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I’m quite sure some of you haven’t yet experienced the effect that the 20th anniversary of the release of one of those albums you’ve been growing up with can produce. Let me tell you something. The feeling is a sweet and sour combination, and sometimes it tends go beyond, because the passing of time reminds that you’re getting old as if it was a twisting pinch. You start enduring but then pain arrives, and it always lefts a mark afterwards.

Since the beginning of this decade this anniversary thing has turn into something very frequent (who the fuck says 1990’s was dead musically speaking?), basically because it was more than 20 years ago I sold my soul for rock, to avoid labeling, to anything which exuded energy and distortion, and was capable of impressing by already stimulated teenager state.

A huge wave of nostalgia invades me, because that was a wonderful time in which every day a new record or a tape felt into my hands, it was like receiving a huge present, my ridiculous record collection was my most valuable treasure and every band was like discovering an unknown galaxy. So young and innocent!

Today I’m celebrating the release of one of these albums, Vs, or untitled when I bought it, with the company of a couple of beers, turning the volume up to 11, and yelling with Eddie Vedder, with the same passion as back in the day, when I thought Pearl Jam was the greatest band on earth.


In that time I was still assimilating their debut album, Ten. I was recovering from their impeccable performance on the MTV awards. They played Animal first, with Eddie Vedder looking insanely rabid and Jeff Ament jumping like a kangaroo, and then they covered Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World with Neil Young. I remember it was awesome! Old and new generation playing with same passion. I knew about the imminent release of a new album, but it was Felix (hey Felix, where are you?) who reminded me of it. As I wasn’t informed of the exact date of release, and I HAD to have the album the very same day, with some dough I had been given for my birthday separated for this purpose, I started my daily pilgrimage to the record store, waiting for the arrival of the album, with a level of patience and determination which would have been very useful for other activities.

And finally, the day came, and the desired trophy was in my hands and arrived home. Let’s admit the cover is horrible, but that particular smell which my booklet still keeps intact, the artwork with the guns, the bullets, rats, needles, and those cryptic lyrics with unfinished sentences which seemed to be Vedder’s thoughts interrupted by who the hell knows. I didn’t understand anything, but it was awesome anyway.

To be honest before pushing play, I had a slight panic attack, fearing the album was a shit, or the band had lost their sparkle. What if I ended disappointed by my favorite band? This kind of doubt or fear, which makes complete sense, throughout our lifetime music experiences has become something real. Eventually I overcame this fear, and magic came back to my room, and I was happy again. How many albums you can list which can include so many different yet awesome songs as Glorified G, Rearviewmirror, Dissident or Animal?

I’ve been listening to this album a lot these past weeks, and recovering some memories from 20 years ago, and exactly related to October 1993, has been very emotional. Falling in love with someone you barely know, with a band, Pearl Jam, and this album, as the main connection is weird, but I was young, he was older (very very) than me, and reminded me of Eddie Vedder. I couldn’t help it. Oh, Felix! Where are you? There are so many stories I’d like to tell you about myself… Lost your track 13 years ago, you weren’t a bad boy, but never very straightforward either. Once you were in my rearviewmirror.

Aaah, life again!


On this day, all rock lovers should spend some time tributing The King. To be honest, except for #MyElvisWeek playing videos and listening to some of his wonderful tunes I hadn’t planned anything to write about here, been too busy at work and yesterday I was facing a quite curious hangover which only allowed me to watch movies. This evening though, I’ve been listening to On Stage and some of the CDs which belong to Elvis Live in Las Vegas, and now I’m ready to review the documentary Elvis By The Presleys.

 I don’t like Cilla acting as her widow. Their marriage wasn’t a happy one, and even though apparently they separated in a very civilized way, I don’t think of her as her truly widow. Of course, being the missus of Elvis wasn’t an easy task, especially thinking of his taste in women, his mood swings, his inseparable entourage, the substance abuse and his period in Hollywood doing movies, among many things, but just because she finally gave up on him, she shouldn’t act as the loving widow. But you know, leaving the obvious feelings behind, money talks…and at the end of the day, people like to think of the female figure always by his side.

Thus even though I’m not a huge fan of the documentary, always under the influence of Priscilla’s, the wonderful footage of home made videos, and other scenes are worth watching today.

elvis thinking

This is something I wanted to share with you. Few weeks ago I got overwhelmed by this shot. Elvis, so intense, thoughtful and deep and manly. He’s irresistible! No need to add this shot has become one of my personal favorite.

Wherever he is, I only hope he’s enjoying his way. Gone but never forgotten. God bless you Elvisico!


In my memory, in my heart, you’re still alive…

Shannon, I miss you!


There’s never enough with Elvis here in Since My Baby Left Me. I’ve developed one of the strongest crushes on him in the past decade. I simply LOVE HIM, his voice, his music, the character, The King, the human being and his addictive personality. Impossible to get tired.

For the second year, I feel the need to write few lines in order to commemorate the 35th anniversary of his death. It’s not a happy date, but it’s important enough as to have the most legitimate excuse for listening to some of his albums, watch some movies and perhaps some documentaries.  In fact the day has started with the ’68 Comeback Special in CD.

35 years and Elvis is still alive in our hearts. There hasn’t been such a powerful character as him, and of course there hasn’t been any replacement, not even Michael Jackson played on the same league. The Tupelo guy was over the top.

As I commented a year ago, it’s weird and surprising to feel sympathetic towards someone I never got to know. I live in the same world Elvis did for less than a year, and wasn’t conscious when he passed away, however every August 16th I have to remember.

Many articles, biographies, statements coming from members of his entourage, acquaintances and relatives, documentaries have made Elvis came out of the closet to public analysis, becoming an icon far beyond his fabulous appearance, and the greatness of the American dream he managed to accomplish, from rags to riches.

Elvis is, or better said, was, a human being after all, and many of us feel him closer to our livings. He was moody, insecure, low self-esteemed sometimes, generous, tender, hard worker, responsible, carefree, fussy, erratic, charming, focused, cheater, grateful, humble, proud… He wasn’t a happy-go-lucky man. Elvis suffered.  Gladys’ loss was something he was never able to overcome, and this left a mark on him for good.

It’s surprising the reaction of people remembering The King. Even media has covered the anniversary, however, as a musical journalist I follow on Twitter has said, it’s sad the great majority only thinks of him as the rockstar, the kitsch jumpsuits, the swinging of the hips, and the drugs abuse .

The cultural phenomenon Elvis meant worldwide, and his musical legacy, are out of question. He brought black gospel to world, and was a pioneer in new sounds and musical styles. Always in a quest for quality in compositions, because he just wanted the best for his audience.

But hey! I just wanted to write a few lines, didn’t aim to write a statement defending what Elvis means to me. He just means a lot to me, in fact, he’s the embodiment of my passion for music, subjective, passionate and sometimes irrational and excessive. I love Elvis the same way I love and respect music. With all my heart.


Hi everybody!

This is a quick note just to thank you for being there, reading my posts, liking them more often than expected, and rarely commenting (encouraging your participation is my next target). Visits, stats and followers have awesomely increased in the last months, and I just can be grateful to all of you. This really means a lot to me, and encourages me to keep on doing this.

On the other hand the aim of this post is also to celebrate it’s been already 2 years Since My Baby Left Me, and since I decided to start pouring my thoughts,  tastes and stories into this weird project, initially believed as a therapy.

Many things have happened, many have remained the same, truth is, due to circumstances beyond my control, I’m not at my best, money and work speaking, yet I’m glad the way I’m living my life nowadays, being myself 24/7, and very proud of having recovered my passion for writing, realizing of the greatness of this vehicle to communicate and express what I have in mind.

Thus, it’s also time to remember my beloved Elvis, and his song Heartbreak Hotel, which was my source of inspiration when looking for a cool rockin’ name which also expressed the moment I was going through. I just love this starting line.

Two years with Since My Baby Left Me, wish there are more to come, and better.

Thank y’all!!!


The 25th anniversary of my favorite rock album started in the most appropriated way: with a huge hangover. I perhaps, didn’t accomplish the axiom sex, drugs and rock n’roll, but last Friday night was epic in many ways.

Still  yesterday I had strength enough and time to listen to Appetite for Destruction and watch a trashy copy of the unedited peak of Guns n’ Roses universe, their Live @ The Ritz, that show broadcasted by MTV. Ridiculous it hasn’t been officially edited yet, this is something beyond my understanding, really.

Anyway. 25 years since Appetite for Destruction was released. Amazing!

My first approach to this album was in summer 1989. I had this very posh neighbor who had this album in CD! Her parents were divorced and she could get whatever she wanted. You know, this sad blackmailing shit, with parents providing anything in order to achieve love and respect from their children and feel less regret for their marriage failure.

Beatriz had this album only because she liked Sweet Child o’ Mine. In her words, this song was a blast, but the rest of the album was crap. I borrowed it from here, and it was the hardest stuff I had ever listened, but there were a bunch of cool songs. But I wasn’t ready for Guns n’ Roses yet, and it took me another couple of years, till the Use Your Illusions’ arrival, to focus on what has to become my all time favorite band.

Many memories are attached to this band and this album: most guys I’ve been with were GN’R diehard fans too; my first show I had to travel to a city outside my hometown was in 1993 to see them in Madrid with my dad; we had to listen to It’s so Easy every night we were hanging out at least once; my favorite dance step is Axl’s snake dance; my “surname” and nickname in forums is the female version of Mr. Brownstone. And you all know I love Róbt Williams album cover so much, I got myself a copy of the poster at the Hellhouse. Ah, yes! My house is named after their rehearsal dump.

Appetite for Destruction was the most killing debut album ever, which immediately positioned Guns n’ Roses on top of the rock n’ roll Olympus, and christened them as The Most Dangerous Band in the World. Such was the overwhelming success, the band was unable to cope with the impact and soon problems started. It’s been a pity what’s happened over these years, and prefer not starting judgments nor discussions about who’s to be blamed, Axl, Slash or whoever. I just want to pump up the volume out loud, place the needle and listen to the best album in rock history, by the last great rock band on Earth, and enjoy.

Timeless, rough and mean… what else can you ask for, punk?


I feel like telling you a short story, about my favorite joint in Barcelona, Psycho R&R Club.

Early June 2010, I was at Moog, a venue in Barcelona, about to enjoy a show of The Lizards, one of my favorite local bands, when Charly introduced me to Ricard as his associate. I didn’t have any idea about him having business, he’s not such kind of guy, thus I had to be clarified. They were opening a new rock club in a month, close to one of the hottest musical spots in town, Apolo, a two venue complex where many great gigs are scheduled and clubbing nights are a reference for hipsters, tourists and party animals. Great strategy, plus, as far as I was acquainted, being dj’s and popular in the local scene, plus rock as the main philosophy the club was to follow, success was almost guaranteed.

It felt like yesterday when I was visiting the guys at the club after The Gaslight Anthem show, the night before the grand opening, and everything was chaos. It was then when I met the third partner in crime, Gonzalo, who asked me for cigarettes and took some sips from my warm beer. We got on well right away. The situation was close to drama, so I volunteered to help them the following day after working. And I did it.

The 3-4 hours some friends spent hand to hand cleaning the whole place, assembling stools, organizing the bar, collecting garbage and having everything ready, were insane and super intense, but hey! We all made it on time, and I’m proud of being part of that. As Gonzalo was saying, we all remember it in a romantic way, but if we stop thinking about the whole situation, it was crazy.

As all the early stages of business, clubs and everything, there are many technical issues to be sorted out till you are on the run. As the time has passed, the joint has been capturing its essence, full of decoration referring to bands and films I love and grew up with, thus it’s a warming place, and I’m not talking about the nonstop problems with air conditioning system, but with the feeling of being at home among friends. Whenever I’m at Psycho I feel welcome, if you know what  I mean.

They also sorted things out regarding dj’n sessions permissions, and now they have full booked monthly program, featuring many guest dj’s and lots of styles, from punk rock to funky, soul, garage and r&b.

First time I was invited to dj on my own there were technical problems as most people play music with laptops aor vinyls. I use CD’s and one of the players didn’t work that night. Thus, my actual debut was on New Year’s Eve, for closing the night, and everything was fantastic that time. I enjoyed a second night on my own in February, which was also great, but you know, it’s great and funnier to have a partner in crime, thus, since April, Dra Feelgood and I have provided the punk rock, hard rock, stoner, 90’s and other sounds fix Psycho Rock N’ Roll club required.

It was Ricard who christened us as Las Tetis, aka The Titties, and to be honest, we fuckin’ love this business card, which everybody easily remembers…so it’s great.

It’s been one year since Psycho opened its doors, and it’s alive and kicking, being a hot spot and a point of reference in the rock scene in Barcelona, and considering the times we’re living, this city focusing on tourist and fashion bars and clubs oriented, and the “retirement” of rock n’ roll places, it’s really to be praised the efforts  and passion Charly, Ricard and Gonzalo, have put on this enterprise, I wish we can celebrate for many more years.

I’ll never be grateful enough for allowing me and Veronica to be part of their dream, making me the official guinea pig of mojitos, BEST IN TOWN, when they learned to prepare them, and being the source and play of amusement for so many crazy and unforgettable nights.

And finally, this weekend’s been celebration nonstop and Las Tetis had their time yesterday playing some tunes to warm up the night ahead. Pure fun!

We’ve been requested to create a page on Facebook where we’ll announce future events we’re involved in so, everybody is updated. I’ll let you know in case you’re interested, and you, yeah you! in case you visit Barcelona for some days, you MUST visit this place. Here’s the link to Facebook

And here is the playlist of the songs I played yesterday, short but intense, as Female Trouble and Ficus No Dj had to make us dance and sweat afterwards