Halloween didn’t stop in just a hangover full of makeup. The party went on for two more days in Zaragoza, my hometown, to celebrate my soul bro Gonzalo’s birthday. And it was a hell of a party. Damn!

He brought the whole brotherhood from Ibiza, Uncle Sal, to play at La Ley Seca on Saturday, and many friends from Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Ibiza joined the animal party. A gang of 20 wild guys. Very very dangerous. You can imagine, there was plenty of food and lots of booze and it will take some time to recover from the event. But it was worth attending, as it was an unforgettable one.

I’m glad the venue was packed for the show. Uncle Sal offered a very intense and brilliant fix of Southern rock, which we all enjoyed much, and then I was in charge of going on with the party with one of my sessions. To be honest, it was one of the longest, as I was playing for almost 5 hours straight, and it was probably the craziest. I was even thrown a pair of pants to the stage. They were clean and smelled good, ha! I must confess I was delighted. Finally I had made someone going nuts. Mission accomplished!

I reckon most of songs were written down, sometimes I had some assistants helping, there were other friends adding some nasty artwork, and lots of people were jumping to the stage for dancing, taking pictures, asking for songs and getting me crazy. Therefore, with so many visits I got a little distracted, plus I had been having few (many) gin tonics… Sure I missed some songs.


Been thinking these last days I really feel very comfortable during the sessions. I’m not carrying too much stuff, approx 80 CDs, most of them quite rockin’, but the selection is enough to be constantly changing the style and the vibe. There was a time I was like dj’n in style segments, like some hard rock songs, then to be followed by some metal, to finish with Scandinavian rock, for instance, but now I’m changing the style and the vibe with every song, which I think helps the sessions to be more dynamic and energetic.

My target is having a session at least one night a month, no matter where, as long as I’m allowed to play what I want and people have fun.

 Here is the list. As usual, there are many albums missing, therefore you won’t find songs of L7, Toilet Boys or Clutch I played, but still you can get the essence of what went on last Saturday.

In case any who attended the event remembers a song it’s missing, please let me know.


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