ALBUM OF WEEK 26: 1984

The only explanation for not updating the album of the week for ages is that I’ve been listening to …Like a Clockwork and Earth Rocker obsessively, and I’ve recovered albums I’ve already written about here. that on one hand, on the other that these two last months have been nonstop. May was very stressing with tones of work at the office and doing lots of overtime, and since Primavera Sound Festival, there’re been lots of events which have kept me a bit out of track.

Finally it’s Summertime, I’m not very happy about the heat and the unbearable humidity in Barcelona, but this is the outdoors season, so I cannot promise I’ll be super constant with the album of the week and other stuff. I’ll try my best anyway.


There are certain bands which come with the season, and it’s compulsory to listen to them in Summer. One of them is Van Halen. I’m very surprised I hadn’t written about them here before. I’m huge fan of the first albums with David Lee Roth, one of my favorite frontmen and characters in rock.

Summer equals sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, and Van Halen are exactly that (well, as far as I’m concerned drugs are not present anymore). Serious, this band, leaving Eddie’s virtuosity on guitar, which is obviously huge, thanks to the lyrics, the songs and the energy, is nothing but pure fun.

I can’t remember when was the first time I listened to their debut album nor when I bought it. it’s quite weird. Songs like Jump, Panama, You Really Got Me or Just a Gigolo were as familiar as if I had grown up with them. Seems like VH have been there my entire life. What I can recall was that when I was a kid I used to mix up diamond Dave with a WWF wrestler, The Ultimate Warrior. They both had similar hairdo, same jumping style and their outfits were too colorful.  C’mon, I was a little girl! But hey, think of the singer’s solo album Eat ‘Em  and Smile

After too much thinking I’ve reached the conclusion that 1984 is my favorite album of the band. The tracklist is reckless and spreads such great vibes, nothing can be wrong while I’m listening to it. I just feel like partying and dancing crazy. Jump, Panama, Top Jimmy, Hot for Teacher, Girl Gone Bad…you don’t need anything else, all tracks are outstanding.

vh band

Once a friend called me the female version of David lee Roth. Wish I was! To start with I’d got laid more often and life would be 24/7 party time. I don’t think I’d look as fine as he does nowadays after a life full of excess. But one thing’s for sure. He won’t regret having missed the action. I won’t either.

And now open a cold beer and play this video. It’s Saturday, fellows, party time!

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  1. Solo una cosa: Panama!

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