I’ve really never been into costumes, probably due to my childhood. I always had they typical girly ones: princess or ballet dancer. I used to hate them.  On the other hand I’m terrible at handicrafts, sewing or make-up.

However characters in make-up. You know, The Joker, The Crow, Kiss, Alice Cooper or Hank Von Helvete of Turbonegro.

When the night of Halloween was getting closer, and there was a party, Lluvia de Hachas, I wanted to attend, I proposed Jaume to get disguised together. Our initial plan was to become Nancy and Ronald Reagan, but finding a proper outfit was more difficult than expected and I didn’t want to spend much money of it.

 Finally I had this brilliant idea and knew who could and would like to help me: Miguel, my partner at work. He loves theater, acting and handicrafts, thus he was perfect to do me the make-up of Papa Emeritus, the leader of the Swedish metal band Ghost . Not that I like the band very much, but the charisma and the aesthetics really turn me on.

toi emeritus

We are so busy at work is nonsense. We’re close the mental breakdown and don’t have much free time, plus Miguel had a guest at his place so he couldn’t do the Papa’s hat as he wanted. In fact we didn’t know for sure if he still had black and white make-up and I wasn’t very sure about finally dressing up for Halloween until we spoke on the phone at 7pm, the very same evening.

It took 2-3 hours to have everything ready: the hat and my make-up, but Miguel is a pro and the result was impressive.


I won’t get into details, but you can imagine everybody stared at me and some people asked me for pictures. The coolest thing is the self reinforcement disguising under a powerful costume you can feel.

Worst thing is to remove all the makeup drunk at 7am. And the hangover after a terrific party.


Thinking of next year’s Halloween already… 😀

5 responses to “MY GHOST HALLOWEEN

  1. Gran idea de disfraz!!! ¿Alguien adivinó de que ibas disfrazada?

    • Muchas gracias! Fui a una fiesta en Rocksound, y la gente asistente era del rock, así que me identificaron de inmediato, pero la gente con la que me crucé en el metro flipaba mucho, de hecho costó un buen rato que alguien se sentara a mi lado. Algún guiri si que reconoció el personaje.

  2. VibraC. from Riff


    Last time I disguised I was 13 or 14. A Freedie Kruger costume. All made by myself. Even the scary glove, that was the best part of it. Prior to that I remember disguising as a Zombie, Vampire and Superman. And Shpeherd. One time we all got drunk and ended looking like beatiful drag queens, but i’m not sure that counts.


  3. Gran disfraz y buen trabajo!

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