Sometimes I got the feeling I don’t do much stuff, but there are moments I need to stop to take breath because my life is reckless. In just a week I’ve received two visits from very close friends, and in less than 3 days I’ve dj’d twice.  And it’s August. Weeeeird!

Danger Danger

I discovered this place named Hey Ho! Bar some months ago, and liked it immediately. It’s like punk skate oriented, trashy yet groovie, and the atmosphere is pretty cool. Somehow it reminds me of some Alphabet City bars in NYC. I usually meet my friend Jaumie over there for some Eur 1 beers on our Gossip Thursdays, and we always have a great time.

It was precisely one of those Thursdays I asked El Sr Raker if I could play some records some evening, and we agreed one Saturday in August seemed like a good date for a trial. Saturday, yet not packed. I suggested it and he found it quite reasonable.

Many factors predicted a great night: friends In Barcelona in August with no interesting plans and in a party mood, my soul bro Pamp in town spending few days at the Hellhouse, Saturday night, and the previous session two days before still fresh. Ah! And my brand new acquisition: the coolest Hawaiian shirt in the world. Positive it was going to be a winner and my target was accomplished successfully: everybody danced and got knackered, the bar didn’t get empty, and the owners seemed to be happy and told me they’d look for another date soon. Believe me, my self esteem is on top right now. At the end of the day, I love amusing and entertaining people.

And this is what happened…

And this is my shirt. Sorry butI HAD TO post it. Ain’t it great?

hawaii toi

2 responses to “DANGER, DANGER @ HEY HO! BAR

  1. Hola Toi, dónde anuncias tus pinchadas? Me gustaría ir a alguna.


    • Hola Xavi!

      gracias por el interés 🙂

      Habitualmente anuncio a través de Facebook y Twitter, pero si me das una dirección de mail puedo avisarte.

      Más o menos el segundo jueves de cada mes pincho 90’s en Psycho, y los fines de semana cuando me dan fecha, más o menos cada mes y medio aprox. De momento el próximo 19 de octubre tengo confirmada una en Hey Ho! Bar.


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