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There are many reasons for not being a comic lover. The most remarkable fact is that I’m not a collector, never had the need of acquiring many  items related to a band or film. It’s true I have complete album discographies of several bands, but haven’t been obsessed about having all the singles, compilations, or merch items released. Money  and lack of patience are also valid reasons for this anti-collecting feeling.

Of course I like comics such Spiderman, Batman, Frank Miller’s Sin City, From Hell… but I must admit I’m a complete alien in this universe.

It’s hard for me to recall when I got acquainted with Eric Stanton, but I’d locate such discovery during my London years. I remember being quite interested in the iconic world of the pinups, especially all that had to do with Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager, the female photographer and model, who was the best capturing the real essence of this tigress.

Fishnet stockings, high heels, sexy underwear and fetishism led me to Eric Stanton.

Together with John Willie, the founder of Bizarre Magazine, Stanton is considered the pioneer of erotic and comic book art.

Not many details of his biography have been recorded, and when trying to get some information there are only few highlights, being his close friendship with Steve Ditko, well known for being one of the artists who drew Spiderman, and his first job for Irving Klaw at Movie Star News, the most remarkable.

You know my taste for the decadent and extreme, I find the shocking totally appealing, thus Eric Stanton is perfect for me.

Fetishism, bondage, heavy spanking, women battling, dominance, nasty sex, nudity and mean attitude are some of the features of Stanton’s work.

No doubt he’s excessive, and situations are bizarre and can be considered offensive by many people.you don’t see many women punishing a guy, with whips, robes and chains very often, huh?

Women are depicted as strong rough, mean and punishing, yet at the same time they’re voluptuous, very hot and sexy. Huge breasts and nipples, curves and gorgeous asses turn the stories into something very erotic. On the opposite side, men are average, with no outstanding features, usually thin, and weak in many cases, necessary but not in need of much attention.

Desire is overwhelmingly reflected in the glances of the characters, implying something nasty, close to forbidden, still irresistible.

I’m not a girl of weird tastes, believe me, but I’ve been always fascinated by all this imagery, I find it exotic and super attractive. Women taking care of the situation in such extreme way, spanking and mistreating guys is too much fun. The stories are hilarious sometimes, and of course completely surrealistic. Everything is way beyond the limit, and once trespassed you are to play with fire. And I love it.

Eric Stanton has been an influence for many artists. Pictures by Ellen Von Unwerth and some of Robt Williams’ artwork come to my mind right now. They all share a great developed taste for the excessive and bizarre, and erotism as a way to provoke reaction.

It’s impossible to deny Stanton’s stuff leaves you indifferent. What do you think?