It’s been almost 3 years since I started writing stuff here on a regular basis. As some of you who’ve been peeping from time to time or often digging, I usually talk about myself, my feelings, experiences, passions and frustrations. I’m sure some of you can get the picture of how I am, but still I keep my intimacy safe, and there are tons of facts I’m positive you just ignore. Not that I want to be a full open book, but I think it can be funny to share some random facts here. So, there we go:

1. I love chocolate. I try not to buy any tablet because I’d eat it in half an hour.

2. I believe in UFOs and I reckon I saw two many years ago. I wasn’t drunk and I’m not crazy.

3. First album I bought with my money was Like a Prayer in vinyl. I still got it with me in Very Good ++ condition.

Madonna Like a Prayer

4. I attended a European Youth Parliament in Ghent at age 16, as a member, representing Spain. The topic of discussion for social affairs, my department, was the immigration. Immigration wasn’t of great concern in my country back in 1992.

5. Vans sneakers are my favorite. I’d love being endorsed by the brand but unfortunately nothing I’m good at fits with their requirements.

6. I don’t have a driving license and I’m not so sure I will have it. Getting a license is very expensive, and to be honest, I don’t need a car, and right now I cannot afford one either.

7. Music is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Without it my life would be completely different and definitely less exciting.

8. Sharks are the most fascinating animals on Earth.

great white shark

9. My favorite film is The Empire Strikes Back.

10. I hate fish. As far back as I can remember I’ve always hated it. Can’t stand the smell, and it causes me instant nausea. I didn’t make it to Tokyo fish market because I knew I’d die.

11. Never been to Berlin.  People say I’d love the city but I haven’t had the chance yet.

12. My best friend is Diana. I met here when I was 5-6 and used to feel jealous of her and be a terrible cunt to her until her parents divorced and my dad told me I had to stay cool for her. Since then, she’s been my best friend.

13. Tokyo is the most amazing place I’ve ever been to. I have to come back some day.

koishikawa korakuen 2

14. I’m left handed and quite proud of it.

15. My name was source for much scorn: there was a brand of portable  swimming pools and accessories named Toi; There were stickers collections which turn very fashionable and Toi was a misspelled and slang way to say “I am”, and finally I used to work for a toy company at a store for 4 years, so I heard lots of jokes. I still love my name. My mum’s name is Toita.

16. I could listen to Fun Lovin’ Criminals and The Wildhearts every single day and wouldn’t get tired. Both bands, so different, always turn me on.

17. I hate puzzles.

18. I’m constantly losing umbrellas.

19. I’ve never had a ride on a rollercoaster, but I will eventually.

20. My left eye is the smallest and I close it even more when I smile and/or have drinks. Pictures always betray me.

One response to “20 RANDOM FACTS ABOUT TOI

  1. I share 6 facts with you, those being 2,6,7,11,13,16.
    About fact number 2, one of the times i saw one,it was in your hometown.
    About umbrellas, strangely enough, i´ve had the same umbrella for over 10 years. Still can´t believe it.
    Great reading, as usual.

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