Oh December! You drive me crazy.

It’s December again. Again! The lightspeed of time is starting to scare me. I feel like my days slip away and I’m unable to make them stop.

jack torrance frozen

Perhaps warm weather has also prevented me of realizing at which point in the year I am, but cold has eventually arrived, in a sudden way, and I’m starting assuming it’s less than a month to close another chapter of this shabby book named LIFE.

I have a love/hate relationship with this month. There are moments I truly hate it because of  so many social conventions, yet at the same time the calendar is so full of events I get this dizzy feeling of craziness caused by so much fun, because at the end of the day I try to make the most of them, and seldom get bored or disappointed.

On the other hand it’s time to start making balance of the year. I always try to record the highlights here, but of course there’s the black list I keep for myself of failures and disappointments, and there’s always something there I carry on my back silently that frustrates me somehow.

I cannot be assertive when analyzing the year in general terms, because usually my life is not being the rollercoaster full of exciting things or drama it used to be in the past, which I reckon is good, but there’re people around and things happening to them which can affect my mood too, and it seems that when you grow old things are constantly happening. Not in the mood right now, even though at some point I will have to stop and give it some thought.

December 2014 smells like trouble, but I mean good trouble. Showtime starts tomorrow. This busy 3 days weekend opens with the show of one of the bands which have released one of the finest records this year: Rival Sons. Their album Great Western Valkyrie is brilliant, and I’m really looking forward to seeing these guys on stage, with lots of friends around.

After that there are lots of dinners, concerts, beers, intense Xmas shopping, family, and hometown time ahead.

I know it’s gonna be hard to post very often but will try my best.

Be good to each other, friends, and thanks again for reading my shit 😉

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