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And 37 years ago a MIRACLE happened in Heildelberg


…And the world became a much better place.

fassy miracle.

Michael Fassbender



I’m sure many people thought he wouldn’t make it, but against many odds Mr. Richards defied the reaper one more year, and now he is 70!

keith richards cigar

Not many comments need to be added, just this awesome picture I hadn’t seen before and one of my favorite Stones songs.

Happy birthday guitar man!


I knew it was to be wild, it’s always like that, but I didn’t know it was gonna be such an awesome night.

party nj

My birthday-Norma Jean Magazine party at La Caja Tonta was a total blast. I’m good at gathering people, and I love the way all my friends eventually get on well among them no matter how different they can be. I’m so grateful for having my friends! I know I’m a very lucky person in this sense. Some friend was very accurate when defining close friends as the new and chosen family. I concur.

The aftermath of an animal party is usually painful. First because of the hangover, and then due to the chemical imbalance which always come a couple of days later after experiencing a huge wave of euphoria. Strange as it might be, I’m not at this point, even though Tuesday’s been a rough day, coming back to work, finding 587 mails in my Outlook inbox, and feeling wasted.

At this moment I can’t stop laughing while remembering situations, conversations and all the silly events which took place last Saturday night. Really, it was impossible something was wrong considering the dream team of party animals we were present. What a blast. Can’t wait for the next party, really.

party nj 2

Not that I mean to self flatter, but I’m proud to say the party was a success in many senses, and it was great to enjoy a session in my own hometown after more than 11-12 years. The bar, the vibe, people, and party mood were perfect, and the night went wild. Still I could manage to write down all the songs. Sometimes I’m really amazed of myself. Anyway, for the record, here’s another playlist. 

Oh, yeah! I’m 37 now. Sounds like a horrible age, but you know, at the end of the day what really matters is the state of mind. And mind is in great condition 😉


Today’s William Bruce Bailey’s birthday. Under that name I’m positive many of you don’t know who I’m talking about. What if I say today Axl Rose is 51? Now you know, huh?

Every year when I update my organizer with birthdays and remarkable dates I add some of my personal heroes’ birthdays and anniversaries too. I already told you that. I never forget Axl’s despite the rough times he’s forcing all GN’R fans to go through.

We could discuss about him for hours, days, weeks and even months, and the only conclusion we would reach is that he’s one in a million.

Those who think his bizarre behavior was caused by GN’R’s meteoric ascent to stardom, and a rough comprehension of their situation, are wrong. Axl was a freak from the very beginning, partly due to all the family issues, child abuse and other traumas he had to go through at early age, and also because of his explosive nature.

I remember one of the funniest episodes of Axl’s outbursts and unexpected reactions Slash narrated in his autobiography. The guitarist always reckoned he had to treat his bandmate with “kid gloves” due to his unpredictable temper. To make it simple, Axl’s never taken criticism very well.

slash and axl

For a short period of time Axl was crushing  at Slash’s basement  because he had no other place to stay at. However he had an argument with Slash’s grandmother when he was politely requested to move off a sofa he had passed out on. His reaction was quiet rude and Slash was immediately reported and advised to put things in order with his guest.

Let me quote this passage from the biography, so you will get the picture:

One morning, I took off to work, and in the afternoon I guess he woke up and passed out on my grandmother’s couch.
“I came home from work and my mom said, `You know, that guy Axl, I came home and he was asleep on the couch and grandma had nowhere to sit.’
“I told him he had to get up and whatnot, so he went downstairs.’ I thought I had to confront this issue.
“So we got in the car and I very delicately put it that that was sort of rude. His reaction was to jump out of the car at about 35, 40 miles per hour on Santa Monica Boulevard. I realised what I’d said to him had offended him.

As far as I can remember, Axl didn’t show up at rehearsals for few days, and he acted as  if nothing had happened, and Slash didn’t have the guts to bring out the subject. By the way, Axl didn’t come back to the basement as you can imagine.

Thus, as you can see, this is Axl Rose, an unpredictable freak with a dreaded personality. Take him or leave him. I chose first, long time ago. At the end of the day he’s the last greatest rockstar on Earth, pretentious, diva like, willful, with a defiant attitude. He’s so beyond good and evil it took him 15 years to have Chinese Democracy ready to see the public light, and hasn’t recorded any video single up to date. All his decisions have been questioned, but at the end of the day, no matter his personal guru, the pressure coming from bands, nor the record companies and other parts, he’s always had very clear which address to take, and has always done whatever the fuck he’s wanted. Guess this is the reason why I love Axl. He’s constantly defying the world.



January 8th, one of my favorite celebration days as you already know. On this day long ago Elvis Presley, David Bowie and my granny were born. I love this date casualty, makes me happy, even though both Elvis and my grandma are no longer here.

I have to work, but my plan is to spend my spare time paying homage to The King, with music and probably watching one of his films, or a documentary.

Of course, a post related couldn’t be missed, thus this year I’ve thought of 13 facts about Elvis Presley, so you can know him better.


1. November 1955, Sam Phillips sold Elvis‘ contract to RCA for USD 35000
2. Heartbreak Hotel, released in January 27th 1956, was the first Elvis single to sell over a million copies
Heartbreak Hotel
3. The NBC Elvis Special which turned to be his praised ’68 Comeback Special,  was initially planned to be a Christmas show
Elvis '68 Comeback
4. In Mogadishu, Somalia, it is illegal impersonating Elvis without a beard.
5. Elvis’ favorite aftershave: BRUT
6. Elvis Sandwich (aka Fool’s Gold Loaf) was stuffed with peanut butter and banana, (bacon and honey were optional)
peanut butter banana sandwich
7. In order to fulfill contractual obligation, Elvis released “Having Fun with Elvis on Stage” in 1974, which basically consisted on a compilation of jokes and speeches recorded from Elvis’ shows
8. After a big argument with Priscilla, Elvis caught the first flight to anywhere just to get away from her. First to Washington, then to LA, where Jerry Schilling came to pick him up. Elvis finally got the idea of  paying an unscheduled visit to Nixon at the White House, after wrote him a letter on a plane, in order to be made Federal Agent-at-Large” in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs and thus get this badge to add to his collection. He finally made it. I bet Nixon was flipping in the Oval Office.
Elvis meets Nixon
9. Elvis was black belt in Karate, and wanted to release a documentary to promote this discipline. He started practising in Germany and became passionate on this discipline. He thought a movie would support and encourage the practise of karate, but footage was never edited when Elvis was alive. However there’s a documentary, Gladiators, released 2-3 years ago, in an attempt to recover Elvis’ initial project. By the way, Priscilla, who also ended up practising karate left The King for their instructor.
Elvis and Ed Parker
10. Jailhouse Rock was the first video ever made in history.
Jailhouse Rock
11. Since he was very young, he suffered from chronic sleeping disorders and insomnia. His Army time in Germany got things worse, as due to manoeuvres, trainings and guards, he started taking pills (uppers and downers) beyond control.
12. The King hated fish. Ha! So do I.
13. Priscilla suggested Elvis to wear jumpsuits on stage so he would move freely withouth breaking pants. Liberace alse advised to make them flashy.
elvis pose



Few words to tribute mighty Keith Richards. Today it’s his 69th anniversary, and even though somebody could say life’s treated him bad, every furrow in his face means excess, fun and ROCK.

This been said, I don’t feel like listing his most remarkable moments in life, nor his greatest achievements. I just like to share my favorite Stones song with Keef on vocals, Thru and Thru, and these last two pictures which have impressed me most recently.

Keef, beyond good and evil, just grab your guitar and play some chords for many more years.

richards guitar


Happy birthday Guitar Man!


I exactly have 25 minutes till I catch my motorbike to attend the acoustic show. of Abandon Jalopy and my beloved Jonny Kaplan. I’m in a hurry, but my world has to stop for at least 5 minutes to do something I gotta do, and actually feel like doing. It might sound stupid but I need to write a happy birthday post dedicated to one of my personal favorite artists: Ryan Adams.

How many posts have I written already mentioning him? Lots, and sure many will come, because he deserves all my praise and respect, regardless how eccentric he might be. He stole my heart many years ago, and saved my life with his music when I needed him.

My gorgeous and messy hair boy is 38 today, and I just can be grateful he exists, and keeps on being so passionate for music. If he read this, he’d probably give a shit, but there’d be the tiniest chance he’d feel fine about making someone happy.

Anyway, Ryan, I wish you the best. I love following your projects and stories through the social networks, and I can’t wait to see you on stage again. You rock my life!