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The 25th anniversary of my favorite rock album started in the most appropriated way: with a huge hangover. I perhaps, didn’t accomplish the axiom sex, drugs and rock n’roll, but last Friday night was epic in many ways.

Still  yesterday I had strength enough and time to listen to Appetite for Destruction and watch a trashy copy of the unedited peak of Guns n’ Roses universe, their Live @ The Ritz, that show broadcasted by MTV. Ridiculous it hasn’t been officially edited yet, this is something beyond my understanding, really.

Anyway. 25 years since Appetite for Destruction was released. Amazing!

My first approach to this album was in summer 1989. I had this very posh neighbor who had this album in CD! Her parents were divorced and she could get whatever she wanted. You know, this sad blackmailing shit, with parents providing anything in order to achieve love and respect from their children and feel less regret for their marriage failure.

Beatriz had this album only because she liked Sweet Child o’ Mine. In her words, this song was a blast, but the rest of the album was crap. I borrowed it from here, and it was the hardest stuff I had ever listened, but there were a bunch of cool songs. But I wasn’t ready for Guns n’ Roses yet, and it took me another couple of years, till the Use Your Illusions’ arrival, to focus on what has to become my all time favorite band.

Many memories are attached to this band and this album: most guys I’ve been with were GN’R diehard fans too; my first show I had to travel to a city outside my hometown was in 1993 to see them in Madrid with my dad; we had to listen to It’s so Easy every night we were hanging out at least once; my favorite dance step is Axl’s snake dance; my “surname” and nickname in forums is the female version of Mr. Brownstone. And you all know I love Róbt Williams album cover so much, I got myself a copy of the poster at the Hellhouse. Ah, yes! My house is named after their rehearsal dump.

Appetite for Destruction was the most killing debut album ever, which immediately positioned Guns n’ Roses on top of the rock n’ roll Olympus, and christened them as The Most Dangerous Band in the World. Such was the overwhelming success, the band was unable to cope with the impact and soon problems started. It’s been a pity what’s happened over these years, and prefer not starting judgments nor discussions about who’s to be blamed, Axl, Slash or whoever. I just want to pump up the volume out loud, place the needle and listen to the best album in rock history, by the last great rock band on Earth, and enjoy.

Timeless, rough and mean… what else can you ask for, punk?


The aim of this blog is not echoing relevant news related to music or films, neither is to lecture nor enlighten the reader with my (lack of) knowledge. I’m here to talk about what’s going on around me, to tell personal experiences and stories, show you the things which move me, excite me or piss me off.  As simple as that.

Once this is has been clarified, I gotta talk about recent awesome news I got acquainted with yesterday. Might not be important for you, but means lot to me.

Few months ago, we all were surprised by the announcement of the induction of Guns N’ Roses into the classic and iconic Rock And  Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland. The rules mark bands can be eligible to be part of this Hall, 25 years after their debut album released, and induction nominees are voted by a special committee.

Well, this year we are to celebrate the 25th anniversary of one of the greatest (hard) rock albums in history, and personal favorite gotta say, the unique and awesome Appetite for Destruction. While writing this, I’m having goosebumps, so imagine.

Well, considering the current situation of Axl’s Guns N’ Roses, the former members’ projects and the tense (absence of) relationship among some of them, the whole world started to question who’d turn up to the event, original lineup, current lineup with Axl and his puppets, the so-called eternal substitutes Sorum and Clarke… everything was a mystery, and again, Guns N’ Roses started to be an active subject for rock n’ roll press and media, as back in the good ol’ days.

And it was yesterday when all the doubts were cleared, and media spread the word: Classic Guns n’ Roses Line-Up to turn up for the induction in Cleveland, on April 14th.

Can’t wait for the picture, it’s gonna be something to be carefully studied when available. Jeeez!

Another question still remains to be confirmed: will they perform at the event? Aaaaah! Too soon to know, everything is possible whenever Axl is involved, so, let’s set the countdown and stay alert for the breaking news.



These day we’re currently passing through are a whole set of traditions, perhaps too many and too concentrated. For 15 days approx, we live in a mess, and all routines are temporarily erased due to so many changes in our daily biorhythms. So many lunches, dinners, parties, booze, heavy meals, breaks… my schedules are gone, I’m a creature of the night, more than ever, and all the home duties and other stuff have been disturbed.

Living in a different city helps me to lessen the impact of Xmas a bit, freeing me from some obligations, but still, until January the 9th, I won’t get back to normal, and I know it will take me some time to readapt.

Anyway, hope you’ve started 2012 great, and whatever you’ve done these days, to be worth.

Despite the first complaining lines of this post, I don’t regret anything done the past days, starting 2012 surrounded by great friends, celebrating the New Year at the Hellhouse, made me immensely merry, and last Saturday night was a blast, from top to bottom, from the starters to the moment I crushed on my bed completely wasted at 7AM. Aaaah!

Lack of plans and a hangover that was actually smoother than expected, made me wake up already in the afternoon. I was a bit dazed and disoriented, because although I’m a night owl, don’t sleep too much and seldom wake up later that 10-11. Anyway, after feeding with some of the leftovers (I ‘ve brought all the stuff to the office today, and there was plenty of food for all of us)m taking an ibuprofen, and getting my head clearer, I started to think of all this traditions and special things people do on this day.

I’m not making commitments to myself, just want good things from past year to go on, and whatever this year brings, let’s hope it’s positive and worthy. Yes, I wanna give up smoking and do some exercise, improve some habits and many other things, but this hasn’t to do with the new year.

Anyway, I’m diverting from the subject. I was trying to remember what I did one year ago, a bit messy start in the process of moving to my current  Hellhouse. I was quite anxious, trying to start from zero on my own, and forget about the previous tortuous events which had affected me greatly. I reckoned I had done something special to myself, which was to become my personal tradition, which, perhaps in the future, I might share with someone else (remember I still believe in love 😉 ), but I couldn’t recall what it was.

It was this pic posted by my friend Xavi on FB and the subsequent “conversation”, what brought me back to that day.

I watched the Holy Trilogy of star Wars. Hell yeah! Couldn’t be other way!

Once this discovered, there was only one more thing to recover as my personal ritual. Music. And, is anything better that starting the year with your favorite album? I don’t think so, so I played it, I played Appetite for Destruction, and I felt, as we say in Spanish, like GOD!

I watched the 3 films in a row, and can’t really put into words how I felt. You must believe me when I reckon I discovered myself crying while watching certain scenes, and having goosebumps with the Imperial March. It’s amazing I’m still experiencing such emotions after so many years and so many reviews. Really, what kind of person would I be without Star Wars? Han, Leia, Darth Vader, R2-D2, Luke, Hoth system, Tattooine, the Death Star, Tie Fighters…they all are part of my life.

You see? At the end of the day I don’t need much to feel happy, and I’m glad to have assured my personal New Year’s day traditions. Therefore, if you wanna know what I’ll be doing in a year, remember what I’ve just told, and give me a call if you wanna join. Certain traditions are not to die.

Happy New Year, friends!


Sure you’ve heard of Appetite for Destruction, right?  Guess it’s because of the debut album of Guns n’ Roses. This paint was the original cover of the debut album but due to its violent and non politely correct theme was censored to the inner sheet, becoming the cross with the skulls of the members of the band the definite front one.

Apart from this anecdote, there’s more story beyond that cover and the title itself. This used to be one of Axl Rose’s favorite paint, by the artist Robert Williams. The oil and the title itself inspired one of the most essential albums ever.

Why am I talking about this? Again, most of you know Guns n’ Roses is my favorite band ever, and this album marked a break point helping me to become who I am. Well, few days ago I decided to do something I should have done ages ago., I bought the poster for hanging it in my living room, and I’m so happy! Parcel arrived yesterday and the poster went straight for framing, so in a couple of weeks this will be at my place.

You might find it too violent and offensive… I’m so used to it I really love it. The more I stare at it observing the more details I find.

if you end up having a beer or tasty coffee at my hellhouse, you’ll find Appetite for Destruction, and I’ll love to see you face, when you notice it.


Here a link to Williams’ street art: