenting that if she wasn’t improving she will have to ho go the hospital she started yelling in a way I had never heard before. I was petrified and then started shaking, Nadia was about to cry cursing and wandering. The only person who knew how to deal with something like that was Miguel.

At some point ER wanted to talk to the father for clarification and I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed the phone and explained that the father was with 3 more people trying to immobilize her, because she was having a mental breakdown, and started to explain that the girl was rigid sometimes, aggressive, trying to self injure, yelling crazy, hyperventilating and wasn’t able to communicate. The doctor on the phone said “yeah, you’re right, that’s a crisis, and we’re sending a unit”.

When I finished talking on the phone, Miguel and the other two girls were trying to move her to the office now that she was half unconscious. The other partners were doing absolutely nothing for her.

When the unit has arrived two guys have come very calm as if everything was nice and easy. We warned them but they didn’t seem too impressed by our explanation. When we were back at our office and 20 minutes later, we’ve heard her yelling again. Apparently it took quite long time to calm her down, giving her some sort of sedative.

Believe me if I tell you I’ve almost shit on my pants. I had seen epileptic people, but never something like this. I couldn’t react properly even though I was obeying everything Miguel was asking me to do, and only when speaking on the phone I could make myself clear and think straight.

 Miguel has been told by the girls this was just a panic attack. MY ASS!

I know a bunch of people who’ve experienced psychotic  episodes. Most of them were weed-drug related. What I can tell is that after that none of them have been the way they used to be, and all of them are treated for schizophrenia. It’s very frightening. I wouldn’t like me or anyone close to pass through that.

I won’t ever forget that girl yelling, the moment she was staring at me, the way she was kicking, when she was rigid, her strength, the other girls, my friend Miguel…

I’ve been in shock the whole afternoon. Thank God we are good tempered and we’ve played it down a bit but really, it’s been a terrible experience.

On the other hand I’ve felt blocked and powerless, unable to do something to stop that situation, and hardly useful to assist the girl. Not that I’m disappointed with myself but concerned about my ignorance regarding these emergency situations. We should really be trained at schools even though in real life everything is totally different as when you do role play but I’m sure if we were more acquainted with some procedure, we could react better when facing such situations.

What a day, friends!

One response to “NERVOUS BREAKDOWN

  1. Hola Toi

    Ciertamente estas cosas acojonan mogollón y te muestran lo poco preparada que esta la peña para ayudar.

    Los pacientes o ‘padecedores’ de estas enfermedades, por el miedo al ‘estigma social’ y sus consecuencias, generalmente suelen ocultarlas en su entorno laboral, donde para bien o para mal pasan una tercera parte de su vida y ello hace mas difícil el poder ayudarles ante una repentina crisis…

    ¿Bueno, y al final que fué? ¿Trastorno psicótico, crisis epiléptica, de ansiedad o de angustia, ataque de pánico….?

    En los primeros hay alteración de la realidad y de la percepción, aspecto de ido…

    En los épilepticos o convulsivos, alteración neuronal transitoria, perdida de conocimiento y caída repentina, agarrotamiento, cambios de estado, babeo, estremecimiento, etc y suelen ir precedidos de vértigo, miedo, nauseas, etc. Posiblemente lo de esta chica fuese una crisis epiléptica.

    Los de pánico son de origen ansioso-afectivo y se llaman así porque parece ‘que se te va la vida’ o que tienes un infarto y que te vas a morir…

    Espero que tu semana termine un poco mas tranquila y sin tanto sobresalto, felizmente estamos a viernes.

    Un besote

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