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Good things come for those who wait.

I recover this sentence a good pal told me long time ago because it fits perfect.

Oh, yeah! I’ve been waiting patiently and eventually I’ve got my reward. L7 have been confirmed to be part of the lineup for Azkena Rock Festival in June and I couldn’t be more thrilled about this news.

L7 girls

I told you a couple of years the band not only was starting reactivating their Facebook account but also that that they were compiling stuff from fans in order to work on a documentary. I was pretty excited dreaming on a comeback which was never announced.

Less than a couple of months ago L7 created their own army to push promoters to hire them for this possible comeback. Are they doing it for the money? Fuck! I don’t care! First and last time I saw them was in 1999 and I remember their show was awesome. I need more!

Immediately I started thinking of the possibility of L7 playing at Azkena Rock Festival, which has managed to reunite several bands in the past, but at first I thought it was too soon for them to arrange everything. Dreaming awake is a tempting activity I practice much too often though and this time it was not an exception, so I started dealing with the possibility of seeing them alive at this festival. At the end of the day I had nothing to lose.

Therefore you can imagine the rush when I heard this morning their presence was confirmed at the festival. Oh shit! It’s been awesome! My day was basically a piece of chunk but as soon as I’ve read this I’ve started yelling “YES, YES, YES!” at the office and all my colleagues have started laughing because they knew it was a confirmation of a band I love for the festival, no matter they don’t know who the fuck L7 are.

6 months of wait start from now. This is the kind of motivation I need to keep on moving. Hell yeah!

Will I see you in Mendizabala?


It was obvious the soundtrack of the week I was travelling to Dublin to attend Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ show, was to be focused on his discography, right? Truth is that I didn’t chose Full Moon Fever or Into the Great Wide Open, and got hooked to my favorite, and the forgotten one: Echo.

You know how this goes, these artists who put so much of their life experiences into their albums, many times through their music, they develop a kind of relief therapy, and once overcome, they’d wish it had never seen the public light.

Echo is my favorite album of Petty’s. For many years I thought it was The Last DJ, but not so long time ago I came to the conclusion it was its predecessor I liked the most.

Echo core of songs were written when Petty was going through his divorce, apparently quite dramatic, and in general the tone is quite low, and some songs imply some kind of painful stuff. Think of Won’t Last Long, Echo or Lonesome Sundown, for instance.

There’s an anthem for me, a song which gives me goose bumps, from its earliest chords and the harps, to the lyrics, the sort of lethargic way Petty sings, and the powerful chorus, is no doubt, Swingin’. The story of a girl, getting away from her private Hell, who prefers to endure pain and suffering, and rough times, rather than stick to her old life. Like I read once somewhere, it’s an ode to the fighters of the world, quite inspiring I have to say, and the song, damn! It’s a blast!

It’s a pity Mr Petty decided not to perform  any of these wonderful 15 songs live on stage anymore, because they’re awesome, but as fans we are, guess we have to respect his will. A couple of years ago I learned to separate certain albums and songs from personal experiences and feelings, mostly related to someone I used to love, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to listen to much music I adore, but in the case of Petty, if you are involved in the writing and the developing of those songs, it must be tough to isolate those memories, I guess.

Still, it was not necessary for Petty to recover songs from Echo to make us enjoy one of the best times in our lives, so… this is forgiven, cowboy!

After the past weeks At The Drive-In overdose, and because The Mars Volta were about to perform at Azkena Rock Festival, I felt the need to dive into their stuff once and for all. What I had previously listened was ok, but don’t ask me what it was, because it wasn’t under my will nor command, but other’s, thus it happened as it was the usual way to happen, I had listened to perhaps 2 or even 3 albums of this band, but didn’t have a clue of which ones.

I had asked for a starting point reference to somebody very into their stuff, and he had advised me to start with De-Loused in the Comatorium, Octahedron and Frances the Mute. My mistake was to start with Amputechture as I had heard lots of it and the cover of the album was, or better said, is, inexplicably attractive to me. Sorry to say, this first approach was too Martian (ha! Sometimes I amuse myself with such witty remarks), so I followed the initial advice and went straight to De-Loused.

Again, I was standing in front of something devastating and overwhelming, not easy to assume at the very first listening. Too much sound excess, chaos, rhythms, changes, passages, epic moments, styles… For me, the concept of The Mars Volta is like The Tower of Babel, after suffering God’s rage, sowing the confusion of languages, this is, giving birth to cultural and multilingual chaos.

How can you define a band like this, which plays with jazz, rock, progressive, latin sounds, hardcore…? It’s simply impossible. The brains of the band, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, had already left a print in the history of contemporary music with At The Drive-In, but this time the guys from El Paso, wanted to turn the screw even further, developing a conceptual album based on the tale of Cerpin Taxt, also referring to a acquainted local artist, Julio Venegas, who had passed away after  OD’n on morphine and rat poison (!!!). No need to say there’ve been many more turns of the screw I’m right now trying to experiment and assimilate. I don’t mention the word comprehend, because I think it will take me long time.

Having realized that I had already heard this album, I have to admit De-Loused in the Comatorium is one of the most shocking experiences I’ve lived later together with Spiderland. It’s fascinated me in a way close to the moment I discovered Tool’s Aenima in 1996, with Toi more experienced both in musical and life terms, yet sharing that open mouth gesture in amusement. I love such state of shock when it’s positive and enjoyable, and yes, after all, I reckon this album is a blast. I finally spent listening to it nonstop last week, getting acquainted to the strange sounds I was to listen from now onwards, as I’ve decided I will go on with my investigation on The Mars Volta.

While listening to the album I was wondering which is the song I like most, and I can’t tell, because all of them, are so extent and contain so many different parts, the more I listen, the more I enjoy different fragments of this crazy acid trip.

Let’s try with Drunkship of Lanterns

If you’ve dared to see the video I’ve posted I hope you don’t feel like killing me. Can you imagine the hours these guys have to rehearse for THAT? As an anecdote, 5-6 years ago I heard of a drummer who quit the band because the two afro Volta boys thought 8-hours rehearsal a day weren’t enough. Can you dig the level we’re talking about? These are the real 24/7 workaholic musicians we’ve ever been wondering of their existence. In-fuckin’-sane!


It’s been some days since I don’t post anything. Truth is that since I quit smoking, exactly 5 months ago, I’m catching colds too often and don’t feel with my mind clear enough as to concentrate on writing. On the other hand I feel like updating Popcorn and Movies and been also trying to write a couple of reviews, but again, colds let me low spirited.

Summer colds are the worst, never sure whether it’s just warm or fever, I’m sleepy and feel miserable. Disgusting, I hate being like this!

Anyway, due to all the Black Sabbath incident as the main reason, I cancelled my attendance to Azkena Rock Festival. You know there was this reunion tour scheduled, Iommi was dignosed lymphoma, and finally the reunion took place in selected venues without Bill Ward’s participation due to some scandal which had to do with contracts within the band. Shame on Sharon. ARF finally confirmed it’d be an Ozzy and Friends show, and because tickets could be returned, I decided not to make it. Moreover, I had seen two the bands which interested me most recently, at a proper venue abroad, you know, My Morning Jacket in Stockholm and Rich Robinson in Amsterdam.

Still, not attending the festival was hard, because music is the main reason, but also friendship and party time, and last year edition was the best for me ever. Thus, let’s say, cold aside, I wasn’t in very good mood for this reason.

The idea of the Anti Azkena weekend came out a couple of weeks ago when I knew some friends didn’t make it either, for the same reasons and for spending the budget in other festivals or vents, just like me.

A supper was arranged at my place for Friday with a couple of friends, and a dj’n night was scheduled for Saturday  at the last minute.

I improvised the poster with Beastie Boys thinking of (You Gotta) Fight for your Right (to Party), and called it Anti Azkena, not for disapproval of the festival, but as a kind of tribute to it and to those poor souls who didn’t make it, and were sad for our ultimate decision.

I knew Rocksound wasn’t to be packed considering ARF on one hand and Sónar electronic music festival held in Barcelona on the other, plus final exams at colleges… but having the possibility of playing stuff I like for about 3 hours is something I really enjoy. This is like a band with very few audience, you still have to make the best of it and try to please those who are listening. Seems that the few that were having some drinks, didn’t  get disappointed, and congratulated me for certain songs, which made me very happy.

Once again, here is the playlist in including most of the songs in Spotify, and the actual list of hits, enjoy them!






I’m glad all my friends who’ve just come back from the festival, had enjoyed a great time in Vitoria. I only hope I can make it next year, don’t wanna be mournful and miss people so much again, nor been texted with videos and pix of the shows I should have seen myself. As Terminator Schwarzenegger said,



Sometimes I think shots should be forbidden. Probably some friend reading this is right now giggling and thinking I’m passing through one of these episodes of regret. Well, it’s not exactly that, although it’s true I’m having lots lately, but they are for free, they are invitations…what can I say? I was one of these smokers supporting non-smoking bars…sometimes you dislike something but keep on doing it until there’s some kind of law, rule or whatever that forces you quit doing it. Well, I’d like alcohol shoots were banned.

Think of it, if you don’t get them for free, you have to pay for a round, because most times we do shots as a kind of celebration, or when we are under the influence of alcohol usually surrounded by friends in the same condition.

A shot is too quick, and very painful, as it’s the alcohol without mixing and horribly warm. I find whiskey or rum in shots disgusting, and tequila is fine thanks to the salt and lemon ritual, but urgh! Everybody seems to hate them, so at the end of the day, this ritual makes no sense.

Let’s talk about Jägermeister, my current pleasure and pain in the shape of a shot.

Funny to read this German liquor was originally developed by a hunter (Jägermeister means hunt-master) as a digestif and cough remedy. In Spain such strong liquors are named orujo and I usually hate them.

Created in 1935, I think their successful marketing campaign focused on metal and rock bands, sponsoring many festivals and events, made we, young-mid people mostly interested in such music styles, got acquainted with this liquor. Moreover, the attractive logo showing this deer and the cross caught our attention right away.

First time I tasted it was at Azkena Rock Festival 3-4 editions ago. We were constantly given free tickets so it was about time to check this weird and trendy liquor. It tasted like shit! This initial sweet flavour followed by a burning feeling coming down your throat was too much. I thought it’d be the perfect remedy against dropping temperatures at night, and perhaps had one or two more, only as a warmer, but it took me long time to repeat the experience.

Seems like I’m hanging out by cool rock places, because from time to time I see myself involved in these crazy Jägermeister parties, having a couple of test-tubes. Of course I’ve been given tees, stickers and different merch items. I could reject the invitation as many others, but I give up and surrender to temptation. You know alcohol often weakens your willpower…

It was one week ago, after enjoying this Bat Sabbath show performed by Cancer Bats, with The Eyes A.D opening for them playing amazing covers of Sepultura, some friends, together with the bands were IN one of the most popular discos in Barcelona, Apolo, for the Nasty Mondays weekly party for free. The idea was to have just a beer and head back home as I had to get my stuff ready for the trip to Madrid, but someone started giving us shots of this evil brew, and came back home completely wasted.

Believe me, the following day I was knackered, hit by massive hangover with a terrible headache and the sense of memory gaps. I’m not gonna tell you what happened inside a plane with air conditioning off for half an hour, you can imagine  it wasn’t too funny.

This reminds me of a quote by a freak character on TV named Carlos Jesus who used to say “Today you laugh, tomorrow you will cry”. That asshole was sometimes right.

Jägermeister should include some kind of warning, and I’m not referring to Alcohol can harm your health, but advise some limit. Now I’m aware of mine.

Friends, don’t be seduced by those parties with tubes for free, tees, and funny Polaroids and beware, Jägermeister is the liquor of the Devil, in case something happens to you, never say I didn’t warn you.

Bloody Hell! Buy me a beer or a rum n’ coke, but keep me away of that!


I used to adore Kyuss, and any single project afterwards, Slo Burn, Unida, Hermano, QOTSAJohn Garcia’s voice was, and still is, one of the most powerful, yet underrated, voices in rock, genuine and unique. Whatever his proposal was, I was up to it. But at certain point I got tired of Kyuss, and especially of the frontman.

I don’t listen to Kyuss albums very often nowadays, and reckon my interest falls directly onto Homme’s QOTSA. How come? That’s good question, and now I know the answer. You remember that funny statement which says something like “I don’t hate Springsteen, but his fans are loathsome”? Well, this is what happens to me. I got tired of Kyuss and Garcia, because of the tedious worship of the diehard fans towards the band. Same happened with Pearl Jam. I used to love them, they were my favorite band when I was 16, and remember myself trying to convert everyone into PearlJamism, till some day, for some reason the existing fanaticism started bothering me somehow, and I went easier. Not that I hate Vedder nowadays, but hmm, I don’t see him as cool as I used to.

Well, many people adoring Kyuss have got stucked in both the band and the style, with all due respect. Of course their legacy is outstanding, they opened a new path and inspired many great bands, but it should fair to remind that bands such as Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Monster Magnet, and many others were their influence. Stoner is nowadays a very generic label applied to any kind of bands, from Down to Fu Manchu, Nebula and Sleep. Well, labeling got crazy at some point and now there are lots of subgenres I can’t recall. I don’t know, I stand for the classics.

I’ve just remembered the first web and forum I subscribed to was stonerrock.com with my real surname, back in 2000, so innocent! Just discovered this site was sucked into the void in 2010. What a shame!

Good ol’ times! When I got back from London in 2000 I was referred as the Stoner girl, however, visiting my mates in  London, I was labeled as Toi the punk rocker, as if the two styles couldn’t  be compatible.

One of my first posts related to the album of the week last year, was related to Amusing the Amazing, that awesome EP by Slo Burn, the first, and probably the best project Garcia carried out once Kyuss were done for good.

Coping with the Urban Coyote, released by Man’s Ruin Records, was the second proposal Garcia surprised us with a new project named Unida. Unfortunately it didn’t last long, although there were many unreleased tracks travelling through internet. Yeah, those times when it took you 3 days to download a song at awful quality. I’m proud and lucky to say I saw Unida performing at the Garage in London, and I still keep a t-shirt, now shrunk, purchased at the show, which years later, was my outfit to see Hermano at Azkena Rock Festival. Never seen anyone from Spain wearing that tee, which makes it kind of unique item for me.

It was 2-3 weeks ago when my friend Xavi, precisely the one who was passing through a crazy Slo Burn mania stage when I wrote that post, visit me at The Hellhouse to have lunch together. While finishing cooking I asked him to play some music, and he chose an old copy of …Only a Suggestion. Needless to say, after listening to it several times in a row on my own, I purchased an original copy.

We were chatting and eating, but I couldn’t help stopping the conversation, and start an off topic regarding how good this album is. As if it was the first time I was listening to it. I’m serious saying at least it was 3 years, even 4, since I hadn’t played it. Don’t ask questions, I felt like an asshole, and had an unusual weird feeling: regret.

…Only a Suggestion was the debut album of Garcia’s most enduring project, Hermano, which I could see on stage a couple of times. With this band, it was confirmed one album/ep sometimes is better than a extended discography, as Hermano’s latest releases didn’t keep at the same level. However these 8 songs, 7 actually, are pure adrenaline. Straight to the point, no concessions, no filling tunes, just the essence of the band at its utmost. Play this album, at eleven, and listen to songs such as Manager’s Special, Senor Moreno’s Plan, or 5 to 5…you’ll shit on your pants, ha!

Thus, after all, I must admit John Garcia, aka Juanico has been, is and sure will be, a reference for many, and one of a kind, so who cares about the bothering fans? Not me anymore. Long live the stoner vet!!!


Hey guys! It’s been too long time since I last wrote the previous post, but you know, with the festival and a few days taking a break at my parents, haven’t been able to find a proper moment to write something readable and worth of your interest.

Hope you’re all fine and are not melting with this heat wave. I love summertime, but this has been too much. When on Sunday I read 44C in Zaragoza I shitted on my pants.

Anyway, in barely a week many cool things have happened, and I’ve attended and witnessed amazing shows at the Azkena Rock Festival 10th anniversary edition. To be honest’, I’m still in a cloud, yes, wasted too, but in a state of bliss I’ve never felt before after coming back from a festival.

Gotta admit regarding bands I took it easier than other years, I knew what I wanted to see, and didn’t feel like being under stress to swallow as many bands as possible. Not this year, I could do whatever I wanted to, without being conditioned by a partner. This has been my personal favorite Azkena, a festival of music and truly friendship, and I can’t feel happier.

As this is not a musical blog, and I’ve told you many times I’m not an encyclopedia but just a music lover, I’m not analyzing the festival in a diary split, but will recall the most outstanding moments for me, in my personal style. You can visit other serious sites in case you want a detailed summary of what occurred in Vitoria, this is my portrait.

Due to working schedules of some people, we couldn’t arrange to rent a van among 7-8 people, thus, in order some people could enjoy Thursday properly, my sweet sista Agnès offered her car t o give us a ride to Vitoria. Apart from her and myself as her copilot, Joaquin and Jordi completed the crew.

Estimated time of departure was set at 9,30 AM but we had a sour surprise. The car has been pulled to a car deposit due to be parked in a loading/unloading area…Agnès had this lapse in her mind and thought Thursday was Saturday, you know, these things happened.

Fortunately it didn’t take too long to pay the fine and get the hell out there, plus the deposit was in the best place to be, heading towards the highway.

Timing was perfect and reached Vitoria at 16h. Once there, Claudia, christened the princess of punk after the festival, joined thus, and we proceeded to check-in the hotel and get ready for the first evening, having a quick late brunch consisting on omelet, pintxos, beer and carajillos of Bailey’s with ice (yum yum!).

As we were to see the Madman, Ozzy Osbourne, I chose a t-shirt of Black Sabbath as the perfect outfit for the night, and checking the weather forecast and as per previous festivals, nights in Vitoria are as tough as in Siberia, so I took my backpack and filled it with hoodies, pullovers and scarves. You can laugh but we used all the stuff that night.

We didn’t have to queue much because I met some acquaintances from Zaragoza, Salva and Vampiro (Vampire!), and they let us join them to get it, so, we saved minimum half an hour. We got the wristband and we got it, oh yeah! That’s one of the most amazing feelings I’ve ever had, you’re IN, and from this point whatever is to come it’s gonna be fun and awesome.

Positive I’ve already told you about my blood brother, my soul brother, my toxic twin, Gonzalo, I couldn’t wait to see him the days before, so first thing I did was to give him a call and join him and the Mañoland crew. From this moment, we didn’t split much, I’ve regretted many times not having enjoyed a festival with Pamp at its fullest, and this time was the opportunity to get rid of such feeling and recover such missing time.

A cigarette, a couple of katxis of beer, everyone ready to see The Cult, we approached the stage, named Solomon Burke, by the way. The show was odd, Ian Astbury was higher than anyone at the fest, with a terrible look, reminding of Falete, fatter than usual, with long but messy hair, and those horrible MC Hammer like trousers. He kept on joking for himself and everybody was in shock wondering why the fuck he was constantly saying Bon Jovi in the middle of the songs, Mr. Piso and other freak stuff. He seemed not to care much for the show, his voice started poor but got warming up, but I’m still not sure if he wasn’t capable of rising the tone or  just didn’t feel like. I had seen The Cult in NYC in 2008 last time, and he didn’t have any problem with his voice but, who knows… The truth is that, despite the singer’s attitude of abandon, the band sounded incredible, Duffy led the whole situation with balls, and in the end, I enjoyed their show.

What can I tell about Rob Zombie? That’s not my war at all. My friend Jordi was really excited for seeing all the stage performance and scenery, apparently American show is very visual and extreme, but I couldn’t care less, I only enjoyed White Zombie’s 3 songs, because they belong to my teenage years, but apart from that, the only Mr Zombie I’m interested in has to do with his filmmaking.

Ozzy’s wasnt’t his best show, very criticized afterwards, but, in 2011, what do you expect? For me was the coolest live karaoke session, I could sing many songs with my friends out loud, drink beer, and have fun…it’s a waste of time to be analyzing about his quality of voice, his physical state and rest of stuff… Ozzy’s never been a sportsman, his claps have been ridiculous and awkward all his life, and c’mon! Think of your state when (if) you reach the 60’s… I’ll be fucked up for sure, and all things considered, he’s quite fine.

The moment many people were waiting for arrived, it was time for  Kyuss Lives! Time for nostalgia, a gig for fans. Everyone was drunk and happy, I managed to join two of the biggest Kyuss fans I know, Gonzalo, and my London mate from Sevilla, Alvaro. Basically we were singing, or better said, yelling, in absolute excitement. Truth is that I wasn’t even looking at the stage, I didn’t need to. Imagine, all the hit we wanted to listen so badly, one after another. Gotta admit I used to be a diehard fan of Kyuss, but few years ago I sorta quitted, some of their fans are too boring and annoying for me, and this sometimes happens, you end up fed up with a band just because of their fans. But you know, listening to Gardenia, Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop, Green Machine or One Inch Man, made me forget about that crap. Sure Josh Homme was the pillar stone missing, but the guitar player accomplished his mission. It was a great gig.

Once the shows finished these  3 rascals (Mariano, what a man!) wanted some more action and spent some time drinking and nosing what was going on at the Ben Keith Stage marquee. Useless fun at terrible low temperature, we had a good laugh though.

Friday started with one of my favorite shows at the town main square, with an Elvis impersonator named Rob Kingsley. Show started so on time as soon as I heard Thus Spoke Zarathustra, I ran as if my life was at stake to settle at the first rows. I couldn’t miss anything at all. Elvis-Kingsley offered an outstanding performance for more than one hour and a half, giving silk scarves full of sweat to girls, smiling and cheering up people all the time. I had my time. I requested Never Been to Spain, obviously wasn’t included in the set list, but the guy sang the first part just for me…that was AWESOME! Claudia and I dropped few tears with an American Trilogy…I was thinking of how ridiculous of that scene, what would happen if we were standing in front of our beloved Elvis? Guess we’d turn nuts.

Oh man! Lunch time at La Riojana was too much fun, the mañoland crew, together with Barcelona and Madrid elements, joined strength with the Locomia-Ibiza guys, Sandro and Gabi. Beers were coming and going, we had to wait for our sandwiches for almost two hours, but we didn’t care at all. We went back to the hotel for getting ready for the evening super late unable to see Blue Rodeo (in my defense, I had seen  them already in October last year).

Cheap Trick was a fine show, however, in my opinion, of course, many hits were missing, they were in perfect shape, seemed in high spirits and fans were very happy, but, although again, I’d enjoy more with more hits. Pity!

Directly, I completely ignored Bad Brains and Primus…not my cup of tea. I heard some stuff of Dirty York, and they sounded pretty fine, but dear friends, I only wanted to see QOTSA.

And they didn’t disappoint me at all. QOTSA had announced their European tour would be based on their re-issued debut album, but lately I had read Homme was sick of playing same set list every night. They forgot about this story and offered a show covering all the albums, in fact they only played Mexicola from the first. Those Songs For the Deaf themes were, OMFG! Explosive, powerful… put any adjective which means amazing or awesome and you got it. And I found the perfect mate to enjoy the show, a friend of Gonzalo’s named Chema (I love you, by the way), who is as diehard fan of the band as I am. He was the air guitarist, I pretended to be Randy Castillo (my God, what a machine!), both completely insane, shouting as if it was the last show in our lives. At this point, my voice took vacation.

Casino Flamingo became our second house at the festival area, and after the shows there were DJ’s till advanced morning. Most of the gang left, but the cake couple, Agnès and Kiko, were in party mood so we stayed there dancing till sun started shining too much. I met lots of people there, our state was not ideal for our parents’ pride, but we danced and danced…until I couldn’t stand tight. Slept completely dressed that morning…no comments. Big time though.

Saturday is a classic, we always make a reservation for eating huevos rotos (scrambled eggs with potato, usually accompanied by Spanish different kinds of sausage, I didn’t fail to my commitment as veggie, I must say, I resisted the temptation, good girl!) and other delicatessen at Taberna Clasica. I’ll tell you about this place very soon, it’s a blast! Topics of conversation are usually really freak, and this time we ended talking about bullfighting (!!!).

Although we had a relaxing time, I wanted to see The Avett Brothers. Not everyone was up to it, so I went to the festival with very few people, determined to see the guys from North Carolina. I was lucky to convince the others to move fast because the gig started earlier than scheduled, but we didn’t miss any song. I’d love them to play more Emotionalism songs, yet it was one of the top 3 shows I’ve seen this year. Full of passion and sensibility, the band transmits a huge stream of emotion and audience were very receptive and charmed. Lyrics have so much meaning, everyone was praising many verses. I and Love and You really made me cry of happiness…The Avett Brothers stole my heart and I only hope they come back soon.

Sure many people will disagree with me, but Band of Horses, despite their performance was perfect, do not transmit such feelings to me. Everything is nostalgic and beautiful, even bucolic, but they are too cold. I came to this conclusion in February, and it was confirmed last Saturday, great musicians, great performance, zero emotion.

After this show, everything to come was fine for me, but didn’t need much more to be happy, thus I spent most time with my friends, relaxed, chatting on the grass. Allman is not my style either, and we saw him quite close to the stage, but we were more focused on our stuff. Sure Setzer was great, we even danced, but you know, these friendship moments arose at that time, so basically we were declaring our love for each other during that time. The festival was over for me…

This year the festival has meant few great bands I love, some others which deserve credit, and others I directly took a pass preferring to enjoy my friends.

These 3 days in Vitoria have meant much for me, apart from my party animal mood, I’ve enjoyed everything completely different, I was tired of a festival meaning a marathon for me. I adore socializing, being surrounded by friends who have taken care of me, have fun, analyze shows not as a critic but as a devoted to music person, with people who are real, humble and human.

Just want to thank everyone who’s been sharing these amazing moments with me, it’s meant a lot, and I can only say that next year I hope we are the same, and we can repeat this glorious experience I will never forget.



And finally June is here! It’s unbelievable how fast time goes by, it seemed yesterday when I started writing here…

Personally, I find this month very meaningful and interesting in many aspects, probably this year even more.

First of all, we’re passing through the equator of the year, and it’s a good moment to balance how you’re making it. I can’t complain at all, in fact, I’m glad seeing the outcome of what I’ve been enjoying lately. Good friends, plenty of activities, crazy nights, great weekends, my Hellhouse… of course, there are several things I gotta keep on improving, specially my money situation, but I’m in good mood most of time and feel quite optimist when thinking of what’s yet to come.

June also implies Summer is here. Good and warm weather, long days, people are up to many activities, so it’s time for fun and joy. Truth is that in my current job, Summer also means peak season, there’s gonna be lots of work to do, and I have to try not to get much stressed nor affected by incidences and other crap related to the biz.

I’m warmly welcoming this month, for there are a couple of events I’ve been waiting for too long: the ultra fast getaway to Oporto to see Ryan Adams back on stage on the 17th, and my favorite festival in Vitoria, Azkena Rock Festival, which will bring me the opportunity to see bands I love such as QOTSA, Cheap Trick, The Avett Brothers, The Cult and Kyuss (lives) among others. Moreover, I’ll be surrounded by very good friends during these events, and I know for sure, there’ll  be plenty of fun, laughs, booze and unforgettable moments. Can’t wait!

Maybe the saddest side of the coin is that this is the last month my best friend Agnès is going to spend here, close to be. Good news is that she’s starting a new life in Madrid, with one of my best friends, Kiko. I’m very proud of introducing them back in December, and I’m very happy things are working so great for the two of them. Their relationship and happiness together also give me hope, and honestly I think I’ll be able to have similar feelings at some point in the future. Anyway, Agnès, I’m gonna miss you a lot, but I know for sure we’ll keep in touch very very often  because we really need each other, and of course, I’ll be bothering you and Kiko in Madrid as much as possible. Love you, sista!

Thus June is full of things and plans ahead, and I’m very excited for all of them.

What are you up to this month, dear friends?