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Barajas airport, terminal 2. I’m on the floor writing something  in order to get myself distracted. My flight back to Barcelona has been delayed for an hour or so due to one of the most ridiculous reasons I’ve ever heard:  lack of crew. The stewardesses in charge of this flight are right now coming from Canary islands… nonsense, huh?

Truth is that I’m not so sure this is gonna be the last call, or delays announcements will be following, as it’s getting darker and the fog is getting really thick, affecting the visibility. Let’s hope this is not one of these endless waiting flights, please, I just wanna come back to my Hellhouse!

Have you ever slept at an airport? I’ve done it, twice, and believe it’s not a pleasant experience at all.

Airports are designed not you to feel comfy at all but for you a transitory stay, so you accomplish the flying legal procedures. They are cold, impersonal and usually boring. No free wi-fi available in most of them. Shopping is ridiculous and very very expensive, same as with drinks and snacks. It’s a shame a bottle of water is 3-4Eur. But hey! Flying is still considered a luxury, despite everything has become low cost, if you can afford a ticket, you can afford other shit.

We have to bless the low cost stuff. Moving to European cities is now affordable, even cheaper than catching a train, but when you start thinking of it, low cost is one of the biggest lies ever, and worth suing in court, if you had the possibility.

There are facts that really annoy me:

You have to print your ticket at home, in order to be environmental friendly, but what was a card, now it’s been replaced by a whole sheet of paper. In case you don’t arrange your check-in on time, they charge you an abusive rate.

Tickets are very cheap, yes, but when talking about luggage the thing gets out of control, you can spend same amount for both the return ticket and a baggage piece. Ridiculous!

You can bring your food to the plane, but no water is allowed to pass through the scanning controls, thus you have to pay a fortune to hydrate. Regarding bringing the food, sometimes it is really disgusting to be seated by someone eating and messing  the place.

I’m average height, and still my knees touch the front seat. I can understand in order to earn the most profit, you have to approach the seats, but this is way too much.

Does low cost mean you give the right to the flying company to treat you like cattle?

I’m flying with a standard company, they allow me to bring a 23kg baggage for free… this is kind of amazing nowadays, the give me my boarding card, and do not question my hand luggage. I have to swallow this delay, because the company is in crisis and staff is shortened. Ok, fair enough, what you gonna do?

Continuing with the topic of flights… I really love flying, and if possible prefer to get seat by the window, despite it will take me longer to grab my things and get out of the plane when arrival. I really enjoy the vastness of the sky, and the view, clouds, just blue sky, and darkness at night. Tonight is full moon, it’s gonna be great.

I’m travelling on my own very often lately and I like it. Play mild stuff in my Ipod, get relaxed and let my mind fly away. I really forget about my physical self and enter into a kind of coma, my mind traveling on its own…very relaxing.

This brings me to the soundtrack of my trip, as commented, usually veeery relaxing and evoking. This is not a proper top 5, but more or less you can get an idea of what i’m listening lately, when moving:

JOHN GRANT (with Midlake) – QUEEN OF DENMARK : the piano, Grant’s deep and strong voice, the lyrics about rough love and torture, are perfect for my mind escape.

RICH ROBINSON – THROUGH A CROOKED SUN: already commented few weeks ago, Robinson’s compositions after his personal storm, spreading a sense of calm and peace of mind…

FLEET FOXES – FLEET FOXES: full of harmony, solemn choir, I love playing this album for relaxing purposes and even for siesta.

NEKO CASE – FURNACE ROOM FOR LULLABY: Neko’s voice is simply magic and hypnotic, perfect for this state.

RYAN ADAMS – GOLD: you know I’m not objective with this rebel workaholic. whatever he does, I support him, so… Gold is criticized for his extended length. I love it, especially for these moments.

When you’re reading this, I’ll probably be at home, in my Hellhouse, in my pajamas, but needed to write something and be entertained while waiting for my call, which is actually been just announced. Magazines are kept for the flight and I’m regretting having forgotten to stuff a book in my backpack. Aaaaay! Sometimes I’m not too focused when packing and stuffing.

Anyway, indirectly I thank you for been there, otherwise this hour would have been more boring. See you later!