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When I wrote about my porn world, I told you I wasn’t, and still am not, a regular consumer. Nevertheless I think girls should be more acquainted with this industry and be more interested in the guys’ input concerning the subject, so being update you more or less also get to know their tastes. It should happen the other way round, of course, but I think girls are more into iconic and platonic love with actors, characters and musicians, this is, everything is more innocent, still close to our early teenage years, if you know what I mean: Ryan Gosling, Michael Fassbender (I gotta admit I have a nasty fascination towards this perfect guy, and I surprise myself thinking the dirtiest shit you can imagine…), John Hamm, Christian Bale, George Clooney… And we don’t hide our ideal guys tastes.

Girls who don’t interact with men at the same level and in confidence, seldom know who Stoya, Sasha Grey, Rachel Roxxx, Remi La Croix… there are hundreds your friends can tell you about, just ask.

Since I told you I like Stoya as one of the hottest porn actresses currently in bizz, and a personal favorite, watching some scenes and seeing the million gifs available on the net, I started wondering who was the guy who is banging her most often in front of the cameras. Not huge, not super muscle guy, not super hairy, and with a decent but not overwhelming size of his dick. But definitely he’s got something…yeah, for the first time a porn actor who is attractive! Can’t believe it!

On the other hand, all the story and news related to 50 Shades of Grey big screen adaptation project has been detailed tweeted by Bret Easton Ellis, Patrick Bateman’s dad, as he was meant to write the script but eventually was kicked out from the project. He was telling about the possible candidates for the role of Christian Grey, the eccentric millionaire who wants the girl to be his sexual slave. I don’t want to focus on the story right now. One of the actors named was Ian Somerhalder, who was dismissed after his recently discovered homosexual condition. He’s an actor but all things considered, nobody would believe him nor taking him serious as Grey. The second name strongly rumored was James Deen, yep, with double E.

I didn’t know who he was till one day I decided to search in Google, and Oh! Surprise! James Deen was Stoya’s banger, and the guy who is turning me on lately. So now I have a face and his name, and he’s about to jump into mainstream film business with The Canyons, written by Bret Easton Ellis. This is getting interesting.

Checking his bio, Deen is said to be only 26 years old and is probably the best paid porn actor nowadays. He started acting in 2008, when he was 18, and has received some porn industry awards. He’s also film director, focusing on female-friendly pornography.

Someone said he was rough, and sure he is, but if you think about it, you don’t look for tenderness in a porn movie, do you? I kinda like his smooth but dominant attitude, and I don’t feel ashamed admitting it. I haven’t read 50 Shades of Grey, but according to the spoilers spread related to Christian Grey’s character, I think Deen had to ruin the performance badly to change my opinion of him as the perfect candidate for the character. He can be loving, but dominant, sadistic and despicable at the same time. He’d be the right choice.

So, seems that I’ve arrived late again, but I’ve still caught him before he becomes the next big thing. Sasha Grey jumped into conventional films thanks to Soderbergh, although se preferred to be back in porn. What will happen with Deen? We’ll have to wait and see. I know positive I’m not gonna miss any progress in his career 😉


Have I ever told you I’m a diehard fan of Patrick Bateman and American Psycho?  

Well, guess you had noticed something when I told you one of my favorite t-shirts is precisely one of that film. Not only I love the film, I adore the book, and nowadays I feel the urge of reading it once more, but unfortunately cannot track my old English copy, so if any of you has it, can I borrow it for a while? Otherwise I’ll buy another one, but I’m positive the old copy will show up right after I get it…it’s not the first time, this happens too more often than I’d wish with CDs and films.

No question Christian Bale did it, he was capable of incarnating Patrick Bateman masterly, no one could have done it better, and since the film was released, Patrick was Chris, and no matter what Bale is doing afterwards, he’ll always be Bateman.

Both the book and the script contain powerful  sentences you will never forget, Bateman’s reflections are a mixture between metaphysics and the most superficial stuff regarding social etiquette, the most fashionable venues and restaurants in town, or how many pushups he’s capable of doing during his daily routine. His speeches on artists’ discographies, increasing tension of the scenes is simply marvelous.

Mary Harron adapted the book from the non gore point of view of a woman, and for that, she deserves total respect, thus Bateman has become a worldwide legend somehow, easy access to everyone. However, those who are diehard fans of the book find the adaptation too light, with very few killings, very subtle and with lack of blood splashes. I’m sort of divided, but still I watch this film every 6 months, so I don’t feel so disappointed.

Since I read the book back in 1995, I felt in love with Patrick Bateman.  

Many people hate so many accurate descriptions involving branding, which, due to copy rights and all this stuff, are unnoticeable in the film. I love them. I’m not the kind of girl living for clothes, as you already know, not a fashion victim at all, still, I’m interested in brands for almost anything, I used to be very good at that, but once I read American Psycho I turned into a branding data base. Remember the first time I went to London and saw Evian water was sold. No discussion, Evian became my favorite water just because Bateman drank it. Same with San Pellegrino. These are easy examples, but furthermore, what does a girl in her teens care about Ermenegildo Zegna or Nino Cerrutti? I did! And started to observe men in suits more carefully trying to find whether they were in or not. I’m proud to say my father was IN, and shared similar taste with Patrick (by the way, he read the book and also became a fan, hahaha!).

Few weeks ago I was telling you Han Solo was my man, and I’m still positive about that, he’s the perfect anti-hero, but Patrick…grrrrr! He’s definitely the perfect villain.

Why do I like him so much? I don’t know, there are many things I fancy. To start with, he’s opposite to the type of man I like, he wears suits and is elegant, and I’ve found myself babbling for guys in such appearance. Have you ever seen the TV series Mad Men? Men in suit are the older version of Bateman’s style in late 50’s – early 60’s, I could talk about how gorgeous Don Draper is, but find it unnecessary, it’s obvious!  The word that fits  best is spotless. Both Bateman and Draper they simply look perfect, shaved, their haircut…I love it.

On the other hand, Bateman is a misfit, and at the end of the day as low self-esteemed as anyone on the street. Besides, his inside world is so rich…gotta tell you, I have a kind of taste for people like that, it’s like I need to know what’s happening in their minds, I’m so outgoing and expressive, shyness both amazes and attracts me a lot.

What else? Ah! His little problem with killing people…I’m not telling I’d love doing the same, but you know when sometimes someone gets on your nerves and you’d love to end them, and he does it, at least inside his mind. Definitely he shows some attitude, right?  

Like The Wildhearts say, I’m Rooting For The Bad Guy, they’re definitely more charismatic and interesting, don’t you think?


We’re talking about fiction character and this is a joke, don’t panic! I’m not looking for a psycho, not anymore, hahaha! Well, I think so…  🙂