August is boring in every city I’ve been to. Barcelona might be packed of crab tanned tourists and the option of going to the beach adds to the list of possible activities which can be performed in the city but friends are out on holidays, there aren’t shows and the life and rhythm in the city get slow.

I’m still accomplishing my date of Smells Like 90’s night at Psycho  R&R Club no matter what, but the attendants were less than in other occasions, even though a couple of guys told me they’d come on purpose, and my friend Veronica who is on holidays stopped by. Whenever someone tells you everything’s fine, there’s motivation.

I’m surprised in the way my sessions flow. They’re quite connected to my mood and depending on the vibes I might turn more aggressive or vibrant. Something like that happened on Thursday. Mild in the beginning, more metal afterwards, and this time songs selected were more extended in time and some of them more twisted and progressive.

Here’s the list.

As usual, Spotify does not allow me to create a complete playlist, as there are some songs missing.

Chanbara by At The Drive-In right after Aenema.

Neurotic OutsidersAngelina after The Wildhearts.

Get The Fuck Out by Skid Row, after Warrior Soul.

Pretty Please Me by Redd Kross after Skid Row.

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