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My wardrobe is basically stuffed with jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. I think my appearance hasn’t changed much in 12 years because to be honest I love my style, and fortunately I don’t have to wear uniform neither dress code is applied in the company I’m currently working for, thus I’m lucky to dress as I please all the time.
I reckon t-shirts are also a project of your personality (here I come again, in Dr. Melfi’s style). Some don’t pay much attention but I really do, and I’m capable of stopping a stranger on the street  just to know where he bought it or just to say I love the band in the tee.
Bands and films make up my collection and I’m very proud of many of them, for sentimental value or just because I’m huge fan of something.

I’ve never counted how many I have, some of them are forgotten in boxes at my parents’ basement, some of them do not fit any longer, and others are so old they have holes, but I’m not in the mood of throwing them to the bin or tearing them for cleaning purposes as our mums love doing.
Would you be able to name your favorite t-shirt ever? I’m not, but feel really curious about yours…
Due to my musical nature and reminding of High Fidelity, I’m gonna create another list of my Top 5 t-shirts in chronological order. It doesn’t mean these are the best designed ones, they might not be my favorite ones,  but I’ve chosen them for being attached to certain moments in my life. Let’s see the outcome:
·         SUPERMAN: I really loved this one when I was a kid but actually wasn’t mine, it was my father’s, although eventually I inherited it. In Summertime I used to wear it as a dress and somewhere there are pictures I’m like 3-4 with my super dress. Note this was late 70’s, early 80’s and Superman was the first hot superhero on screen.

·         ANGRY CHAIR: I bought this t-shirt through one of this music catalogues, and receive the t-shirt like one month later than you sent your order. Back in the 90’s purchasing like that used to take ages you to be able to wear your piece. It’s not that  the tee was beautiful or super cool, but it was Alice in Chains! And wasn’t the classic Dirt cover hugely printed either. It was an ugly bloke sat on a chair and on the back there was a handprint with something written on it. White, with not very big images, I think it’s the t-shirt I wore most in my entire life. I didn’t throw it away, don’t think I lost it either, probably it’s at my parents’. Someday I will take a deep breath and will spend few hours at the basement opening boxes accompanied by some music and beer. It’s going to be a hell of experience, because I’ve got stuff there for many years.

·         SEND ME MORE TOURISTS…THE LAST ONES WERE DELICIOUS: I know you can’t believe it but yes, I’ve had one funny t-shirts no matter I hate them. Those tees with “funny” message, they can make you laugh sometimes but just for few seconds, and seems there’s been a wave of them…but I felt in love with this one. Gotta say it in my favor it was genuine and super kitsch, and I customized it. We’re talking about a 3D rubber shark coming out from my chest with the jaws open. Customization consisted on inserting half G.I Joe figure as if the guy was being devoured trying to escape hopeless. People loved it. In order not to ruin the rubber I used to wash it seldom, and poor t-shirt was full of wine stains, for those were my calimocho years.

·         UNIDA, COPING WITH THE URBAN COYOTE: For a long time, the band named KYUSS were sort of Gods to me, everything related was under my scope, and once they split ways, projects with their former members were to be adored too. Unida was John Garcia’s project after amazing Slo Burn. I could see Unida in 1999 and their stage performance was unbelievable. I thought that was the closest I was going to be from Kyuss, however once I ended up with Garcia having beers, Alfredo Hernandez and I shared weed joints at a basement and was able to see him rehearsing and I was introduced to Josh Homme by Dave Wyndorf one year later. And in June, Kyuss Lives plays in Azkena Rock Festival. Still, I love the t-shirt just the same, just saw a guy once wearing the same but I can assure you he wasn’t Spanish at all. Sometimes, having a unique t-shirt pleases a lot!

·         AMERICAN PSYCHO: I read Brett Easton Ellis’ major work in 1995 and was completely demolished by Patrick Bateman, in fact developed certain obsession for serial killers and used to write lyrics inspired in him for my shitty band Brain Farmers. We had a song called Psycho Killer, quite dark (shit! This has just come to my mind after 16 years!), and as far as I can recall, it was a hunting and a killing. Anyway, Mary Harron’s American Psycho put flesh and appearance to Patrick Bateman, by means of Christian Bale, even though portrait depicted wasn’t as extreme as in the book, there’s no doubt book was fine adapted, and Bateman became one of my personal favorite (anti) heroes and an icon. As I have plenty of time to squeeze my brains and translate my stuff into this blog, one day I will talk about my friend Patrick. Three years ago, , I found my t-shirt at Generation Records in the Village, in Manhattan, when I saw Mr. Bateman from Pierce & Pierce, standing right in from of me, ready to be put on, and realizing that it was my size, got crazy of happiness.

While writing the list, I’ve realized my t-shirt acquisition rose the most defined my likes were evolving, remembering when I was an early teenager my tees were plain ones. Once I started becoming fan of bands, they changed immediately. Film t-shirts came not so long ago, but cannot complain about my collection, covering from Scarface to The Thing.
Anyway, I’d love to know about your stuff, thus I encourage you to write your comments and share part of your personality here.