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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Hey! How you doin’! Yes, I’m still alive.

Last month I received one of these WordPress notifications advising that it was time to reniew the site and all the stuff and pay for having my place in the virtual world, and that made me start poundering over Since My Baby Left Me future. Should I stay or should I go?

I decided not to renew on the premium basis, since I seldom post stuff and because I don’t need the ultimate blog design and awesome widgets. What I understood from the notifications, which became weekly, was that I was losing my site “dot com” to go back to WordPress, and at that point my pride was a bit touched, because this used to be a great funnel and helped me a lot back in the day, but I gave up. If this was the time to quit, I would accept it without major drama, and of course, avoiding saying goodbye to one, or maybe two readers I might currently have.

But wordpress gave me some sort of last chance, and sent me aother notification this week, about keeping my site for a ridiculous amount of money, and I thought “whaddahell! I might get in the mood to write about something someday, and the name of the blog is cool”, so I’m up to renew on this thing. Perhaps I will quit next year as well, but I’ve decided to give me such time to make up my mind. In case I decide to tell crap here and you are interested in what I’m saying, I’m sure you won’t mind the site is simple, will you?

Anyway, it feels great to type nonsense here. Hope you’re doing right 🙂

RockZone 10th anniversary party


The 10th anniversary of Rockzone Magazine started with a party held at Rocksound last Thursday. Last year I also played some music when celebrating the #100 issue, which also meant the change to digital and free publishing, which has been a huge success, thus it was a huge pleasure to be invited to share stage dj’n with Turbolovers DJs and Danko Jones.

Lots of friends, collaborators, familiar faces and other remarkable personalities in the rock and press scene came to celebrate these 10 years of existence of the magazine, which, considering the difficult times press is going through lately, especially since the internet era, is a great achievement. My contribution to the mag hasn’t been for too long time, but I’m thrilled for being part of it, and I really hope it lasts, and I can improve my input.

rockzone team

It’s hard to open for a party, but I tried my best to get people warmed up for Danko Jones’ session anyway. I took record of all my first session, but when I joined the Turbolovers DJs there was too much fun and booze, so this time the playlist is a bit short, but believe me, it got wild in the end.

Congratulations to Jordi and Richard for their amazing work!


How many times have I said that MTV used to rock my world 20 years ago? I don’t know, but remember the last time I did, talking about the amazing performance of young Guns n’ Roses at the Ritz. Well, today I have to repeat myself, MTV used to rock, and was a very important contributor to my musical education back in the day.

Probably because circumstances have brought Pearl Jam back to my memory recently I’ve been remembering how much I used to love this band back in the 1990s. My favorite one at least until AEnima by Tool was released in autumn 1996 and turned into an obsession. Pearl Jam was everything to me, and their 3 first albums were the Bible. And of course, Eddie Vedder was THE man.

pj promo

Not sure whether I told you the first time I was acquainted with the band was during their performance on the MTV music awards in 1992. Hell of a night, by the way! Guns N’ Roses and Nirvana almost ended fighting because of  some female trouble between Stephanie Seymour (Axl’s girlfriend) and Cobain’s missus, Courtney junkie Love. On the other hands not only Pearl Jam played Jeremy, but also Red Hot Chili Peppers performed Give It Away, The Black Crowes played Remedy, and U2  were broadcast via satellite with Even Better Than The Real Thing. And GN’R played November Rain with Elton John. THAT was a ceremony.

Sometimes I behave very absent-minded and don’t put much attention into certain details. Some day I’ll write about it (I’ve discovered a good one today). I had seen a couple of Pearl Jam videos not focusing on them at all. It was the energy and rage of that performance what finally caught my attention and  drove me nuts. Vedder’s voice wasn’t at his finest, but his attitude was irresistibly threatening, and you know what’s said, first time, first love.

From that moment I became devoted of the band, started bothering my friends to listen to them (only Diana did, and she’s been a diehard ever since), and also tried to find new acquaintances into the band and that musical movement. I was lucky on this regard.

Not sure why I bought my copy of Ten on vinyl. Probably because at that time it was still more common than CDs, and more copies were available, and also because it was better quality than cassette. I paid the same amount as you get charged for brand new re-issues, it was outrageous, but I accepted as there weren’t many options and wanted to have it badly. First time I listened to it I got freaked out because there was a repeated scratch in first song of side B, Oceans. I thought the copy was faulty but kept it all the same, however, thanks to my brother who took my vinyls without permission to a bar and lost them (first pressing Ten and Vitalogy, a drama), I had to buy another copy on vinyl 5-6 years ago, and the same scratch was there.

Whatever! In March 1992 Pearl Jam recorded an unplugged performance. Up to date, there had been a couple of shows, and the most remarkable one from my point of view was Eric Clapton’s, which become very popular thanks to the song Tears in Heaven inspired by the recent death of his son. Talking about an unplugged performance in 2014 is not interesting, but if you analyze the moment, the band, and the blurry concept of an unplugged performance in the day, Pearl Jam’s should to be recognized as the first rock band to dare adapting their wild and powerful sets to something milder. They were the reference to other bands which followed them, such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots or Kiss, to mention some.

vedder unplugged

I don’t think the audience knew exactly what  they were about to witness, and sure many of them didn’t even give a shit about the band. It took almost two minutes to the band to start the show and ovation was exaggerated, way too much even for Americans, who really are very enthusiastic.

Pearl Jam played 7 songs, my top 3 included, 6 included in Ten, and State of Love and Trust, which was part of Singles soundtrack: Oceans, State of Love and Trust (not many songs in history have such a terrific title), Alive, Black, Jeremy, Even Flow and Porch. You can notice they weren’t recorded following that order, or maybe there were additional outtakes. If there was anyone who tough it was going to be a low and quiet show, he was completely wrong. Probably things get more under control afterwards, as no band got so insane on stage, as far as I can remember.

It’s weird because you know they’re playing fantastic, but at the same time, guitars are very low and drums and bass are most predominant. But it doesn’t matter. This show was a blast.

It was last Thursday night that I watched the unplugged again. My day had been a shit, flu was attacking, and needed something to cheer me up. This time I observed many details I hadn’t noticed before, and lots of memories stroke back, so hard, for 30 minutes I was 16-17 again, and this feeling moved me very much.

It is so amazing to relate moments of your life to music, I cannot conceive that there are people unable to mark relevant point in their lives in the same way and feel pity for them. When Pearl Jam were ruling my life, this was changing, and I was growing up. I felt in love with someone who used to sing me State of Love and Trust, and got disappointed listening to Animal and No Excuses. And then I met another guy who learned to love Pearl Jam with the passing of time, and introduced me to other bands which are now part of the soundtrack of my life. Because at the end of the day, life is made of experiences, memories and songs, and I try hard to compile a good one, no matter what.


las tetis 1

Finally September has arrived. One of my favorite months, together with October and April and May. Yep, I’m kinda mid seasons girl, definitely.

I love September, not only because of my and some of my closest friends’ birthday anniversaries, but also because it’s the back-to-school month, no matter I cannot have two straight weeks of holidays until October. During summer all routines are gone, chaos and fun reigns and I reach the end of August a bit exhausted and fed up, to be honest. September is like resuming to regular routines, tours are announced, shows in town are scheduled and I feel like writing again. Weather is great as heat is losing its power and I sleep in my pajamas again and covered. Ah! And my hair fringe looks fine longer (this might be a silly remark for you, but of utmost importance to me).

There wasn’t a better way to mark this turning point that attending Siberia Rock Festival as guest DJ with my partner Verónica aka Dra Feelgood. Las Tetis went to Vitoria Rock City, fought and conquered, and returned safe, knackered but very happy after the successful Friday night session, and the great experience.

We both love this city we’ve been visiting quite often in the past 10 days as it hosts our favorite rock festival, Azkena. Vitoria-Gasteiz is the capital city of the Basque Country, and it’s beautiful. It’s not very big, population does not even reach 250000 inhabitants, yet it’s a very livid city, always hosting events, and offering many activities on the streets, no matter the weather is usually rough there, marked by  cold and rain most of the year. Pintxos and zuritos, nice parks and streets, bars and venues, and super friendly people, I really dig Vitoria.

The organizers of this 3 day festival focused on promoting the local scene in the area through the support of the local authorities. Basque Country has always been quite respected and recognized for supporting arts, sports and culture, and the project these three young entrepreneurs submitted was finally greenlighted.

Considering none of them had any experience in this field, although they were assisted by the right people, it’s unbelievable the way the festival developed. Punctuality, professionalism, perfect logistics on one hand, and a very respectful and cheerful audience on the other.

The quality of sound inside the tent was neat and outstanding, and the level of the bands was impressive. I had a crush on a stoner band named Arenna I will talk about in a near future, as I purchased their last album after the show. They were a blast!

We were scheduled to start after the shows at 1AM. We were nervous and a bit concerned about the weather, and it had been pouring the day before and there was this light drizzle showing up from time to time, which could bring heavier rain at some point. But it didn’t and we could offer our session in a very cool terrace next to the gardens the shows had taken place.

We had never been so comfortable dj’n as we had plenty of space for moving, handle our stuff and proceed with our one to one session, which lasted until 4AM.

We had only selected CDs to bring from Barcelona but didn’t prepare anything in advance as we follow our mood and instinct in every session, beside, preparing a 3h session is killing all the spontaneity of the event, living no place for requests, improvisation or having fun. To be honest, it’s better to switch on a computer and leave it working rather than having one person doing nothing there. Thus when the time arrived, after agreeing on the importance of the starter, I clearly saw that Bossheaded had to open the session. Tough, straight, powerful and party animal, this song was an unwritten declaration of intentions: have fun and rock as if there was no tomorrow.

What we had brought with us was out outfit, well, our t-shirts, which were customized with our personal logo designed by Miguel, Veronica’s boyfriend.  The slogan says “Las Tetis. Rock n’ roll DJs Supersexy to the max”. The last part makes me laugh, to be honest, but t-shirts looked cool on us, gotta admit. You know, this uniform stage wear outfit always reminds me of the earlier years of Gluecifer 😉 This time with boobs. Ha!

las tetis 2

The session was a blast, surrounded by acquaintances who celebrated every song and a very enthusiastic audience we didn’ know, people seemed to enjoy a good time, some were dancing, others were hard on air guitar, people singing whistling and clapping. This was the closest session to a proper rock show I’ve ever experience. we had everybody’s attention who were waiting for the next hit to start, and when it did, party was on again. Whoa! It was aaaaawesome! It’s gonna be hard when I start playing songs at Psycho on my own next Thursday. ..

This time the playlist’s been created through Grooveshark, however the embedding codes do not work here so I encourage you to listen to it here. The positive thing is that except for a song by Supagroup, all tunes are there. 48 songs for your pleasure I suggest you play as loud as fuck. In case you wanna know, I started odds, but due to this song missing, from Nasty Ho/Swimwear, pairs are my responsibility.

Thanks Vitoria and thanks SRF for an awesome weekend. It’s been terrific!

las tetis 3



tarantino cigar

Yesterday morning I remembered it was Quentin Tarantino’s 50th anniversary. I’m not very objective when talking about him because I’m a diehard fan. I think he’s a genius, period.

There are many features to be analyzed (and praised) related to Tarantino’s films. Some time ago I wrote an article highlighting the important role of women in his stories, categorizing them depending on their attitude, charisma and impact on the development of his scripts. From Fabienne, Butch’s girl in Pulp Fiction, to the smart ass Jackie Brown or the vengeful Black Mamba in Kill Bill, without forgetting an intense Mia Wallace and Butterfly’s lap dance. All women have something special, and a remarkable importance in Tarantino’s universe, leaving the feet fetishism aside. In case you’re interested I could try to recover the article I published on Norma Jean Magazine and adapt into English. Just let me know.

This time, and very inspired by the controversial rap scene in Django Unchained, and the disgust shown by the master of soundtracks Ennio Morricone in his recent statements asserting he will never work with the director again due to his incoherence when matching music with scenes, I feel like talking about the musical side of Tarantino’s films.

It’s precisely that incoherence Morricone mentions what drives me crazy the most. The unexpected song in a crucial or intense loaded scene sounds. It’s so shocking I always think “damn bastard, he’s made it again!”.

On the other hand, reviewing all the soundtracks in which Tarantino’s been involved, you quickly realize his musical background is brilliant. To be honest, I wouldn’t have listened to the Delfonics or The RZA if it wasn’t because of his films, and believe me, Pulp Fiction is responsible for the discovery of Urge Overkill’s Saturation back in the day.

It’s true that because of this vintage halo Tarantino wants to soak in his films, soundtracks mostly rely on 60s and 70s bands hits, R&B and soul mainly. Excellent! I always discover some cool stuff.

Enjoying The Huey Show on BBC6Music so much lately, I only wish Quentin had his own radio show. That’d be awesome, don’t you think?

This been said I think now it’s the perfect time for a Tarantino jukebox.

1. Little Green Bag by The George Baker Selection

Not many opening credits have ever been so attractive. How much time did Tarantino spend building this scene and then adding the song? I have no idea. What I know is that he was already writing a new chapter in the history of cinema, not only marking a difference, but also creating an trademark. And of course, those men in black walking became an icon.

2. Django by Rocky Roberts & Luis Bacalov

Django was actually the main theme of the original 1967 Italian spaghetti western directed by Sergio Corbucci. This song is the perfect example of this style soundtrack. Vintage, classic, and has this desert touch.

3. Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack

After carrying out a master plot, Jackie’s finally won and has defeated all her enemies. She’s a survivor and Womack’s hit couldn’t suit her better. “Doing whatever I had to do to survive, I’m not saying what I did was alright, trying to break out of the ghetto was a day to day fight”.

4. Yakuza Oren 1 by The RZA

Former Cottonmouth has become the leader of the yakuza mafia in Tokyo and she loves her powerful position. The arrival in The House of Blue Leaves of O-Ren Ishii with her entourage, formed by Sofie Fatale, Gogo Yubari and some of the Crazy 88 guards is a brilliant sequence, and RZA’s work here impressive.

5. You Never Can Tell by Chuck Berry

Probably one of the greatest scenes ever, not just for the dance but for who is actually dancing. John Travolta, better known as the king of the dance floor thanks to his role as Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever, had been forgotten for many years. Tarantino rescued him and transformed him into Vincent Vega, forced to dance with the boss’ woman just for her pleasure. They are terrible but still they win. Terrific!

6. Down In Mexico by The Coasters

Jungle Julia had announced on her radio show the reward of a lap dance performed by her friend Butterfly in case a guy was showing up and followed her instructions. Stuntman Mike is the guy, and already a bit loaded Arlene accepts dancing for him. And she’s really good.

7. L’Arena by Ennio Morricone

Beatrixx has fallen on the trap set by Budd, Bill’s brother. Instead of executing her, he decides to make her suffer till her last sigh and buries her tied up inside a wooden coffin with just a torch. The warrior woman remembers her hard times being trained by Master Pai Mei, and starts focusing on breaking the wood of the coffin. Morricone’s theme in crescendo creates a super intense scene.

8. Cat People (Putting Out Of Fire) by David Bowie

The night of the premiere of A Nation’s Pride has finally arrived, and now it’s time Shoshanna gets her revenge. She must be ready for everything which is about to happen and put on her war paint.

9. Misirlou by Dick Dale &His Del-Tones

Pumpkin and Honey Bunny not only start an armed robbery but also one of the craziest stories in the film history, and Misirlou is an insane instrumental song after all which fits masterly. The way it starts after the two robbers yelling is great:

Everybody be cool this is a robbery!
Any of you fuckin’ pricks move and I’ll execute every motherfucking last one of you

10. Stuck In The Middle With You by Stealers Wheel

The jukebox ends with another theme included in Reservoir Dogs. This scene, with (hot hot hot) Michael Madsen, this is Mr. Blonde, dancing and cutting the infamous ear, deserves my eternal love. So masterly executed, it’s so mean and brutal, it should be rewarded or something.

Wanna dance?


-Do you recycle?

-Objection, your honor!

– Accepted!

-All right counselor, rephrasing. Do you ASSORT your garbage?

Oh shit! That’s a tricky question always subject to judgment depending on who’s come up with this topic of discussion and the participants involved. Being honest or cheating in your answers might curse or save you for being finger pointed and criticized or preached.


I will open the debate explaining my current mixed feelings on this subject.

To start with, I reckon I’ve been assorting for a decade a least, first I started with paper, then with glass and finally plastic and organic too. It took me time and insistence till my parents started assorting and I’m proud to say they’re very committed, especially since there were proper containers available place at 5m from home.

What’s the system I follow? The basic: one bin for organic stuff, another for plastic, paper and cardboard straight to a clothing bag, and glass into another resistant bag. Sure there are better ways, but I try my best, and consider the reduced dimension of my kitchen, I’m positive it’s not so bad. The corner assigned for assorting is quite prominent, uncomfy, but it works at the time being.

Japan is the country with citizens most committed to recycling I’ve ever seen in my life. When I was there, I soon realized there were no waste bins on the streets, only outside 7-11 stores and quite few in some tube stations. I asked my friend Shingo and he explained that most people keep their trash until they arrive home, where they can assort properly.

According to some conversations and other comments read on the net, there are 10 average assorting categories Japanese must comply with (in Kamikatsu there are 44!). Citizens are educated to accomplish the rules of assorting, and if you don’t meet the expectations, you can be reported to the authorities. We are light years away from their recycling model, or let’s say routine or habit.

Things couldn’t be more different in Spain. Recycling is a subject full of gaps and not very clear to the population, and I’m not just talking of education, I mean all the waste management and proper recycling process. Private, public? At the end of the day we do not receive much feedback, nor support and of course, we’re not educated.

oscar grafitti

I still remember glass bottles returned to the convenienve store in exchange of few coins or the discount in the following purchase of bottles. That was an efficient system because we felt rewarded, and bottles were easily returned to the starting point to repeat the process.

Companies pay high taxes for waste to be recycle, and average citizen has to pay city taxes, being a part forwarded to this management. Constant rumor is that garbage is mixed upon arrival and there’s an assorting process at the recycling plant.

I’m starting to understand all these people who at some point decided to quit assorting based on the previous statement. They don’t do it because tax paid are considered to be too high, and no compensation of any kind is received.

I’ve been seriously pounding the possibility of stopping myself, but at the end of the day I go on doing as usual, because I’m so used to it, this home process is not too difficult and I know I’ll feel better  better with myself.

I only ask for few things: support, information and less shitty recycling ad campaigns, which sometime cause the opposite impression in the audience,

-Yes, sir, I do. I do assort garbage.


Some weeks ago I re-watched Glengarry Glen Ross after many years and I really enjoyed it, highly recommendable, with a very outstanding cast: Jack Lemon, Ed Harris, Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey…and Al Pacino.

pacino thoughtful

I’ve always loved this guy. At high school my best friend there, Ana, and I, used to refer to the guys we fancied as Al Pacino’s, as a code name. Why? Not very sure, especially considering it was in the early 1990’s and Pacino was too old for us already. Guess it had to do with his manly appearance. It’s true, though, that 20 years later and looking back to 1970’s, I must admit Al Pacino was a very attractive man.

The more I’ve been into movies, the more I’ve appreciated and respected Pacino’s work. He’s one of my favorite actors no doubt. Everybody immediately thinks of Michael Corleone and Antonio Montana, but actually he won my heart with Dog Day Afternoon and Cruising, not to mention Donnie Brasco, Serpico or Carlito’s Way.

The decision to write about this actor had to do with the final scene of the film I told you I was watching,  right after Kevin Spacey has ruined an important operation he had been handling. Al Pacino’s speach humilliating Spacey is simply brilliant. Terrific!

This scene reminded me that I’ve always felt fascination for his outbursts. He really gets hysterical, spitting while yelling totally out of control. To achieve such state, being conscious you are acting, is simply impressive.

After giving this post a thought I finally decided to highlight  5 scenes. Hope you like them.

** I suggest you turn down the volume a bit.


Ricky Roma’s a top seller of worthless land. His convincing skills are enhanced by his speeches, but this time, due to the incompetence and stupidity of John Williamson (Kevin Spacey), an important operation slips right in front of his eyes. Roma explodes.

You just cost me 6 thousand dollars and one Cadillac


Sonny Wortzik had planned an easy bank robbery which finally turns into a hostage situation. He’s not ready to cope with such pressure, and doesn’t know how to deal with the cops, the hostages and his partner in crime Sal.

This film is full of outbursts, Pacino’s interpretation is intensely overwhelming.

Attica, Attica!


Scarface is just excess from the beginning to the end. The story of Antonio Montana, a political refugee from Cuba who will get to the king of cocaine in Miami. Just a tiny detail which gets out of control, will mean his own decline and fall, the first rule of the drug dealer: don’t get high on your own supply.

His common sense is numb due to his addiction and thirst of power, which will take him to the graveyard.

This is probably one of the most excessive scenes in the history of cinema.

You wanna play rough? You want more? How you like that you little maricon?


Arthur Kirkland has to defend a judge he doesn’t get on well with, in a rape case, otherwise this judge will ban him from court. When the lawyer finds out the truth, he will get crazy.

The son of a bitch is guilty!


There are many memorable scenes on The Godfather which could be remarked, but this is the moment when Kate confesses hers was an abortion and that she can’t cope with such living anymore. Michael, the head of the family, cold and calculating, eventually loses control.