There are many pleasant things in life, of course, but my friends are the most precious treasure I’ve got on Earth. I really feel lucky for having  very loyal ones, and it’s not that I’m too outgoing and regard anyone I can have a couple of beers with as my close friend. Throughout my entire life, especially since I left primary school and started at the public high school, I’ve been cultivating a strong net of friends, and I’m proud to say I’ve done it fine. Perhaps the amount of close friends I have exceeds the average, but believe me, after going through some of those remarkable episodes which build up your own character and define your life, some have been lost in the journey, some others have joined at some point, and there are a bunch of them I know they’ll be by my side for good.

I wanted to write about friendship long time ago but felt it might be a little bit obvious or too affected, and my aim wasn’t to write the typical public a statement to declare I have the best friends in the world and that I love them lots and blah blah blah. I don’t even know whether my friends are the best or not, because all as human beings make mistakes, and I reckon we all fail sometimes (I’m the first one to raise my hand), but they are good enough to me anyway, so I don’t ask for more. Of course it’d be great one of them won lottery and retired me from moving shitty containers but…can’t complain.

When I was a teenager I never stuck to just one group because my hobbies, music mainly, weren’t shared by everybody. This made me start looking for other people I felt more comfortable with when sharing my passions. But that never meant I had to quit my all time friends, if you know what I mean, I’ve always had rock friends, best friends, girl friends, friends for hanging out in weekends, others for attending shows, for attending the movies, summer friends…of course with some of them I can do any activity I feel like(except for sex, that’s SACRED). I like the fact that my friends are so different in taste, hobbies, education and culture, because I can learn and discover lots of stuff from them.


Again, life is like a train. There are moments it runs at maximum speed, sometimes it stops for no reason, and there are periods it works in autopilot (no control). There are stages and break points, as the stations, and people step into/out of it in a hurry, quietly, in distress. And this can apply to everything: friends, lovers, jobs, couples, bands you love…whatever.

And why all this? I’m sure you remember when I found my Swedish friend Carl, and how exciting it was to start being in touch after so many years. The experience was a beautiful one and I’m glad we follow each other through social networks and often interact.

This time this recovery of friendship was not so exotic nor dreamy perhaps, but I’m positive it’s gonna be sealed and settled, and I’m very happy about it.

Probably she’s gonna freak out a bit when discovers this post talking about her, but my friend fairly deserves some lines, especially after the insane and fantastic weekend she’s spent as my guest at The Hellhouse.

We used to be very close friends back in the 1990s, and shared lots of experiences. We had 3 main things in common: rock, identical sense of humor, and a natural talent for having fun.  TanTan is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, another party animal, smart ass and a rock lover. Unfortunately and because of external circumstances and other people’s effect on us, we finally split ways, without arguing nor quarrelling, even physically, as she moved to Madrid, and I started living in Barcelona. Sometimes we met at festivals, but things weren’t the same anymore. All of a sudden I found her on Twitter thanks to a friend in common almost 2 years ago, and, I think we both were ready for a second chance. We started interacting, then trying to find some time in Madrid or Zaragoza, and finally she came to visit me.

After so many years, even though I was positive everything was gonna be fine between us, there was the shadow of the doubt. Perhaps we weren’t so alike anymore, as when you grow old you become more neurotic. We might have changed but those three features we used to share remained not only the same but were even better, and we listened to music, had great and constant laughs, had too much fun and the mixing of serious conversations together with old memories, made of these past 4 days, one of the best weekends in a very long time. Now we’re looking forward to meeting for our birthdays, try to be actively in touch and see each other more often.

Thus this is the short story of another close person who got off my train long time ago, but finally decided to jump back thinking there’s still plenty of moments to enjoy together. We could gather together lots of past memories and stories in a book, which I reckon would be worth reading, but I’m pretty sure the second part will be a great one too.

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  1. Qué bien escribes jodía!

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