Good morning y’all!

It’s finally Friday. For me it’s my last official day of this mini summer break though, which has been a pretty good one, even though I haven’t travelled far away or climbed any mountain or, you know, haven’t done anything super significant. I can’t complaint though. Caught up with some friends, went to Nimes for a very special show I will tell you about later, watched some movies and series, sweated like swine thanks to this disgusting humid heat and I spent last night at Psycho R&R Club bringing back the Smells Like 90’s session.


I wasn’t pretty sure whether I had my set because there are summer fests in the neighborhood with live shows and many other activities on the streets, but since at midnight everything finishes in order people can sleep, the party moved to the bar, and there I was, recovering hits from the past.

It was a very cool session, partly because I was quite relaxed in the sense that I didn’t have the pressure of working the following day, so I could stay till closing, and being the bar so packed with people, always encourages me to play louder and puts me in a party mood.

Nevertheless there was this Italian bunch of youngsters reeaaaaally drunk, who were bombing me with song requests not related to 90s which really pissed me off in the end. On one hand it’s not my fault it’s a theme night held monthly. On the other, I’m not a fuckin’ iPod or Karaoke. I’m not a pro dj either and I use CD’s for my sessions, from my personal collection, so stop questioning about it and please, do not dare to touch my CD case under your responsibility. Likely that will be the last thing you do in your miserable life, fella.  Really, I don’t have any problem if someone asks for a band politely. Sometimes I don’t have what they look for and I even apologize and offer other options. What really pisses me of is people coming to my workstation DEMANDING not a band, but a certain song. Go fuck yourselves! Aaaah! You know I cannot be so straight and say that, but I’m actually boiling inside.

From all the nonstop requests I received the best was from a guy who was looking for something emotional as he was apparently flirting with this girl and was trying to impress her. What he didn’t know was that the girl was a dyke, and second, he asked me for, you’re not going to believe this, FRANCO BATIATTO! I couldn’t stop laughing for 5 minutes. I don’t think he was even 30! WTF?

Anyway. As someone who occasionally tries to amuse people with music, my advise or loud voice wish is that, you who are having beers and enjoy, try to enjoy with what’s happening in that moment at that place. You’ll have plenty of time to play the music you like best at home with no one bothering or ruining your session. Thanks!

And this is what happened last night.

After Pretty Tied Up, Nasty Ho by Neurotic Outsiders followed. Pity it’s not available. I’m talking about their album this week. Stay tuned!

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