Finally February arrived, and with the shortest month of the year, so did some news. The most remarkable one is that Rockzone Magazine issue #100 was released free and digital, and people’s reactions seemed to be quite positive. After being collaborating for 7 months already, I feel attached to this transition, and very supportive after this decision.


You know I’ve been reviewing shows and albums, interviewing some musicians and artists and from now onwards I will have my fixed column on every month’s issue named Toi’s in the Attic, as a tribute to classic Aerosmith. I never thought I could achieve having my own voice and opinion available to public in a magazine, but seems that I might have interesting crap to say. It is a great challenge to be worth enough reading. I’ll try hard not to disappoint.

I had thought of translating the text into English, but unless I get some input from your side, I won’t do it for the moment, basically because I don’t have much time. This month’s issue is also important to me, as the interview to Neko Case I told you about was finally published, and I’m quite happy with the result.

rockzone bipolar

On Saturday, Rockzone’s bosses held a barbecue party to celebrate this issue #100, the change to digital, and to introduce a compilation CD of the most remarkable alternative bands in the country covering bands such as Pearl Jam, The Mars Volta. Gallows or NIN. I found some of the versions particularly outstanding, proving that there’s a scene of great quality bands in very good shape. Young bands supported by the magazine from their beginnings, which have gained respect thanks to constancy and hard work throughout these years. The party was full of people, other collaborators, bands members, photographers, sponsors, family, kids…great vibe. And I was in charge of playing music for 2-3 hours. I loved the idea right away, even though, you know, sometimes you have to be concerned about people involved with music at the same level as you attending the event. But seems that I did it ok as there wasn’t any complaint, and I had lots of visits from friends and kids at the music booth.

As usual, I brought my notebook and wrote down the lists of songs I was playing, so I could create the playlist. So, this is what people listened to, among beer, hot dogs and hamburgers, and lots of joy. It was really nice to see people in such a celebrating mood.

I wish Rockzone, especially Jordi and Richard, good luck in this new adventure, and hope I can join them in the ride for a long time. Cheers!

One response to “FEBRUARY AND A NEW ERA

  1. Buenísimo el nombre de tu columna!! Me he reído un rato con esta primera, estaré atenta 😉

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