I’m not a musical guru. Never been and never will. In fact, I regard myself as a complete ignorant in some styles, and don’t like posting proper reviews here, because I’m only interested in showing what pleases me the most.

This been said, the album of this week will surely be repeated when I post the list of my favorite albums of 2013 at the end of the year, because I’m totally devoted to it.


Not sure whether I finally expressed my opinion regarding this fashion of raising funds from your supporting fans to release albums without being submitted to the tyranny of the major record labels. While I still have opposing thoughts, finding this crowdfunding abusive in most cases, truth is that I have to feel grateful to Ginger Wildheart and his fans for making of this project a reality, being Hey! Hello! A really nice surprise, and the fresh fix I needed this summer.

This time Ginger, the do-it-yourself kindma man, who’s recorded all the instrumental parts, is  not alone. He’s enrolled New Yorker Victoria Liedtke into his project to share vocals, helping to create catchy melodies for the 9 tracks of the album. The redhair and the blonde really form a very solid and attractive couple, and everything seems  works fluid and easy between them.

Somehow Liedtke heps soothing the wildhearted riffs thanks to the power pop melodies, building up a very easy listening album, full of riffs and energy, yet keeping freshness at the highest level.

With every listening Hey! Hello! gets deeper into your skin, every song has something addictive, and you listen once and once again until you finally get hooked, and can’t get the chorus of Swimwear out of your head no matter how hard you try. Hell of a summer song! It’s terrific!

Black Valentine, which always makes me think of Cheap Trick, Feral Days,  or Lock For Rock (And Other Cliches) are simply irresistible.

I reckon it’s compulsory to talk about How I Survived The Punk Wars separated from the rest of the album, as this is something different. This song is a declaration of principles, Ginger’s discourse defending the crowdfunding, talking about hard work, his effort to fight against big record labels in order to manage to control his own product away from being corrupted and manipulated, without becoming a slave. Not only the message is worth attending, because it’s crystal clear, but also is remarkable how he’s able to vomit all this into a song, which is powerful, hard, and really good.

kozik hey hello

Now that I’ve finally surrendered to the product of a crowdfunding, still questioning whether it’s good or not, and enjoying this freak Frank Kozik’s artwork, which in the beginning doesn’t convince that much but eventually you end loving it, Ginger has started this third pledge project campaign, named The Practical Musician,  with in less than 2 hours reached 100% of the target, which is insane.  What should I do? Should I support him from the beginning? Should I wait to assess whether the product is good of is the result of the insane proactivity of Ginger? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure and Ginger must be credited for that,  he’s a restless hard worker, an overwhelming prolific composer, and an inspiration for many of us. Well done!

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