No doubt times are changing. There’ve been a couple of “serious” events I’ve attended recently which usually imply a certain dress code, that I’ve managed to adapt to my own style.

You know one of my all time dramas is the one related to clothes. When I was a kid I used to despise girlie stuff such as skirts,  ballet flats, boleros…basically I hated to look cute and posh. During my teenage days grunge style suited me perfect, and then I evolved into a milder rock style. I couldn’t define my current style, yet I reckon I found it 15 years ago, adding accessories, addressing to more female appearance but essentially being me all the time. guess I have my unique look, mostly based on rock/film t-shirts, jeans and sneakers.

At this point you should be aware of my arms covered in big and beautiful tattoos I’m very proud of.

And it’s summer.

Two weeks ago I attended my brother’s wedding reception. I’m not very fond of weddings because due to etiquette i find that dressing up properly means giving up my identity and impersonating someone I am not. But this time I was determined to keep on being me regardless. So I chose to wear a very simple but cute short sleeved  dress in green I have but seldom wear, adding a flowered hairdband and my fangs necklace as complements. My dear friend Diana fixed and flattened my hair, her sister Iris who is a professional make up artist, made my face looked stunning and there I was, with my dress, my Oxfords (I don’t know how to walk in high heels and hate them) and my black flower, looking sort of elegant yet keeping m essence intact.

toi wedding


Today it’s been my first meeting with clients in a very long time. it wasn’t a courtesy commercial visit but a proper operational meeting with the aim of analyzing targets, results, improving troublesome areas, and basically to receive a feedback from the company, a huge textile one actually.

This is the first week we can feel the summer heat and the typical suffocating humidity in Barcelona, and since I was to meet people I deal with on a daily basis I didn’t feel like dressing up, but being me. I thought I could afford that and chose to wear black trousers, black sneakers and a shirt, a light pink skull one I recently purchased to the competence. My co-workers have all agreed I looked quite nice, which was a good sign to feel more comfortable and of course, I’ve felt flattered.

toi meeting

You might find this post stupid, or perhaps can think of it as just a fulfilled need to exhibit here for no reason, the fact is that considering Spain is too stubbornly traditional and narrow minded in many things, among them everything related to appearance, attending these two events succeeding in keeping my identity intact and not getting stressed at all by the outfits is something to be proud of. And I’m happy.

And not only because skulls are not appropriated for a meeting, and flat shoes are regarded as weird for a wedding, but also because of my bare arms showing my tattoos. I’m particularly happy in both cases absolutely nobody freaked out and stared at me as if I was a misfit. Perhaps we’re approaching the time when people won’t be judged by their tattoos, rings, piercings or clothes and won’t be labeled nor conditioned in society.

At the end of the day, appearance and clothes are an added value but it’s education, knowledge and professionalism what we must stand for.


2 responses to “DRESS CODE IS CHANGING

  1. re guapa

  2. Este post ha sido genial y tu vestido y camisa ME ENCANTAN.

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