On this day, all rock lovers should spend some time tributing The King. To be honest, except for #MyElvisWeek playing videos and listening to some of his wonderful tunes I hadn’t planned anything to write about here, been too busy at work and yesterday I was facing a quite curious hangover which only allowed me to watch movies. This evening though, I’ve been listening to On Stage and some of the CDs which belong to Elvis Live in Las Vegas, and now I’m ready to review the documentary Elvis By The Presleys.

 I don’t like Cilla acting as her widow. Their marriage wasn’t a happy one, and even though apparently they separated in a very civilized way, I don’t think of her as her truly widow. Of course, being the missus of Elvis wasn’t an easy task, especially thinking of his taste in women, his mood swings, his inseparable entourage, the substance abuse and his period in Hollywood doing movies, among many things, but just because she finally gave up on him, she shouldn’t act as the loving widow. But you know, leaving the obvious feelings behind, money talks…and at the end of the day, people like to think of the female figure always by his side.

Thus even though I’m not a huge fan of the documentary, always under the influence of Priscilla’s, the wonderful footage of home made videos, and other scenes are worth watching today.

elvis thinking

This is something I wanted to share with you. Few weeks ago I got overwhelmed by this shot. Elvis, so intense, thoughtful and deep and manly. He’s irresistible! No need to add this shot has become one of my personal favorite.

Wherever he is, I only hope he’s enjoying his way. Gone but never forgotten. God bless you Elvisico!

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