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Earlier this year we experienced a sweet and terribly sour feeling when the released of a new album was announced due to mid April, Throw It to the Universe, but also the sad news of the final split of The Soundtrack Of Our Lives at the end of this year 2012 was confirmed.

A series of live performances are meant to be scheduled and I’m missing their last show in London just for one day (they play in September). Damn! No dates in Spain have been confirmed, but I keep the faith, because they achieve some fame among the rock and pop community, and shows here have always been very successful.  Hope they don’t forget about us.

It took me long time to surrender to the wonders of this band for no apparent reason. They rock, they deliver great albums always including awesome hits, lyrics are fine, their music can be very atmospheric, and they got attitude. But, you know, sometimes it’s not the right time, plus massive worship to a band makes me feel reluctant to start digging.

In November 2004 I attended their first show in two years, coinciding with the release of this Origin Vol.I. Everybody was really excited and it was meant to be the event of the year. Well, on one hand I had many distractions around which kept me from being completely focused on the show, the venue was packed, and I have many beers. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but it was so atmospheric, only if you were a real fan would enjoy in there. There were too many posers, believe me. It was like one of these “I was there” shows. Everybody had to check-in there. Thinking of it, I remember 3-4 songs I loved, among them Bigtime, and Transcendental Suicide, and then Sister Surround.

Taking a look backwards, I don’t regret that night at all, simply because I wasn’t into the band, and to be honest, I was insisted on attending the show. On the other hand, of course I have this thought that I missed experiencing a great show. But again, I wasn’t in the right mood nor the right time.

Fortunately I started getting into the band when they released Communion in 2008, and I became a fan instantly. Thus I could see the band on stage 2-3 more times, experiencing that lysergic atmosphere, enjoying the songs, feeling overwhelmed by the charisma and voice of their leader, Ebbot, a kind of priest, and the awesomeness of their live performance.

The more I listen, the more I love them, it’s a fact. I’m passing through a TSOOL remarkable stage. As the albums were no longer available, when I went to Stockholm to see My Morning Jacket, I took advantage of the band being Swedish and focused on purchasing their albums at decent prices.

Thus, I’ve been digging calmly and intensely into any album, tasting, feeling and enjoying, and nowadays I don’t know which one is my favorite any longer.  Sometimes I think the best is Communion, today I think Origin Vol.I rules the world, and most likely I’ll tell you I cannot live without Behind the Music. Guess this is what I life from most of the bands I get crazy about, that depending on the moment every album has something special which fulfills me most over the rest.

Apparently Origin Vol.I was to be followed by a second one, which never came out, or at least that I’m not aware of its release.

There are particular songs which are essential in this album: Transcendental Suicide, Bigtime with that addictive hypnotic bass line, Midnight Children featuring Jane Birkin (Enfants de la Nuit….oh lala!), and Borderline inheriting the influence of her sister Surround. And it’s not that the rest are expendable, by all means, but these ones I mention are glorious.

Really, The Soundtrack Of Our Lives is one of the best rock bands Sweden has rewarded us with, open to all kind of audience, which would deserve a greater status. A cult band many of us follow blindfolded, trusting they will always drive us to a great end.  Sad the end is round the corner. I’m gonna miss them.