Last Saturday was terrific. You know when plans go along and everything works perfect? After enjoying a calm but nice week off, away from containers, with no typhoons in China to bother me, neither tons of mails demanding and complaining and away from deadlines, I knew weekend was to be also fine.

After updating this blog and editing a new post for Norma Jean I met a friend for some beers, as we hadn’t seen each other for a couple of months or so. What none of us expected was spending almost 7 hours chatting and cheering up with buckets of beer, but we did, and it was great.  Before the session I also met Veronica for some beers and tapas, and we also had very interesting conversations. Very funny.

mars attacks poster copia

At 23.20h the night started and it was a blast. Almost 4 hours playing music nonstop. Best thing is that lots of friends came over, and Hey Ho! Bar was quite packed most of time. I love when the vibe is party and people are in the mood, because that really turns me on and I get very enthusiastic. the place is also very warm, Sr Raker the owner is a very cool guy and I feel very comfy there. Hopefully I will repeat more often. That’d be a blast.

Basically this is what happened. I’ve created two playlists, Spotify and Grooveshark, but unfortunately this time  there are missing tracks in both.

After almost 60 songs, some gintonics, a Jägermeister party in between and friends stopping by, I still had the energy to watch The Big Lebowski at the Hellhouse till finally my batteries run out.

I really made the most of Saturday. Pretty, pretty pretty good!

2 responses to “LET’S ROCK THE HUMANS @ HEY HO! BAR

  1. Hola Toi, muy buena pinchada! Aunque no me pude quedar mucho tiempo. Me enteré que pinchabas allí porque el bar lo anunció en fb en mismo día.

    Saludos y hasta la próxima!

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