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Sometimes you don’t relate names to band nor people. From time to time this happens to me at least. Lucero is a remarkable example.

To start with, I thought this band was Spanish…perfect! They’re actually from Memphis. Due to my self-imposed confusion I never paid attention to them, till a couple of friends who had been in NY on holidays, related what seemed to be an amazing live show on board of a boat surrounding Manhattan, with Lucero as headliners. I think that was actually the moment when I silently became aware of my ignorance.

What can I say? I can be too scatterbrained with certain things. Perhaps one of the most outrageous moment, was to discover that Nicke Royale, from The Hellacopters, was left-handed…I AM left-handed, for God’s sake!!! Hundreds of pix, videos, live performances with me in first row…I used to think that he and Strings made an awesome couple when posing! Facepalm Mode ON, friends, I was made too much fun this for some time.

Let’s get back to Lucero before I ruin my reputation for good. Never been a huge fan, because I’ve never spend time enough to listen to their stuff properly. From time to time I used to listen to Rebels, Rogues & Sworn Brothers, and always with a slight feeling of regret, for not digging further, because it’s very enjoyable. I lost the CD during my widowing process, thus this is another pending album to my MUST RECOVER list.

I heard of Women & Work few weeks ago, and this time I decided to give it a try as soon as it was available. You can think of me as very easy influenced, but after listening to some of music trustworthy friends praising this band, and Ben Nichols, the leader, I felt the urge of listening and liking what my friends thought it was great. I’m quite open to suggestions nowadays, as many friends’ and even strangers’ recommendations have become great acquisitions.

The title of the album is quite explanatory, don’t you think? Songs of booze, hanging out ladies and broken hearts…perfect! Not so different to some of our personal stories. The story telling is a blast, and I love Nichols’ broken voice, yet keeping that youth essence…wonderful. Perhaps I find an illogical resemblance, but The Gaslight Anthem Brian Fallon’s voice and singing style, seem very alike. Also Mike Ness, quickly comes to my mind. And that Springsteen not so subtle presence is noticed.

I’m very pleased regarding the strictly sound of the album. The basics are perfectly settled, and the, let’s call them, additional intruments, are perfectly pasted to them.  The combination of the rhythmic section with the gentle guitars, the keyboards, pedal steels and horns is perfect.

The more I listen to Women & Work, the more I like it. There are songs such as On My Way To Downtown, Juniper, or Like Lightning,  super catchy, and then you listen to these priceless diamonds I Can’t Stand To Leave You, and Sometimes, and you start noticing something in your belly. I love feeling moved and impressed by songs, when that happens I feel alive, and yes, finally I have to thank those who encouraged me to give Lucero a try: Feri and Jaume on one hand, Cuque and Artie on the other. THANK YOU, dears!