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There are certain dates which must be remembered and praised. Today, not only is my friend Verónica’s birthday (happy birthday honey, as soon as I’m back in Barcelona, we’ll celebrate the way you deserve), or the day Soundgarden and I will have our dues finally settled, but also it is a date to remember because a legend started: Star Wars.

May the 25th, 1977, this is 35 years ago, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released. George Lucas could feel confident with his project, but never expected such reaction. He knew he’d be millionaire not due to the film and the other 2 episodes planned, but because of the merchandising. He was right.

The legend was created, the most merciless intergalactic villain, Darth Vader, was born, the coolest starship used for smuggling , The Millenium Falcon, introduced new concepts such as hyperdrive, new creatures able to coexist with so called humans, the anti-hero Han Solo, the Empire, the rebels… Have you realized the way Lucas managed to blow our minds with so many concepts?

I was a toddler when Star Wars was released, so it took me at least 4 years to start realizing what was going on, but there are pictures of lil Toi, grabbing a Star Wars cork bullet gun. As far back as I can remember, Star Wars has been something very close I’ve grown up with, and even though I’m not a collector, I have many items I adore and love the old saga. You can call me freak, but I have at least 4 tees related and I love them, and yesss, I still wanna marry a guy in Han Solo outfit, what can I say?

May the Force Be with You Friends!

Now excuse me, I have a festival to attend 😉