Welcome to my new obsession

Hello! Anybody there? Well, I can blame you if you don’t, considering my lack of perseverance nowadays.

Today I feel like sharing with you my ultimate obsession: The NBA Daily Fantasy League.

It’s been years since I’ve followed this competition enjoyed and suffered by some close friends at a forum, and finally I’ve turn into a participant of a rookie league at the same forum, and believe me, I’m so hooked up as to be checking the matchups and players’ performances in the middle of events such as concerts, New Year’s Eve dinner and celebration and while passing through a heavy flu as I am right now.

I cannot define myself as competitive, never have any talent to fight for to my utmost strength, and since I was a kid and had my first disappointment at the gym school team, never had the desire to enroll in anything you could win or lose. I think I already wrote about the great mistake of educating children in winning but not teaching them how to lose, so I don’t think more explanations need to be added.


I’m neither interested in videogames nor online games at all, because I’m not constant and usually get bored.

The Fantasy League is something different. It combines competition, physically performed by real players, so that my body doesn’t move any muscle, my brain works a little more than usual, and due to its activity, it requires some daily planning, and at some points strategy.

First thing to start one of these leagues, is gathering a group of competitors, 16 would be the perfect number, even though my league has 18 teams. Once everybody commits to the game, which lasts around 20 weeks until the playoffs, you should raffle the order of the draft, which will decide the order of choosing your soldiers. The closer you set the draft date to the beginning of the season, the clearer picture you will get at the time of choosing them, especially in terms of injuries. In my case, I was the 14th, not very good for the fist pick, but quite alright for the second. I was lucky to get Lillard ‘the rapper’ first, and a miracle to get ‘the unicorn’ Porzingis  as the second. Then, Ariza, Robin Lopez, Thaddeus Young, George Hill, and Taj Gibson joined my team, up to 11 players.


Right after the draft you change your roster, by trading players with other teams, wave, drop and add those in the Free Agents market, up to 2 movements every week, in order to improve results.

In our league, the Rookie League, there are 9 categories to fight for: field goal percentage, free throw percentage, 3 points, points, rebounds, assists, blocks, steals and turnovers (the only one you win with less score).

Imagine me reading, following injury and performance reports, and watching stats. At the end of the day, I get to know my Martinis (yes, my team is Toi’s Martinis) as if they were my kids. Somebody was telling me I’d be so hooked up 5 years ago I would have laughed my ass off.

So here I am, after 12 weeks, trying to make my way to playoffs, waking up in the middle of the night just to check on the results, swearing on my players from time to time, exchanging messages with advisers, and jumping of happiness when Ariza saves my week with his 3-points shoots in.

NBA: Playoffs-Houston Rockets at Golden State Warriors

This league helps me to escape from real world, and provides some excitement to it. I’m 41 now and you might think painting or cooking would be more suitable for my age, but since when have I followed the typical trend? I’d like to see you in my position, really, I encourage you to do it.

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