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Thanks to my friend Artie’s podcast Viva Las Vegas, I’m recovering back my forgotten friendship with radio. It’s true sometimes it’s not very comfortable to listen to a program straight for certain time, especially if it’s your shitty laptop the vehicle to play it, with poor quality and wasted inner speakers, so you have to make sure you’ll be doing something else right next to it.

Even though I’ve never been a proper radio person, for a certain period of time, basically when I was a teenager, it became not only a source of entertainment, but also thanks to more specific programs, a way to discover new bands and receive updates. You have to bear in mind the internet concept was closer to sci-fi rather than to reality, we were stuck to the basics, radio, magazines and some TV channels.

There was this program “De 4 a 3” (From 4 till 3)on weekends, I discovered when I was 15-16 and the Seattle Sounds were at their peak. The program covered this scene together with underground musical trends. Summer specials were live shows of classic bands, from AC/DC to Alice in Chains or Soundgarden, and the gay used to accept musical requests his listeners were sending to him via ordinary mail. I wrote to him once with the excuse of replying a contest, and asked for 4-5 bands. Paco Perez Bryan, the host, played 4 of them the following weekend. I was delighted!

Unfortunately except for some programs, radio in Spain is, musically speaking, poor and limited, mainly focused on mainstream singles or recovering classic songs from the past. There are not rock stations, and programs are to flat, without style peaks. It was a matter of time I forgot about radio.

Recently I’ve discovered a new radio program, on BBC Radio 6 hosted by one of my favorite characters ever, Huey Morgan, the lead singer of Fun Lovin’ Criminals. You know how much I love this band and its members, and I’m following their steps closely. How come I had never listened to The Huey Show until last week? Well, even though I move among social networks, better say, I’m an Internet junkie, sometimes it takes time for me to comprehend and assume radios can be listened anywhere thanks to it. You can listen to the show in streaming, or access to the podcast, to listen to programs you missed.

I admit not listening to BBC6 chaannel too much, but considering the British style, my impression is that Huey is an American fresh air wave, playing all different styles which eventually catch the attention of everyone, spreading this good vibes-take it easy scent.

The show is very dynamic, with different sections, and music moving from 50’s classic rock with Gene Vicent to rap with Gang Starr, also including hard rock bands or more alternative. To sum up, Huey is able to include Pokey Lafarge, The Cult, Danzig, Wu- Tang Clan or RATM, in his list. The variety is precisely the key for this show, which lasts 3 hours no less.

Huey’s voice is definitely a radio one. Deep, manly, strong sexy, wiseguy type and powerful, 100% American. He always mentions his Twitter followers, and those fans who send him requests through e-mails, and the truth is that the New Yorker makes the listener feel at home. I, as occasional DJ, love this random sequence of songs he plays, but I appreciate he introducing the songs, relating them to artists, films or musical scenes, thus I end up listening to the program with pen and paper ready to write down any song I find particularly attractive, as for instance, this New York I love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down, by LCD Soundsystem.

I strongly encourage you to give this show a try, especially if you consider yourselves open minded in terms of music. So many bands and styles, those peak moments you feel like dancing nonstop, Sundays have an added value since I’ve discovered Huey on the radio.

It’s highly recommendable to those who consider themselves as musical open mind, 3 wonderful hours of classy entertainment, and an excellent selection of songs.  If you don’t trust me, believe in Huey…he was born quality stamped. #Jeah!