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Time again to refer to one of my hottest bands nowadays, The Gaslight Anthem.

Since the beginning of this blogging experiment, I’ve been constantly praising their talent, written posts about their albums, and been following their track closely.

Some months ago via Twitter, the band was confirming they were starting recording a new studio album. It was via Instagram when I was acquainted with the actual recording in Nashville, thanks to Brian Fallon’s captures, and finally about a month ago, the name for the album was confirmed: Handwritten. Love the name, short, stricking and vintage.

While both American and European dates are being confirmed, not only as Soundgarden’s supporters but also headlining, we’ve been waiting till today to know that July 23rd is the official release date of the album.

In the meantime, as an advance, barely 6 hours ago, the new single was introduced by Zane Lowe’s Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1, as a worldwide premier.

I’ve been running some errands this evening and came back home three hours ago. Needless to say the single, 45, was available everywhere on the net, thus I’ve played it around 1-12 times already.

The verdict, quite predictable, is positive. I am absolutely delighted.


On one hand mixing and production are impressive. All the parts are clearly balanced, and very real and raw at the same time. I’m particularly enjoying the drums a lot, super intense, job done with cymbals is brilliant, and guitars very clear, are pretty catchy. On the other hand, chorus is likely to become a new anthem, the body of the song follows the classic pattern, and Fallon’s vocals are fantastic.

 It is definitely what all the fans were seeking for, after such a long wait, with The Horrible Crowes project in the middle. We wanted the band, we wanted and anthem, and they didn’t fail to deliver, 45 is an awesome single, a sweet fix of The Gaslight Anthem, a placebo to temporarily relieve us from the withdrawal, which actually gets us more in need, and hooked, because now we need more, much more, and we’ll have to wait for more than 2 months.  Argh!


Sure it was worth the waiting, and expectations are now greater than ever. Got this feeling that Handwritten will mean the peak in their career. We’ll see…