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If you were asking what Australia, the country, suggests to people, the majority would mention Sydney and Melbourne, Ayers Rock, kangaroos, koalas, surf, AC/DC, vast immensity, Olivia Newton-John or Russell Crowe, Lost and Foster’s. I’m just kidding, although the general concept of this remote country for average Spanish people, could be close to that.

Never been to Australia either, haven’t had the chance, the money nor the time to travel through the country, however I actually got acquainted with many ex-pat Australians in London and used to frequent one of these Aussie pubs, full of friendly blonde towers, and beautiful nice chicks…whatever.

Do wildness, the extreme geography and the immensity of the country among other special features, mark its inhabitants? I think so. Moreover, also the isolation of such huge piece of land and the hardness of the same, are responsible for the shaping of the Australian culture and nature. I don’t think an Aussie would feel offended if I said they’re rough. Generally speaking, I reckon they are.

When I think of Australia music comes to my head. Aussies rock. A lot. And here’s the point at which I relate all mentioned before and music. They have their own labels, Aussie rock, garage and power pop is simply brilliant.

It was a couple of years ago when I wrote about an unknown punk rock band named The Fun Things, with just a magnificent piece of EP released, self titled, featuring just 4 explosive tracks. I was introduced to them by my fratello Kiko 12 years ago, and got crazy about them.

When trying to find some additional information related to this band to add to the post I wrote, I found out that following projects of their members included bands such as Hoodoo Gurus and The Monarchs.

The Shepherd’s brothers formed this band in 2000 and released this rarity named Make Yer Own Fun, quite hard to find nowadays as it’s out of stock. I’m looking for an original copy for myself since I was recorded the CD 10 years ago or so. Eventually it will be mine.

It there was one of these family trees relating punk rock, garage and power pop bands, the result of these mixing would be The Monarchs no doubt. The opening song, 2001,couldn’t be more explosive. Punk rock garage at its peak, rougher than Radio Birdman. Insane rhythm, killer guitars, and such adrenalyne shot, you just wanna jump , yell, headbang, and in essence, get wild.

The album not only deals with raw guitars as in Everyone’s a Superstar, 1 Nite Only, or I’m on Drugs, but also evolves into more powerpop tunes, which reminds me of Redd Kross, as in That Reminds Me…, or Yer Movin. This change of styles really invigorates the album, providing it with the status of a gihly spirited album, which from time to time is too needed.

Last week, I listened to Make Yer Own Fun on my way to work every day. Didn’t get late not even once, and what it’s even better, warmed me up in such a way, I say my reflection on a window and found myself smiling. Then I understood people’s funny faces.

I needed an album which matched to my high late high spirited mood. Make Yer own Fun is prrrrfect.



Back to the old days when the 56k modems reigned, and a song took two hours to get dowloaded, my dear fratello Kiko sent me the four tracks of The Fun Things ep, making me a better person, or at least more rockin’ ;P

The history is curious, or better said, the lack of it, as the band was active for just one year, time enough for raising few hundred bucks and record this wonder. Four teenage kids from Brisbane, inspired by amazing Radio Birdman, managed to compose these devastating  songs, becoming years later, one of the symbols of Australian punk rock.

My friend also told me the guitarist Brad Shepherd was involved with The Hoodoo Gurus afterwards, but what I didn’t know, and it makes sense to me, is that this same guy, joined his brother Murray  for forming The Monarchs, releasing  another amazing record, Make Yer Own Fun in 2001.

Four songs to blow your mind, to get you wild and to fall in love with, dears, let me introduce you to The Fun Things, one of the bands which  have shocked me most  at the first hearing, I had a crush on them instantly.