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Sometimes I’ve got the feeling I haven’t done much during the day but actually I haven’t stopped at all.

It’s twenty past midnight and I’m wasted.  Haven’t yet recovered  from last weekend, too much party and very few sleep, plus I went to a gig last night and have barely slept 4 hours and a half. However I don’t feel like going to bed.

Woke up this morning at 6.15 am and had to go to the train station. At quarter  to eight was back home, had a coffee, posted a topic on this blog, took a quick shower and went to work, 9 hours at the office, and they’ve passed reaaaaally slow.

Back home this evening, I’ve done the washing up, prepared lunch for tomorrow (pasta! Yummy!!), tidy up the kitchen, write more for the blog, listened to a cople of albums and instead of relaxing at home, I’ve gone  to my friend Pauline’s for a couple of beers, pizza and some gossip.

And here I am, completely exhausted. Not a bad day, huh? Still I think I haven’t done enough. Why isn’t it possible day lasts at least four more hours??

How are your weekly days like? You got programmed or regular activities? You just get back from work and don’t do much stuff?  Are you  an active person? Improvisation has a place in your life?

Should I take it easier? Probably yes, but then,  a sentence I read from my friend Agnès comes to my mind, at least twice a day: One life for me is not enough

Another Day in the Life


Quarter past one, already Friday (yes!!!) and have few beers in my body.

Yesterday I was talking about a prolific day which didn’t seem so to me, today I haven’t done much but I feel  happier and more optimistic. Why?

It hasn’t been an outstanding day, in fact it’s started weird because I’ve felt asleep right after the alarm rang. There was just one working properly, but it’s the weaker and didn’t pay much attention, I was so fine in my bed, uhmmmm! Consequently I’ve arrived work half an hour late. It’s been ok today though, not much work but entertaining, getting to know the new colleagues at the office, smoking A LOT (baaaad!) and passing time.

When work was over, I’ve gone to my friend Mireia’s, have a beer, and then we’ve gone  to  an Irish pub, for she was to celebrate St. Patrick’s with some friends. I’m not much interested in this celebration, the only Patrick I know is my beloved Patrick Bateman, so I’ve drunk a pint of Guinness and then moved my ass to meet one of my best mates, Jaume.

We’ve spent approx 3 hours drinking Coronita’s and  gossiping about people as usual (our favorite sport). Basically, heating engines for tomorrow: I have my solo dj’n session @ the Outsiders Rock Bar. A good friend of mine is to assist me with the session, but unfortunately I’m positive he’s not gonna make it (pity, you don’t know what you’re missing).

And here I am now, still tired, a bit more wasted and broke than yesterday, but feeling alright. Rain has stopped and sun is shining again, plans for the weekend are promising, and I’ll be surrounded by friends. What else can I ask for? I know what, but won’t tell you here, hahaha!

Same shit, different dayDemolition 23 were definitely right . Anyway, enjoy your weekend!!