Who the fuck said that friendship never dies? Not only it does because of distance and loss of interest and intensity, but also it can be killed by one of the contractual sides, and when this happens, it’s something similar to deal with a divorce of a the break of a relationship among a couple, especially if this friendship is between a man and a woman.


Perhaps I’m being too impulsive writing this, I’d like to think it’s a matter of time and deep thought to bring things back on track, but right now I’m pessimistic and reckon this is not gonna happen. Worst of all, I’m frustrated, sad and furious. And very very disappointed.

In past circumstances, or better said, the ME 4-5 years ago, would have endured as much as possible, would bow to my friend’s will in order to avoid confrontation and argument, and would justify whatever mean attitude or unfair situation. The current ME though, doesn’t want to eat shit from nobody else but myself. I can support, encourage, comfort and defend any of my friends, but under no circumstances I will tolerate certain attitudes which damage my mental and emotional health. It took me a 5-year relationship and lots of suffering to learn the lesson by heart and I cannot afford yielding.

My (ex?) friend is going through lots of changes in his life, and I’ve been trying to give my advice, based on my personal experience, to overcome this hard transition. If he wants to apply my conclusions in order to go on with his life is as fine as if he doesn’t give a shit about what I’m saying, because as a friend I will support him and give him my hand in case he falls, as many times he needs, but I won’t accept mockery, despise or attack, and even less any judgment, and I’ll be as much honest as I can be, even though I feel forced to say uncomfortable things. I’ve been indulging my friend’s faults and poor gestures due to his grief, until he stepped outta line. I’m nobody’s punching ball of frustrations. I’m not going to accept to be insulted.

And enough is enough.

How many times have I said friendship is the most important thing in my life? Thousands! And I will keep telling this till I die, but at the end of the day, people come and go, and some, not so many, remain. I only hope not many stay behind, but I won’t creep for anyone either.

Well I’ll just tell you what you wanna hear, I won’t break your girlish fears, I try to get close, I couldn’t get near
If I tell you too much, baby, I’ll get smeared

So long, pal, it was great while it lasted. Gotta move on now.

3 responses to “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  1. La amistad está muy bien siempre que no te hagan daño o no te intenten obligar a dejar de ser tu mismo; cuando éso llega, que es lo que llamamos entrada en vigor de ‘La Ley del Embudo’ (estrecho para mi y ancho para ti) lo mejor es darla por agotada y consiguientemente, terminarla; es doloroso, pero lo es más intentar seguir con algo, que seguramente irá a peor…
    Un beso

  2. No podría haberlo descrito mejor, Uge.

  3. Haven’t met a more supportive friend than you, sweetheart. And I couldn’t agree more with you or you dad. I’m so sorry to hear things have gone so far. Your inner peace and state of mind is what’s important. I know how you’re feeling. Just know I consider myself really lucky to have YOU in my life.

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