Three hours ago I was having a drink with Andrea, after our dinner in an Italian restaurant, when we’ve read the sad and shocking news confirming James Gandolfini has passed away, at age 51, due to a heart attack, while enjoying holidays in Italy. What an irony!


Right now I feel sad, and I’m as much shocked as when I heard about Layne Staley’s death, or probably even more because his has been completely unexpected.

 It is really a coincidence that last Sunday I was having a conversation with a friend and we were praising Gandolfini as a great actor. We both agreed that it was James Gandolfini who’s best portrayed a mob boss, over Al Pacino or Robert De Niro. Tony Soprano is an icon in contemporary culture, and one of the best characters in TV history. I was telling my friend Gandolfini was involved in a new project together with HBO, a new series he’d be the lead character, and he was explaining me about him acting for God of Carnage theatrical version in Broadway…and all of a sudden you read that he’s passed away and it’s like a dream. you enter a state of denial and start questioning the sources of information and their reliability, but eventually the truth is confirmed several times and you just have to accept one of your personal heroes is gone.

I just wish that wherever he is, he’s smoking a good cigar, having a very expensive glass of whiskey and listening to classic rock. Rest in Peace, James, I won’t ever forget you.


  1. New Yersey se ha quedado sin el maestro en barbacoas con sus bermudas de cuadros….
    !!!!Grande muy grande¡¡¡¡

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