It took me many years to recover the debut album of this NYC punk rock band, and now that I finally have it, realize how great it is. Sometimes I think it’s superior to No Lunch, the album I first listened of the band led by Jesse Malin.


I remember when the rock magazine I used to grow up with, musically speaking, started talking about D Generation nonstop as if they were the new r’n’r saviors.

Thinking about such concept now, it couldn’t be more stupid. There’s no rock to save but less and less people interested in it. For long time we were looking for a mainstream band, of the same level as Metallica or Guns N’ Roses, which would bring prominence to rock back in…society? But who cares about society? I don’t need average people around talking about the last album of this or that band, I don’t need to listen to their stuff on the radio on a daily basis, nor everybody wearing same band t-shirts,  and I hate stadiums hosting colossal events such as The Rolling Stones shows. At this point in my life I don’t care if I’m regarded as a freak due to my passion for music. And I worship the bands I choose, not the bands I’m imposed. It’s not really a matter of saving rock but of settling sales in a style which has lost its mainstream power. Bands used to be very profitable yet very troublesome and their active careers lasted  4-5 years average, full of incidents, lawsuits and crap, thus at the end of the day it wasn’t worth investing in them. Now business works in a different way. To start with, bands want to take control of their careers, don’t get as high and hooked on drugs as in the past, and are not so interested in being handled as puppets. Small-medium record labels provide what they need even though they have to sacrifice fame and glory. Internet and globalization have also contributed to a change, as music is affordable at a single click, therefore competence and offer is huge.

Enough! I could be writing nonsense about the decay of the mainstream rock bands for hours but I was telling you about this fantastic album released in 1994, for christssake!

dgen band

Self-title debut album of D Generation was never as popular as No Lunch or Through The Darkness, however it contains the original takes of No Way Out, Waiting for the Next Big Parade, Frankie and Degenerated. Perhaps its impact is not so overwhelming as the following album had, probably because of the production, however songs are impeccable and very enjoyable. Sins of America, for instance, is my favorite DGen song.

Back in the day this band opened the doors to a world I wasn’t acquainted with. Thanks to them I stepped into the kingdom of punk rock, which I only had tasted through The Damned, The Stooges and Sex Pistols. But this was different, it was fresh, melodic, stray and I felt related to it immediately, because it was contemporary, and I was growing up.

I thought I’d never see them on stage, but miracle eventually happened and the band rejoined and offered a show I told you about a couple of years ago. There’s some story yet to be written as they have recorded songs produced by Ryan Adams, close friend of Malin’s thus it’s a matter of time to relive the feeling of having a new D Generation album in my hands, which, believe me, it’s very very exciting. During the wait, at least we have 3 fantastic albums to get us amused.

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