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Ryan Adams is finally here.

The drought and the break have finally come to an end. After 3 years without entering a studio for recording a new album, even though the word says that he actually had a record in hands but it was so sad and devastating Adams didn’t endure the idea of publishing it, the king of the pinballs is releasing his 14th album today.

ryan adams ryan adams

With a simple noisy shot of his face with long messy hair on the cover (a selfie, perhaps?) and his name as the title of the album, Ryan Adams hit the street, and after listening to it compulsively in streaming, everybody knows he’s made it again. Can we call him genius and give him the credit he’s been working on all these years? I think it’s time to accept him as one of the most prolific and talented artists in the century, recalling his past, not as a curse anymore, but  as a step necessary for him to find his right path, not only in the artistic sense but also in the personal field.

Adams has always made us aware of his age. ‘1974’, the album 29, and constant references, as something he takes very serious. In 2 months he’ll be 40, the starting point for the middle-age in mankind, being the artist fully aware of that. He’s trying to keep his stability under control, and to manage to balance his personal life with his work and passions.

The creation of Pax-Am goes beyond his own analogical recording studio. It’s the accomplishment of a lifetime dream, and the sheltering space where he can develop everything’s inside his head, keeping things under control, and feeling safe.

Ryan Adams recovers the pain of the heartbroken, but this time leaves the gloomy and emotional sounds we were so used to when he was playing with The Cardinals aside, to feature rough and constricted guitars, and a toughened sound, which constantly makes you think of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in their first years. the greatness here is that he’s truly inspired by this band, together with Bruce Springsteen or even The Replacements, but he manages to go through this successfully without the listener thinking he might be copying.

ryan adams 2014

The more I’m listening to this album the more I’m having a crush on it, no doubt you’ll read about this album by the end of this year because at this moment I can’t get out of my head songs like ‘Gimme Something Good’, ‘Trouble’, ‘Shadows’ or ‘Tired of Giving Up’. Catchy chorus, simple structures, and a straight and harder sound. Adams has finally made a classic rock album without pretending to be something he’s not, nor trying to amuse or impress but his fans and himself. And he’s succeeded.

Is this the beginning of a new era? Will he keep working on this style? At least it seems that he’s very proactive and in the mood for doing stuff and releasing singles. We’ll see…

If you got time and mood for reading about this workaholic nowadays I strongly recommend you to read At home, kinda , with Ryan Adams, an article written by Bob Mehr  for Buzzfeed music I’ve read today. It gets you a good picture of what Adams has gone through in the last 20 years, helps you to get closer to both the person and the artist, and encourages you to forget his messy and rebellious past. I’m positive it’s one of the best pieces I’ve read on this musician.

Aaah! Can’t wait for my vinyl ❤


earth rocker

Probably some of you are thinking I’m having some kind of mental short-circuit, mistaking weeks. Let me confirm you they are correct. No matter that Earth Rocker has been world wide launched today, March 19th, also St Joseph and the Father’s Day in Spain, the album leaked few weeks ago, and since then I’ve been listening to Clutch’s last work intensely.

For those pointing a finger on me, let me remind you I seldom download music, Earth Rocker was pre-ordered more than one month ago but this time I couldn’t resist listening to it immediately, and as far as I can tell, the band has been publishing videos and also streaming the albums these previous days…

I’ve been holding myself up in order not to post on the album earlier. It had to be today, on the proper date of release.

Pre-ordering was determined by the impact of the first single, Earth Rocker. I had to listen to it 5 times in a row, totally blasted by its power. To put it into words, the 20 seconds intro already reveal you should take a run-up to face a massive sound stroke right in your face. A repetitive, catchy and brutal chorus created to become an anthem, and  a sequence of awesome lines working as a strong declaration of principles:




This song is a mega upper. Completely proved. You know this feeling of empowering music’s effect  all of a sudden you want to throw things through the window and feel kinda Hulk? Eeeeer, nope? Ok, I’ll bring out this subject the day I visit a shrink, I promise. Anyway, this hit single is perfect to attract people like me who, at that time, weren’t proper fans of the band. Considering I was experimenting my first moments of pleasure related to Clutch thanks to Strange Cousins, this was definitely a propeller to seek for more.

I like the way this band has been promoting the album for the last two months. People weren’t yet recovered from this first burst from Earth Rocker when Clutch decides to send us another gift, also to celebrate the world tour start in the States. Crucial Velocity, the second cut of the album first opens with the amazing wonders played on drums by JP Gaster, followed by a slower stanza marked by a groovie repetive guitar riff, and the voice of Fallon which reminds me here of good ol’ Wyndorf’s melodies and phrasing. Chorus is faster and powerful, but perhaps not as overwhelming as the previous song. Still, with this second song, it was already assured Earth Rocker was to be a winner.

Temptation was there, and when the album leaked a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t resist and attacked it eagerly. The verdict is simple and predictable: direct to 2013 top 5 albums released, no matter it’s still March. Impressive.

Earth Rocker makes a difference from last stuff released, and well, having in mind I’ve recently become  a fan and am literally swallowing as much as possible in a short period of time, it’s true I’ve found a return to earlier stages, leaving behind part of their groove, recovering a heavier sound and harder riffs.

party earth rocker

The first 5 songs are demolishing, one after the other, not only the two singles mentioned, but also Mr Freedom, and D.C. Sound Attack which sounds super classy thanks to the harp. The turning point created with the slow and intense Cold Gone is required and welcome, so to take a deep breath and count till ten, and face the second half of the album, which the more I listen to it, the more I’m appreciating its songs. In fact Oh Isabella is one of my favorite tracks, and Book, Saddle, And Go is a killer.

So this is my first Clutch’s new release experience, and I have to admit I’m thrilled because it’s a great product.

Even though I attended one of their shows at a festival, truth is that Clutch played at 2AM on a Saturday night, which was the third in a row party animal night, and considering I wasn’t acquainted with them plus all the booze in my blood stream, frankly I can’t remember anything. Thus, now I’ll have to wait and get ready for their upcoming visit to Spain in June to complete the whole Clutch experience. I really can’t wait, this has been one of my greatest discoveries in a really long time.

By the way, my CD hasn’t arrived yet. I’M NERVOUS!!!


Morning of any given Tuesday. Apparently there’s nothing outstanding related to this day, leaving some personal memories aside. Oh well, yes! I had an appointment scheduled for fixing my motorbike after one year and a half parked and forgotten. Yep, no comments.

My morning coffee has been sweetened thanks to the announcement of the availability of Handwritten, the fourth album by the guys from New Brunswick, in streaming, via NPR Music. Needless to say, my world has immediately taken a break for playing the album entirely for the first time.

I said to myself to avoid bad quality leaks belonging to bands I love. It’s a hard commitment, but sometimes I manage to accomplish it. This time this wasn’t a leak but an official premiere of the album, thus I had to give it a try.

As you can imagine it was impossible listening to it just once, and well, let’s say I haven’t played anything else today, but The ’59 Sound when pushing my poor motorbike towards the garage. TGA have made my day.

I posted the first single, 45, when it was launched. After listening endlessly, I still think it’s definitely to become one of their greatest anthems, very complete, very TGA, catchy intro, super rhythmic and intense melodies.

I’ve listened to Handwritten 5-6 times today, and once I finish writing this, I’ll forget about the album  till I receive my Deluxe copy, whose ETA is due to August the earliest, depending on shipping.

After digesting 45, I couldn’t conceal my excitement and the expectations were too great. To be honest, this uneasy feeling of considering failure as a possibility never brought out. From the very beginning, since I saw those captures at the studio, with the vintage Telecasters, the classic amps, the band attitude… I had good vibes regarding this new album. And seems that I wasn’t wrong.

Guess when you listen to a new album, your attention is unconsciously focused on the first songs, and then you get kinda relaxed. First half of Handwritten is simply brilliant. Today I can tell I’m already charmed by Handwritten, Mulholland Drive, Too Much Blood or Desire. I might change my opinion in two weeks, who knows? It’s not big deal anyway. First impressions imply excitement, happiness and certain degree of euphoria, as to distort the senses a bit, truth is that I’ve enjoyed the experience and the album has cheered me up quite much.

The Gaslight Anthem is not a band of virtuous musicians, they’re actually quite limited, and on live performances this is quite noticeable, however, quality in their compositions, the formula, their style clearly influenced by many artists I’ve already mentioned and they also admit to be inspiring, the story telling of the songs, their hardworking philosophy, and the positive energy and intensity they spread, all these features are what make the guys from New Jersey grand.

I think they’ve made it again, delivering a great album which has nothing to envy to their previous work. They found the path and easily keep the track, because they’ve already found themselves, and are aware, we, the fans, have finally found them.

Brian Fallon, Alex Rosamilia, Alex Levine and Benny Horovitz perhaps are not yet aware of having trespassed the boundaries into the level of the classic bands and he legends, and I know it’s 3.30AM and you think I’m talking nonsense and should go to sleep immediately, but I know what I mean. The Gaslight Anthem is one of the few bands which will survive the hype and if they stay tight and don’t fuck it up, they’ll be active in 15 years from now. You know the expiring products seem to dominate the world nowadays, well, these guys joined for long consumption .

Once this said, now it’s just a matter of time, on one hand to have the physical album in my hands, and on the other, wait till their next visit in November. The wait is gonna be hard.