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It’s weird I’m not talking about great Neil Young very often considering the relevance of this artist in my life.

I’m pretty sure I told you about how I got acquainted with this legend thanks to Pearl Jam and MTV in 1990’s and how lucky I was to see him at Phoenix Festival in Stradford-Upon-Avon in 1996, completely by chance. I’ll tell you about that show soon.

Nevertheless, my love for uncle Neil wasn’t settled for long time due to external obsessions and pressures. The artist finally won my heart, after certain love/hate struggle, in 2007 more or less.

 For long time I used to think Zuma was my favorite album of Young’s. Then I changed my mind when I discover After The Gold Rush. And finally On the Beach got me crazy. These 3 albums no doubt would be in my top 5 list of albums recorded by the Canadian.

Nevertheless, only one has to be given the credit of acting as a lifesaver two years and a half ago, when my former life collapsed and I needed strength and support to put myself together and raise from my ashes as The Phoenix. My  musical lifesaver was named After the Gold Rush.

This album made me realize about the amazing talent uncle Neil has at the time of writing about the most common human kind emotional status providing them of a beauty very few can. He’s able to express what we all think and want to express sometimes, but we can’t, with a melody and with an overwhelming simplicity.

Uppers and downers, checking the titles of the songs in the tracklist, you can guess what they’re about: Only Love Can Break Your Heart (so true), Don’t Let It Bring You Down, When You Dance I Can Really Love, I Believe In You, Oh Lonesome Me…

neil young 1970

 After The Gold Rush is not one of his roughest albums, there’s not so much distortion, and acoustic guitars, piano and masterly played harps dominate, however the intensity of songs such as Southern Man, enhanced by powerful backing vocals, in this unique style in which I’d also include earlier Down By The River (1969) and CSNY’s Ohio (June 1970), sort of concerned songs with a social message, works as good as a fully distorted guitar theme.

How many tears I’ve poured while listening Don’t Let It Bring You Down, yet how much strength this song has provided me… I only know. Sometimes when I feel blue I play it, as a sort of therapy, and keep repeating “And you will come along”. I always feel better when I do it.

The end of this rough year made me come back to this classic, and I’m glad I finished 2012 listening to After The Gold Rush, as a reminder of how bad times can be overcome and left behind, to move forward to enjoy better times.


Toi December

In essence 2012 has been one of the toughest years in my life, not because of personal relationships this time, the truth is that something as common as losing a job in a critic moment, while there’s  a terrible economic crisis striking the country, can affect a person to unsuspected limits.

My last period uprising trend was suddenly stopped at the end of March, and 6 months unemployment have brought back quite negative stuff I thought being overcome and forgotten. I will focus on that in a while, not today, I’m not in the mood, but yes, I can advance you my self esteem has become more vulnerable to start with.

Being this 2012 mainly marked by this 6 month period, I’ve also lost some control of myself, and chaos has been present. Perhaps I’ve abused on partying way too much, routines disappeared for some time, and mayhem has been remarkable sometimes. Nowadays I’m trying to get back on the right track, and this year turning point might help me to focus.

Still, not everything has been crap, there are lots of remarkable things I will never forget, thus, being a list lover, I will tell you about them.


My relationship with this online magazine started when I was asked to write a review about Shame, the film. Since then, I’ve written more than 30 articles (in Spanish), covering a wide range of subjects: squirting, speed dating, flirting at 35, sex while menstruation, Tarantino and his chicks, corsets, women and music… and I’m proud of being involved in this project and become co-editor. Moreover, since I’ve been writing for Norma Jean Magazine in Spanish, I’ve received invitations for collaborating in order sites, and a proposal coming from an independent publishing house. Through this magazine I’m learning lots, and getting acquainted with very interesting people. Really, a blast!

nj cover

 2.    ANDREA

Lou introduced me to the other half of Norma Jean, Andrea, in April, right after losing my job. Chemistry was obvious since the very beginning and we liked each other right away.

Andrea is a hard worker, a great student and a perfectionist, yet she has a great sense of humor, very compatible with mine. With Andrea the team work has made sense for real, regardless the distance, and I have to thank her for being so inspirational.

Andrea and Toi


When I first discovered Arianna’s work via Tumblr, I knew I’d have a piece inked by her the soonest.

She had these 3 days available at Swan Song Tattoo in Rome as a guest artist, and I booked with her right away. I only spent 12 hours in Rome, 6 of them at a tattoo parlor, and I got my lighthouse, my guide, so powerful and firm, it really encourages me to keep on looking forward.  I will never thank her enough, and she will never fully understand what she did to me.

my lighthouse by andrea


Artie and Mayra got married, and Kiko, Agnès and I decided to look for the most special gift we could give them: a wood carved piece of the cover of Harvest Moon album awesome Bryn Perrot especially made for the occasion. A unique piece for one of the most rockin’ couples I know, and love. The gift arrived late, the wedding was amazing, and I can’t now wait for meeting baby Ariadna as soon as she’s born.


These are the artists and bands I moved my ass abroad to see live performing. Amsterdam, Dublin and London were the locations, and as usual, the quality of sound of the venues was impeccable. Special mention to my hostess Sofia, my rock sister, for having me at her flat even though she was in the middle of her exams, and my travel companions Artie, Mayra, Javi, Ani, baby Celia, Gonzalo, Yolanda, Veronica and Joaquin. Anytime, and hopefully soon, friends.



Yes, this blog, my pride and joy, and my actual baby. This blog was here for me, with its arms open to embrace any crap I wanted to pour on it during these previous months of uncertainty. I’m very glad readers’ response is improving and, even though you don’t comment much (I like to think shyness is to be blamed), visits, subscribers and fav’s are remarkably increasing.

Thank y’all!


This has been the year my Hellhouse has received most visits, and I’m glad my friends wanted to spend some time by my side. Lou, Andrea, Sofia, Agnès, Kiko, Dave, Arantza, Mayra, Marisa and Julio…it’s been great to have you here. Hope you have felt at home, at least I tried you did. Also those hanging out evenings and nights, watching films, eating pizza, playing poker, thanks for coming too.

hellhouse by Lou

Ah! Before I forget, those days I spent with my all time best friend Diana, at her summer house by the sea, were incredible.


This wasn’t a resolution for 2012. I didn’t plan it in advance, although I was getting disgusted with so much compulsive smoking. it was a box a day, too much considering I had been a social smoker all my life till my “divorce”, when I started smoking like craze. On Monday I thought I had to reduce little by little scheduling my cigarettes, however by Friday I didn’t want to have even a drag.

My initial anxiety was translated into sleeping 3 hours, truth is that as soon as I got unemployed I earned weight. There’s still lot to do to get fit and lose some weight but I’m on the right way. I’m glad I don’t smoke any more.


It’s been 2 years and a half since I stopped eating meat (I never liked fish) and chose to become vegetarian, and this year, in order to enjoy a more balanced diet and also tasty meals, I’ve been looking for new recipes and improving my cooking skills. I still have some challenges in mind for next year, I hope to accomplish.


You might think this is something stupid, but thanks to FB and Twitter I’ve got acquainted  lots of new people, discovered artists and musicians, recovered old friends (Tani, so good to have you back!), and even flirted with guys. Thanks to ARF forum I’ll never go to a show on my own, news on Twitter, which spread lightspeed, attach me to reality even though I cannot stand TV news, and I know lots of tattoo artists worldwide thanks to FB. Remembering the main motto of Antonio Montana, with internet, THE WORLD IS YOURS.

The world is yours

Good times are to remember, bad times are to be buried, keeping only the lessons learned from the fall.

Hope 2013 is much better than this one. I wish you all the best friends!


Before I start with the highlights of 2012, and the resolutions for 2013, I’d like to stop for a while and write about my favorite album of 2009: The Hazards of Love.

hazards of love

I had never heard of The Decemberists before, and I have no idea how this album came into my life. What I can remember clearly is that I got totally stoked and hooked up very quickly.

Probably you think I exaggerate whenever I tell you I had a crush on certain albums immediately, but I promise it’s true. Some music has an effect upon me as if it was an arrow shot right into my heart. No doubt that’s precisely what I like most about music. The capability of making me feel and enjoy. And probably since I’ve been on my own, it’s music what gives me more pleasure and moves me the most.

This point remarked, what bewitched me, was that Hazards of Love is actually a conceptual album, a story of the love between Margaret and William, threatened by the opposition of  William’s mother, The Queen of the Forest, and her servant, the evil Rake.  Their love will eventually come to a bittersweet end, with both lovers drowning in the river.

This story is developed through  17 cuts, with very epic and intense passages, different sound personifying the characters, and beautiful arrangements. Jim James, the singer of My Morning Jacket, Becky Stark (Lavender Diamond) and Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), collaborated providing backing vocals.

This is the kind of album that needs to be listened as a whole. I don’t like random and definitely I try to listen to the albums in their entirety. The Hazards of Love is to be listened from the beginning to the end to appreciate the amazing work of an atmosphere coated in every song.

I always thought of a Decemberists show as a kind of musical show, with the band playing but also including some performance related to the story. I couldn’t conceive the songs separated in a set list including songs from their previous releases, truth is that even though I’ve listened to their last album The King Is Dead and enjoyed their previous work, The Crane’s Wife, the only album I’m into and often listen is The Hazards of Love, their best, in my opinion.

This is only an excerpt of the album, The Rake’s Song, to give you a clue of what you can find in this amazing album.



Hi everybody! Merry (late) Xmas and all that stuff. Sorry for not updating for so many days. Last week was pretty busy and had to do lots of writing for Norma Jean Magazine, and also had to fix everything for my 5-day Xmas break in my hometown. Now that I’m back at the Hellhouse, I’m resuming to updating the blog, and will try to write about the remaining albums of these last weeks to complete the year, even though I have some stuff I’d like to write about.

Achtung Baby

Let’s get started. For no reason a couple of weeks ago the song Tryin’ to Throw your Arms Around the World hit my head with such intensity as to recover one of the surprisingly most influential albums in my life, Achtung Baby.

Most of you might be in shock right now after such confession, as I particularly loath U2 nowadays, and have never considered myself a die hard fan. There are certain facts that, even though might be shameful in one’s musical CV, cannot be denied, and my passion for this album is one of those.

I was lent the album by one of my dad’s coworker and friend, who was very into U2 and had bought  Achtung Baby as soon as it came out in late 1991. My dad had recently purchased a cool hi-fi system including CD player, a luxury in that time, and Pepe, his friend, passed him some stuff. I remember his favorite song was Ultra Violet (Light My Way).

This U2 album was a radical change in the band style, and many of their fans felt outraged. All of a sudden their identity had changed, becoming a sort of messengers of a new era, very influenced by the German reunification and the fall of the iron curtain, supporting this modern and avant-garde Berlin we currently know. Their style was getting closer to electronic and more alternative sounds, and the theatrical concept of Zoo TV, with all that over exposure to visual information, was overwhelming for many people.

I was one of those who weren’t too interested in their previous stuff, except for some powerful singles, thus I dug into this insane universe comfortably. In fact, my interest also covered their following album, Zooropa, but then, the histrionic personality of Bono, and the fanaticism around the band and their music, forced me to retreat. At this point I could say I despise U2.


In 1992, I felt fascinated for all this Zoo TV tour and Achtung Baby. Singles chosen to promote the album, The Fly, Mysterious Ways and One, were absolutely demolishing, and marketing work by the band’s record label, Island, was magnificent. Radios, TV channels, press…everybody was talking about this album.

Leaving the mainstream part, the album included as great songs as the popular singles: from the starter Zoo Station and Even Better than the Real Thing, to the beautiful tune I was mentioning before Tryin’ to Throw Your Arms Around the World, So Cruel, or one of my favorite songs ever, the decadent Until the End of the World.

U2 achieved their goal. To become one of the greatest bands on Earth, even though there are many better than them. You take your time to think of it and Bono’s got a very personal voice and The Edge’s ability to get different and also unique sounds with his guitars and pedals are basically the key to their success, of course, leaving song writing aside. Larry Mullen Jr, with all due respect, is a very simple drummer, and Adam Clayton, is too dull (I think the most remarkable fact in his life was dating with Naomi Campbell in that time). This chess movement was masterly executed with Achtung Baby. They risked and they won, and this album is the main responsible many of us abhor what they’ve become nowadays.

And yes, to conclude, I must admit Achtung Baby was one of the three albums which changed my life, turning me into a passionate devout to music, and especially rock.


Last night I attended the last show of the year. I couldn’t foresee it’d be Rich Robinson the performer, considering I flew to Amsterdam to see him on stage. But life’s full of surprises, and there he was, right in front of me and about 200 people, at the best venue in town, Bikini.

Rich had already played live in Spain at a festival, but most audience didn’t get quite satisfied. I knew that was gonna happen. One hour is not enough for the kind of setlist combining songs with jamming he usually plans, and seems that they were starting to warm up when it was time to finish.

Probably this was one of the reasons Bikini wasn’t too crowded, playing in Spain 6 months earlier meant a toll.

People complain about his lack of presence and charisma as a frontman. To start with, Robinson is mainly a guitarist, and actually a great one. The feeling and class he has when playing, his amazing skills when using the slide are worth enjoying and observing. I remember his huge hands shocked me in Amsterdam. It happened the same last night.

Rich Robinson

He left his Gretsch’s at home this time and played another 5 guitars, among them a white SG Gibson, and the rest were these James Trussart’s custom guitars. Stunning pieces, by the way.

He’s really a shy guy, do not interact with audience that much and has this strong complicity with keyboard player, Steve Molitz, who is just the opposite, a very histrionic guy, passionate, wide smiling and pure nerve. Observing the way they were interacting, Rich needed Molitz to reassure himself on stage.

The rest of the band seem to be super comfy on stage. Mr Crabman, Joe Magistro, on drums, provides a solid rhythmic part together with Brian Allen, and the arrangements of Dan Wistrom, who usually plays with Jonny Kaplan in the US, with pedal steel are fabulous.

Dan Wistrom

Set list changed from the show I had attended in February. Opening was quite similar, with Gone Away, Station Man , It’s Not Easy and marvelous Lost and Found. I missed Standing at the Surface of The Sun, which was quite an allegorical time in Amsterdam, but it was balanced with the epic jam of War Drums, again being the closing song for the show. Truth is that length was reduced, but still audience could enjoy was a Rich Robinson show had to be, and the impressions were very positive in general. Everybody, including those who got disappointed at the festival, was quite happy with the show, forgiving the fact that Rich is not a great frontman. I don’t care, I wasn’t looking for a copy of his brother, nor any David Lee Roth. I was expecting to enjoy the performance of a guy who wrote such an intimate album as Through A Crooked Sun, thus I didn’t want any histrionic behavior from his side. It met my expectations again.

steve molitz

Thus, with Rich Robinson, my live shows period has come to an end, at least in 2012. Can’t complain, I’ve attended approx 50 shows, 4 of them being festivals including several performances. I’ve won some tickets in contests, such as Rancid, Lee Fields or Rich Robinson, I’ve been invited by some promoters such as Teenage Head Music and On The Road, and Orange Goblin got me a couple of freebies to attend their show at Sonisphere, so definitely I have no complaints at the end of the day. Hopefully I will post my list of shows this year. Very good stuff, and great bands on the road. Again,  2012 has been an excellent year in music. Great!


Let’s s take a break from music for a while. I’m aware that my last posts have been related to albums, and perhaps you’re a bit saturated. Sorry if such is the case!

Xmas is coming, and even though I just have a 5-days break to visit my family and friends in my hometown, I’m being pretty busy for the next 2-3 weeks.

What about you? I’m sure many of you have a long Xmas break, and once the shopping spree is done and the presents wrapped, what are you gonna do?

I got an indecent proposal for those days you basically overfeeding and lying on the couch hardly digesting all you’ve been eating while watching the typical same boring movies.

I’ve recovered this Do-It-Yourself Posable I discovered many years ago on Google when looking for something I could apply what I had recently learned related to  Photoshop selection and transformation. David Hasselfhoff in his different roles, ready for you to start customizing your hero at your pleasure.


It you take a serious look, there are plenty of tiny details which make this paper toy awesome: the different main characters he’s been playing, the changeable smiles, the Knight Ryder leather jacket, the portable hairy chest… pretty good, although everybody has noticed the absence of the hamburgers, refreshing that image of the actor, trying to eat a burger, completely drunk lying down on the floor.

Today good ol’ Hasselhoff came to my mind and then I remembered this posable. while looking for a picture to keep it, I found another version of this posable, closer to God, thanks to The Pope.

diy pope

Now that he’s so popular thanks to his newTwitter account, @Pontifex, from which he’s been sending his message of peace and love, this posable could turn into one of the hottest souvenirs related to The Pope.

Don’t think I will have time enough to give them a try, but if you do, will you please send a me a photo of them? Ha!

ON 12/12/12 HERE IS MY TOP 12 OF 2012


This is the first time I’m publishing a top list of my favorite albums of the year and I’m pretty stoked. Even though I’m passionate for music, for many years I adopted a vey comfy position in which there was someone doing the hard work of pre-listening and filtering new stuff on my behalf, thus only what  he enjoyed reached me. Yeah, I became lazy and detached from current musical updates at that time.

But here I am, posting my top 12 of this weird year, which has been excellent in terms of music, and disastrous in general. I must admit I’m proud for behaving as the good girl I really am, doing my musical homework and paying attention to new album releases.

Of course it’s impossible to cover all of them, especially when I take my time in analyzing the albums, going on them with the intensity required. And it’s a classic that, right after choosing my favorite albums, I discover a new one that blows my mind, but cannot be added to the list. Guess this is the greatness of music, you can enjoy it any time, no matter how much late you are. it will always be there.

Let’s get started, otherwise it will be the 13th and this top 12 won’t make sense anymore.

Most of the albums have been the album of the week at some point this year, or due to the expectations I had, commented as soon as they were available, as an exceptional event, and theres’s one in particular which had to be mentioned apart, because it doesn’t fit into what I usually consume.

I’m very pleased with the variety of styles and sounds in the list, once again confirming it doesn’t matter I’m growing old and relaxing, I can enjoy metal sounds same as folkie one, and I find that quite enriching for both mind, soul and ears.


Thus in no particular order I will refer to my top 12 of 2012. There we go!


What can I say at this point I haven’t told already? On week 12 I was telling you about my crush on Brad Smith’s project, and one month ago I was telling you my experience enjoying their half acoustic show, and how adorable Blind Melon’s bass player was.

I foresaw this album was being here, because not many albums make my heart pound in such way as Death & Joy does.



One of the greatest surprise of the year which started when I was assigned the review of this album. On a random Sunday afternoon, in hangover conditions, I receive a wake of punches right in my face in the shape of songs performed by this band. Raw, powerful and overwhelming.




Several friends are devoted fans of this unknown band here in Spain, and I had been told about the charisma of the leader of the band, Ben Nichols. Songs about work, women, broken hearts and booze, and a catchy opening song, On My Way Downtown, which makes you feel the urge of having a beer at a bar.



blues funeral billboard

 Wow! I ADORE this album. Straight to the top 5. Lanegan has gone beyond himself with this album.  I got obsessed about this album for 2 weeks or more, and I still listen to it compulsively. One of these albums that the more you listen the more you love them and discover tiny new elements with each listening. So fuckin’ great!



Finally the genius went solo, after delivering outstanding stuff with his different projects, and released this magnificent album I’ve been enjoying so much. It was the final proof to show the world he’s far from the hype and possesses a great deal of talent. Perfection would be mentioned here if the show he offered with the female band would have been more passionate rather than so “cool” looking.



Allow me not to extend much in explanations and check my previous post. Solid, powerful, rockin’, this is the exact dose of music you need for headbanging to the max. Very glad this album has been praised by both critics and people, and proud my “guys” have reached so far. BRAVO




This is one of the exceptions as it hasn’t been included YET in the albums of the week. One of the reasons is because I was encouraged to listen to this album after purchasing Loteria on the record store day and recovering Metallic I.O.U. The truth is that the most New Yorker band in L.A, real street bad asses led by Bryan Small, have again delivered an intense album full of booze, drugs, filth and broken hearts, and Homesick Blues is damn awesome.


I know, this is close to be a dealbreaker, and coulf be named as the guilty pleasure of the year too. I made public I had surrendered to the hype, and I’m still hooked to Born To Die, something which scares me somehow, because I don’t think what Lana del Rey might offer us, can keep the same level.



 I wrote about this album when the band, days before the worldwide release, allowed the fans to listen to the album online. I literally devoured it and felt in love right away. The guys from New Brunswick are about to jump into the mainstream thanks to this wonderful album, which shows a noticeable evolution and improvement, and personally speaking, I love they are capable of gathering new and older generations at venues for attending the shows. They bring youth to the adults, and transmit old school values to the youngsters. Their story telling is sublime.



Thanks to a friend who invited me to attend the show they offered in Barcelona one month ago I discovered a wonderful band which, wrongly following my name instincts, I had completely ignored. After 30 seconds of the opening song, I knew that, what I was about to discover was different and classy. Amazing album and excellent live performance.



Americana was a bunch of revisited covers after all, it was compulsory uncle Neil and his pals ended jamming eventually, because this is what Psychedelic Pill is about, a reunion of good old friends grabbing their instruments and recovering the spirit of Harvest playing in the barn. Two words must be pronounced which will sum up the concept of the album: RAMADA INN. Greatness!



a different kind of truth

You just wouldn’t believe what just happened here. I’ve just changed my last album at the very last minute, finally choosing hard rock over power pop, and leaving Redd Kross out of the list.

This is a surprise, even to me, but this is how I feel at 22:52h. It took me ages to listen to this album, in fact I got it less than a month ago, no matter that many friends insisting I’d love it, I felt lazy thinking it wouldn’t be worth it. The insistence of Felix and my soul bro, together with Xavi aka the deal hunter, made me push the button and start moving my ass right away. If there’s a song which drives me crazy, reminding me of wild 1984, VH personal favorite, no doubt is Bullethead. The return of Van Halen with David Lee Roth is one of the greatest #dealmakers of the decade.

Once this list has been done, I have to mention those albums which are following very close and deserve my love, respect and credit. Here they are:

– Redd Kross – Researching the Sun

– Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Magic Door

– Pulled Apart By Horses – Tough Love

– The Avett Brothers – Carpenter

What a year friends! Rough and harsh in many aspects, thanks to the amazing releases I’ve been gifted with, I’ve managed to approach the end better than expected. At the end of the day, same thought comes to mind, and I sigh in relief glad to be aware that music, not only has saved my life, but also has given me the one I’m currently living, and I feel grateful and merry.

Keep on rockin’ dears!