I think perfect days are kind of utopia, although I must admit there are certain days everything flows so smooth and in such a good vibe, perfection seems to be round the corner. Last Sunday was one of those days. It was wonderful.

I woke up quite early considering I had gone to sleep at 5am after my Company Xmas dinner party (also a very funny event). Luckily there was no trace of hangover, and I remark luckily because I had a very important task to do which required some effort and focus. I had been so busy last days I hadn’t had enough time to get the interview well prepared since Thursday evening when I was confirmed I had an appointment with Neko Case on Sunday afternoon before her show at Apolo.


I had also scheduled a meeting with my friend Jaume for vermouth at 2pm, but perhaps due to pressure and excitement, I had to cancel our date because I was experiencing one of these block moments and a bit of panic thinking I was going to fail. You know, I had the same feeling as when I used to have exams. As soon as I cancelled the pressure was gone and settled the questions for the interview in less than an hour.

Why was I so nervous? Neko was my first face-to-face interview victim, and she’s a woman I respect and admire not only in the musical sense but also for her personal side. I’d never done that before, I had to buy a voice recorder at the last minute and I wanted to submit intelligent and interesting questions. I’ve realized being a fan is good on one hand because it helps to know the artist better identifying the kind of questions to be asked, and also because in terms of research you already know part of the info and/or know what to look for. On the other hand being a fan means that you got an added silent pressure which consists of staying cool in front of that person you admire so much, ask the right questions and behave in a way that person feels comfortable enough as to reply all the questions in detail.

I met her at 5pm as arranged and first thing that surprised me was how tall and thin she was, and how expressive was gesturing and putting faces. Because the band was starting the sound check, Neko wanted to find a quiet place for the interview, but didn’t like the dressing room much appropriated nor comfortable, so we ended in the roof of Apolo, open air, during sunset, with our coats on making confessions to each other. She was relaxed, not in a hurry, and there was nobody near, so we weren’t bothered at all.


During some parts of our conversation I felt so identified with her you couldn’t believe it. at the end of the day we belong to different countries and environments, but we are both women, music passionate, and she’s only 6 years older than me. There was a point I ended the interview because I could be talking to her for hours. It was wonderful to know the personal side of the artist you’ve been following for so long time and realize she’s a human being you enjoys, suffers, struggles and moves on in the same way as you can do.  When we said goodbye, Neko gave me a tender hug, thanked me for my thoughtful questions and congratulated me for my first interview. I was thrilled and moved. For real.

The show was so wonderful. The double melodies share with Kelly Hogan, the band, her voice, the lyrics…all the people I knew who attended the show were as delighted as I was, and the only complaint, if we had to complain, would be that we needed an extra half an hour more. Leaving that aside, listening to ‘This Tornado Loves You’, ‘Hold On’, ‘Man’ or ‘Calling Cards’  was something magic. I loved the girly chat on stage between Neko and Kelly, and their complicity. Wonderful!

After the show my friend Joaquin and I met a very nice girl who had just come from Bristol on her own to attend the show. I hope she eventually stops by and we can keep in touch. It’s great to know people as passionate with music as me, which are capable of taking a flight for staying in a city for 20 hours just to attend a show.


Thus Sunday was the Neko Sunday, with the brainstorming to prepare the interview, half an hour talking to her, and to close the circle the beautiful show. It wasn’t 100% perfect, but when I went to sleep I did it with a big smile in my face, invaded by a wave of happiness.

One response to “THE NEKO CASE SUNDAY

  1. LOVED meeting you Toi!!! Loved meeting you both. I hung out for a while afterwards and shared some tapas with Joana (lovely support artist, woohoo she is playing at Primavera Sound this year!) and some of Neko’s band, but alas, no Neko (she was apparently showering back at her hotel, damn). Thanks so much for mentioning me in this ‘ere blog-post Toi! I feel all special and everythin’. Nice! Let’s hang out at a future gig. Mwah xx

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