I try very hard not to believe in coincidences. In fact I think that everything happens for a reason, fair or unfair, justified or nonsense. The fact that I’m aware of the existence of a brand new band from Austin hasn’t been by chance. The way I see it it’s more like I was in the right place at the right time.

Today I’ve received the debut album of American Sharks, which was released just two days ago. I was able to listen to it for the first time yesterday thanks to Revolver Magazine.

american sharks

Perhaps, some curious freak like me might be wondering how come I knew about this band when no local media has ever written a review and I shouldn’t have references at least for the moment. Aaaah, friends! Internet has the answer for it, moreover Twitter. I like to think that you can have the world at your hands in just a click. It’s terrific, yet at the same time disturbing, don’t you think? The world has ended being a map of links and connections.

The starting point is The Sword. I started following them after the amazing performance offered in June here in Barcelona. I like Kyle Shutt, the lead guitarist of the band, first due to his talent as a riff master and the style he plays, second for his wonderful blonde hair, and finally because he has one of these friendly and smart faces you feel curious about and want to know further. Because Twitter is the perfect display I started following the blonde boy. Never such  an expression as Curiosity Killed the Cat suited me best. I’ve met lots of people and done weird stuff in the name of curiosity. Sometimes I think I should have been investigator or researcher of anything.

Anyway, Kyle is not a super proactive Twitter user. Seems that the guy is into videogames and sometimes looks for people to play with him online, other times talks about guitars and bands but not so often. But any random evening in August he asked his followers to check a video he had produced, and being very obedient (and curious), so I did. And this is what I found.

What a blast! Not only Overdrive is super powerful but the video is great. I love the party animal spirit and great vibes spread, and the energy of the song is overwhelming. Just one listening and I was delighted, and I started looking for some more stuff now they had awaken my appetite for fun…but there wasn’t stuff available. They are really new on scene and announced the release of their homonymous debut album now in September.

Even though you might not believe it I don’t act according to instant uncontrollable impulses but usually think what to do twice at least. Sometimes it takes lots of thought to decide something, but this time I checked the total amount of the CD + shipping and it was one of these “Whaddahell” moments I purchased it in a  blink of the eye. You know what happens once you get sales confirmation. Doubts always bring out. This time was something like I might be buying a piece of chunk, but the power of Overdrive was so convincing I had to surrender and there was no way back.

Finally I could listen to the complete album on line and I felt relieved as, considering most songs move in the same style and direction, it had very good tunes and high energy and spirits were constant and present in every song. And I discovered another hit which kicked my head again named Indian Man.

Will I ever attend a show of American Sharks in Spain? Who knows…I only hope that since they’re The Sword’s protégées, they might tour Europe together in a not so far future. A bit of mayhem on stage wouldn’t be bad at all.

Thus this is my latest discovery, really an adrenaline bomb, and I’m definitely spreading the word, because we need bands like this one from time to time.

American Sharks band

Well fuckin’ done, punks!

By the way, American Sharks is one of the coolest band name ever. How come nobody thought of it before? Aaaah,  unexplainable mysteries.

2 responses to “THE POWER OF A SINGLE


    El vídeo es brutal y me encanta la canción. Me has hecho recordar mis años más canallas y cañeros en Londres, ¡gracias! Siempre aprendemos mucho contigo. Un abrazo. Marita

  2. Cool song!

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