Rough day McClane? 

Probably this doesn’t make you laugh at all, but sometimes when most of my day has been crap, I think of John McClane (yeah, the cop) at Nakatomi building, heavily bleeding, trying to remove pieces of glasses nailed to his feet after Hans Gruber, noticing his enemy was barefoot, had shot glass screens in order to hurt him and find his bloody trail easily, and this question comes to my head. Rough day McClane? I reckon his is much worse than mine and I feel some sort of relief. I know, I’m a freak, but you must admit John McClane is a great hero, and Die Hard is one of my favorite movies ever, and at the end of the day it’s better finding some self-consolation in this, rather than getting in bad mood or start self-pitying.

Anyway, today it’s been a shitty day at work. I felt like Queen Midas. Everything related to my tasks turn into shit. Problems with official documents, delays in deliveries, incidences with cargo, lots of phone calls (I hate phone at work) and people basically breaking my balls. I’ve finished work mentally exhausted.

Fortunately I’m lucky being able to separate work and personal almost as soon as I close the door of the office, and if I have a beer with my coworkers right after, it’ll be a matter of 15minutes to forget about all the issues bothering us.

And then, back home, when looking for some cool pictures to shit-design a poster for a DJ’n night at Hey Ho! Bar in Barcelona (August 10th, stop by if you’re around, it’ll be fun), I’ve found this one which has made my day.

diamond dave and madonna

I don’t have any idea what happened during that encounter, I wonder whether they had sex, drugs or just booze, but really, the sight of classic Madonna in her best moment, with mighty Diamond Dave, is the best thing that could happen to me today. And I wanted to share it with all of you.

Also, and before I forget it, it was the third birthday of Since My Baby Left Me on the 28th, and wanted to thank you for the support, regular or occasional, and the (not so often) comments. Stats and many recent subscriptions reflect that, somehow, I’m not so bad at entertaining you, so let’s hope we can celebrate the 4th birthday next year. Thanks a lot!


  1. VibraC. from Riff

    Miss B, el foro riff ha sido chapao de la noche a la mañana por los de forogratis. De momento Derek ha abierto ésto para ver si podemos reunir al rebaño:

    A ver si algún riffer lee ésto o se lo puedes hacer llegar a alguno que conozcas, jotera.

    (Sorry si no era éste el lugar para ponerlo).

    John McClane puto amo, en otro orden de cosas.

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