A very busy agenda has delayed the post about my monthly SMELLS LIKE 90’s session at Psycho R&R Club in Barcelona, but it’s finally here.

To be honest, even though dj’n on Thursday is not the most pleasant and compatible activity with office working hours day, the truth is that I’m feeling more comfortable playing 90’s music gradually, and it’s quite funny to recover old songs everybody had parked in the back of their minds and see their reactions. Usually a mixture of surprise and happiness. No doubt 90s music decade left a legacy which is still very present among us, but considering current times we’re living, enjoying free and easy access to tones of music thanks to internet, this sort of journey through the past is always very welcome.


Anyway, this is what happened on Thursday 13. If you follow me on Twitter, by now you’re aware I’m tweeting all the songs I’m playing with the hashtag #SmellsLike90s. Reactions from friends and followers are great and they encourage me to go on and improve, so thanks too!

As usual, there were a couple of songs not available on Spotify:

FU MANCHU – Over The Edge

REDD KROSS – Pretty Please Me

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